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Mayor Nagin: “We Need To Be The Ex-Lax”

Everyone's favorite mayor once again leads the way with his stirring Churchillian oratory.

From the DNC's Associated Press :

Local Leaders Must Push Feds, Nagin Says

Dec 9, 1:18 PM EST
Associated Press Writer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — The nation's local leaders must press Congress and the Bush administration to improve the federal government's response to disasters before the lessons of Hurricane Katrina are forgotten, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said Friday.

"Everybody in this room should be concerned," Nagin told about 1,500 local officials at the annual meeting of the National League of Cities. "Everyone knows there's a certain amount of constipation in Washington. We need to be the Ex-Lax to bust through that."

Nagin said he worries that the federal government's attention has been diverted less than four months after the hurricane.

"Congress is focused on Iraq, budget deficits and they're making some very dangerous decisions" that are discouraging the reconstruction of New Orleans, he said.

New Orleans, state and federal officials have engaged in months of finger-pointing over the response to the Aug. 29 storm, which killed more than 1,000 people in the city and left tens of thousands more without food, water or any way to get out. About 80 percent of New Orleans was underwater at some point, and only about 100,000 of its 460,000 residents have returned home, Nagin said.

Speaking at a panel discussion along with a top Federal Emergency Management Agency official, Nagin repeated his charge that the federal government failed to help him after he did the best he could to evacuate the city.

Michael Lowder, FEMA's deputy director of response, said his agency "probably could have worked a lot closer, directly, with the mayor's office and the state" in evacuating people before the storm.

Lowder said the magnitude of the storm overwhelmed FEMA, even though it had much emergency aid ready in Louisiana and Mississippi before Katrina hit.

If Mayor Nagin tried his best to evacuate, but couldn't, maybe he's the one who needs a laxative.

By the way, your honor, how was Jamaica?

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