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McKinney: Katrina Covered Up Executions

From Newsvine, and YouTube:

Cynthia McKinney says 5000 executed Katrina used as cover.

Tue Sep 30, 2008

Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney announced for the first time on Sunday that she has received information that some 5000, mostly male, possibly prisoners were killed execution style, by single gunshot to the head, using the tragic events of hurricane Katrina as a cover.

Candidate McKinney made the announcement at a conference in Oakland, Ca, for the Critical Resistance 10 on Sunday. While speaking she informed the audience that she has received information from a sources that were involved in the clean-up and disposal of the thousands of bodies. According to the source; who wishes to remain nameless at this time, he was charged by the Department of Defense with the task of processing the personal information into DOD computers and then dumping the bodies into a Louisiana swamp. McKinney also claims she has spoken to unnamed members of the Red Cross that this event did in fact take place.

Presidential candidate McKinney reminds members of the audience that we need to continue to be diligent in our investigations of the “Prison Industrial Complex”.

We have long realized that Ms. McKinney is mentally unstable.

What is far more unsettling is the reaction of her audience. From the sound of their gasps, it would seem they actually believe her.

We are having a whole generation of our citizens being poisoned worse than the British ever did to the Chinese during the “Opium Wars.”

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, October 1st, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

39 Responses to “McKinney: Katrina Covered Up Executions”

  1. BillK says:

    The Katrina nuts have nothing on the 9/11 “truthers” as far as whack-job conspiracy theories go.

    I’m still waiting for Jefferson to say the Feds planted that money in his freezer…

  2. 64dodger says:

    If there ever was a reason to bring back the mental hospitals of the 50’s and 60’s she is it.

  3. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Jefferson has already claimed that the money was given to him by the Feds as part of some undisclosed covert/undercover operation.

    And really, if anyone with any semblance of common sense were to stage such an operation, using Katrina as cover for covert killings, isn’t it reasonable to think that Ms. McKinney would have rightly been first on the list? Just asking……

  4. artboyusa says:

    Did the government infect them with AIDS before they were executed? I wouldn’t put anything past that kill-crazy Bush and his fascist terror squads.

  5. Grassy Knoll says:

    My sources originally told me that UFOs were responsible for the missing 5,000. I am now being informed that the bodies of the 5,000 are actually buried in Area 51 near the place where the fake moon landing was filmed. Bush, of course, is responsible. I have also heard that Cheney and Rove took part in the actual executions.

  6. MrPurple says:

    My first post here – so before I get tagged as some lefty nutter I agree that McKinney is nuts and I couldn’t have been happier to see here defeated.

    I do know a Sherriff’s deputy down there though – and he told me that they were told they could drop off a body at the morgue with no questions asked.

    Same deal with a gun (assumably a ‘throw away’ not a police issue). No questions, no consequences.

    I am highly suspicious of the 5K figure – and I heard of nothing more brutal than a tasering or some dirtbag getting roughed up from him.

    I didn’t exactly take his statement to mean they were told with a wink and a nudge it was just dandy to go out and shoot people – and I wouldn’t expect any officer to take it like that.

    I took it more along the lines of ‘this is an extreme circumstance and if in the line of duty you are forced to take down a threat there will not be the usual investigation launched’.

    Regardless, I think all the information should be considered – even if it is mostly heresay. I have no reason to doubt his story.

  7. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Mr. Purple,

    Come on, I assume that no paperwork was part of the deal also? The Police were told that they could just pull up, kick some stiff out of the back door of their cruiser at the morgue and everyone would look the other way? Seems plausible to me. Seriously, the Police are so hamstrung by their politically correct, politician wannabe brass, that there is no way any such thing could possibly happen.

  8. Colonel1961 says:

    That bug-eyed miscreant needs to be incarcerated/hospitalized. What a fool. This is not even funny, anymore…

  9. MrPurple says:

    Well, that’s what ‘drop off a body at the morgue and no questions will be asked’ means to me. No paperwork.

    This is what I was told by a coworker who is a Sheriff’s Deputy in the area. I have no proof other than a conversation. You can choose to believe it is BS. I know the guy – and I tend to believe him. You don’t have to.

    As I said, I didn’t hear about any particular event where a body was dropped off at the morgue. I just heard that they could drop off a body without any questions being asked. Nothing was said about paperwork.

    I don’t believe 5,000 were executed – but since I was told this particular story I thought I would share the info here.

    Consider this: If you were told what I was told and then read this article – wouldn’t you share it? (even if you were highly skeptical of McKinney’s claim)

    I’m just sharing what I heard.

