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Mayor Doomberg’s Spanish Inspires Parody

From a strangely amused Los Angeles Times:

New York mayor’s Spanish inspires parody, @ElBloombito

August 30, 2011

There’s English. There’s Spanish. There’s Spanglish. And there’s Mike Bloomberg’s version.

Since about one-third of all New Yorkers speak Spanish, the city’s mayor has regularly addressed them during his three terms in City Hall in their native language with an accent and grammar that can at best be described as earnest but painful.

Just out of curiosity, do you think the Los Angeles Times would make such comments about a non-native speaker’s heavily accented English?

During his many television appearances over the hurricane weekend, a Latino on his staff was standing nearby to translate Bloomberg’s warnings about preparing for Irene. But Bloomberg clearly felt that key admonitions about safety had to come from him in the city’s second language.

The mayor’s efforts moved a local woman of Puerto Rican-Jewish descent to start as a joke for her friends a Twitter account, @ElBloombito.

Oh, well, if she is a Puerto Rican woman of Jewish descent, she is safe to say almost anything.

“Por favor no llamando el 911 unless un emergenciando. Por que el clog los lines,” wrote ElBloombito, who was identified by the New York Daily News as Rachel Figueroa Levin, 25, who lives in northern Manhattan.

Once the skies cleared Monday and the subways were working again, her “I speaky the Spanish parody” even drew Bloomberg’s attention. And it turns out the mayor, who often looks like he wants to swat pesky reporters during press conferences, has a sense of humor too.

When a reporter asked him Monday if he was among ElBloombito’s followers — there were 13,489 of them as of Tuesday morning — the mayor cracked a wry smile, said “That’s great,” and went on to speak in a mixture of English and Spanish.

Apparently, Mr. Bloomberg didn’t understand the reporter’s question. Maybe it was lost in translation.

Of course the real problem with Mayor Doomberg’s pronouncements over the weekend was not so much his bad pronunciation, but what he was saying.

It seemed as if Hizzoner thought he was talking to a city full of 9 year olds.

Though, to his credit, he did tell business owners, “if you own a business, close it up and get out while you can.” Which is good advice for New Yorkers even when there isn’t a hurricane.

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2 Responses to “Mayor Doomberg’s Spanish Inspires Parody”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    El Bloombimbo no habla English goodly either!

  2. Right of the People says:

    Has this meat puppet become mayor for life? I’m not a big fan of New York but they deserve better than this clown.

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