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McGovern Dismisses McCain’s War Record

From the Boston Globe:

George McGovern Says McCain’s War Experience Not a Qualification for the White House

July 8, 2008

By Susan Milligan

WASHINGTON — He was a fighter pilot in World War II, bombing targets in Europe to stop Hitler. But former Senator and 1972 Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern says that didn’t qualify him to run the country — and the same goes for GOP presumptive nominee John McCain.

"I don’t have any regrets about that,” the antiwar Democratic stalwart said in a brief interview yesterday on Capitol Hill. "While bombing is a terrible thing, we smashed Hitler’s oil refineries all over Europe.”

"But I don’t recall ever saying that experience as a bomber pilot equipped me to be very strong on how to run a war, how to command the armed forces,” said McGovern, who will turn 86 on July 18…

Er, we don’t recall John McCain saying that either, you America-hating buffoon. But if going to the Naval Academy and having a command and wartime experience doesn’t help you to run a war or to command armed forces — what does?

Being a (cough) community organizer?

Lest we forget, this selfsame Mr. McGovern once admitted that he couldn’t even run a bed and breakfast because of being too incompetent.  And because of all of the onerous government regulations that he had helped to impose on businesses.

So apparently nothing could have equipped him to be President.

Still, what chance do we have when our "reporters" don’t even know the difference between a fighter pilot and a bomber pilot. (Mr. McGovern flew a B-24 Liberator.)

This is clearly an orchestrated propaganda push on the part of the Democrats.

And yet it seems like only a few years ago these same Dems were extolling how vitally important it was for us to have a war hero for President.

My, how quickly things change.

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