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McCain: Amnesty Won’t Get GOP 1 Hispanic Vote

From Breitbart:

McCain Concedes Immigration Reform Bill Won’t Gain GOP ‘A Single Hispanic Voter’

By Tony Lee | July 31, 2013

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) conceded on Monday that Republicans will not win one new Hispanic voter over by passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

"Let’s say we enact it, comprehensive immigration reform, I don’t think it gains a single Hispanic voter," McCain said in an interview with PBS’s Gwen Ifill. "But what it does, it puts us on a playing field where we can compete for the Hispanic voter."

For the life of us, we cannot fathom the logic here. How will increasing the number of Hispanic voters "put us on the playing field"?

McCain has made comments indicating comprehensive immigration reform will not win over Hispanics, but he has also suggested that comprehensive immigration reform is a type of "gateway issue" that Republicans need to pass for Hispanics to consider voting for Republicans.

McCain continued, "If we don’t do that, frankly… I see further polarization of the Hispanic voter and the demographics are clear that the Republican Party cannot win a national election. That’s just a fact."

Of course, in reality, McCain is the living proof that pushing for comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty) does not help Republicans. According to an analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center, "Hispanics voted for Barack Obama over John McCain by a margin of more than two-to-one in the 2008 presidential election." (67% versus 31%.)

In fact, McCain got a smaller percentage of the Hispanic vote than President Bush did in 2004, when Bush got 40% of the Hispanic vote. And while it could be argued President Bush supported amnesty, he certainly did not push it nearly as hard as John McCain has done throughout his career.

But speaking of Senator, McCain, we have this (probably inadvertent) admission from him, via the Politico:

Immigration bill: John McCain says ‘border surge’ isn’t certain

By SEUNG MIN KIM | July 30, 2013

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) signaled Tuesday that the dramatic boost in border-security in the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill could be one of the provisions that may be changed in a potential House-Senate compromise.

During an immigration forum hosted by the AFL-CIO Tuesday, McCain – a key Senate Gang of Eight negotiator – said while a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s undocumented immigrants is a “fundamental element” of the bill, the “rest of it could be adjusted.” He singled out the border security parts as an example.

“We don’t need 20,000 additional border patrol agents,” McCain said Tuesday. “But what we do need is use of technology that has been developed where we can survey the border more effectively.” …

“I voted for it so friends of mine would be comfortable that we are securing the border,” McCain said Tuesday. “But the real securing of the border is with technology, as opposed to individuals.” …

In other words, all the talk about the border surge was just a way to sucker his pals into going along with amnesty. What a shock.

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3 Responses to “McCain: Amnesty Won’t Get GOP 1 Hispanic Vote”

  1. mr_bill says:

    I applaud Juan McCain for [inadvertently] telling the truth about the bill. He skips over all the “people in the shadows” rhetoric and goes right to the heart of the matter: votes.

    We all know public policy should always be judged on its ability to garner votes from people in exchange for money and favors from government. /sarc

  2. GetBackJack says:

    This McCain fellow is clearly way past Captain Queeg territory. He desperately needs to retire and get a lot of therapy.

  3. untrainable says:

    I voted for it so friends of mine would be comfortable that we are securing the border…
    Comfortable? Instead of worrying about the comfort of your friends (and I doubt McCain has any real friends) why not worry about ACTUALLY securing the border. That being bringing the number of illegals coming into the country down to a verifiable ZERO.

    The whole technology angle is funny to me. You can fly friggin’ armed drones over the border, but if you’re not willing to follow through and send the illegals back where they came from, all you’re doing is setting up a system to verify that the borders aren’t secure, and maybe actually get a verifiable count of how many illegals are coming in every stinking day. The problem isn’t so much border security as it is selective enforcement of the law. If there was an actual push to enforce ALL of our immigration laws to the letter, illegals wouldn’t be hiding in the shadows, they’d be running for the border.

    Bipartisanship at its finest, Bipartisan stupidity. Democrats are destroying their own country in order to keep their power, and Republicans are sucking hind teat, but closing the gap, in the race to become Santa Clause.

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