  10. JV says:

    Mr Purple, have you talked to Mr White yet?

    He’s nuts too.

    Your “tending to believe” someone is not what I would call evidence.

    Have you any idea how hard it would be to cover up the deaths of 5 people, let alone 5000?

    Oy… God save this nation from these people.

  11. artboyusa says:

    I take Mr Purple’s point – he knows a guy who knows a guy – and I’m not dissing him but hearsay is not admissible as evidence.

  12. Reality Bytes says:

    “Prisoners being shot execution style.”

    Please! Don’t get my hopes up.

  13. Colonel1961 says:

    Mr. Green, in the Library, with the Knife.

  14. notsoyoungjim says:

    “We have long realized that Ms. McKinney is mentally unstable. ”

    I just figured she was a blithering idiot, but the mentally unstable fits also.

    As for her audience, PT Barnum . . . .

  15. Anonymoose says:

    This is typical of the usual conspiracy theories:

    No corroborating evidence

    A nice round number of victims

    Top secret dirty work being entrusted to a low level flunky who spills the beans

    The government/military being involved.

    But further, it’s lacking the bit of reality touch that would make other people start questioning, such as:

    No real motive, purpose, or reason for 5,000 executions.

    No known victims, no one’s noticed 5,000 people missing, no other reports of anything similar.

    No idea who was killed other than her idea it was “prisoners,” which could be political prisoners, corrections prisoners, or the simple round-em up type.

    In short, why bother with it?

  16. MrBlue says:

    Grassy Knoll , you forgot to add the most important fact…it was all paid for by Haliburton.

    RE: I have also heard that Cheney and Rove took part in the actual executions.

  17. wardmama4 says:

    -‘ We are all born mad. Some remain so.
    — Samuel Beckett ‘-

    I can’t decide what fear, ignorance, or insanity causes someone to disregard reality so much so that they can utter such madness with a straight face – of course there is then the ignorance of those who can hear this tripe and actually take it in for consideration.

    Well at least she is out of the House and with verbal garbage such as this – she won’t be in political office after Nov. So I guess one could say there is an up-side to her public utterances.

    P.S. – SG Thanks for the break from the insanity going on by the cheats in DC – a good laugh does a body good!

  18. sheehanjihad says:

    dont forget! remember that line of vans with the lights out carrying thousands of exectution victims to the cruise ships for burial at sea? I dont recall which thread it was, but that was being thrown around then too.

  19. palwalrus says:

    Surely they used the bodies instead of sand bags to prop up the levies and that was why the levies failed…surprised she isn’t wearing a tinfoil hat as well!!!

  20. sheehanjihad says:

    this woman is mentally unstable, and has been most of her adult life~! What a moron~! She is so stupid as to publicly make this statement, and completely under the spell of conspiracy theorists to believe it. Next thing you know, she will say she is running for congress…another fallacy.

  21. 1sttofight says:

    How is she any different from the buffons in congress now?

  22. jerusamus says:

    I don’t know which to be more scared of’, the McKinney’s of the the world or the ignorant people who believe her and actually walk among us

  23. clifcrds says:

    That bug-eyed miscreant needs to be incarcerated/hospitalized. What a fool. This is not even funny, anymore…

    Now, now Colonel1961 . . . your letting logic, common sense, and truth get ahead of the state sanctioned “politically correct” acceptance of what she is saying!

    I was just about to come to the same conclusion as you but then I quickly took corrective action by dropping in on YouTube’s “Children Sing For Obama” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW9b0xr06qA , put on my Blue “Change” Tee Shirt, grabbed a pitcher of KoolAid, and started singing along. I was back in a pollitically correct/Zombie like state of mind in no time.

    Must run now . . . don’t want to be late for my 4:30 PM Labotomy.

  24. wytammic says:

    Well, on the bright side … shouldn’t this help reduce our carbon footprints? ;)

  25. MrPurple says:

    Hearing this directly from a Sheriff’s Deputy I think is as little more reliable than ‘I know a guy who knows a guy’.

    I’ll leave this offer to this website (and I’ll probably do the same later tonight on HotAir).

    This website can contact me and I reveal my name, my source’s name, and the company we work for. Establishing that I would have had the opportunity to hear such a claim from such a person should be fairly easy to prove.

    I’m not revealing any of that info in this thread, however.

  26. sheehanjihad says:

    it was Andrea Garland who started the “thousands of dead civilians lie”~! From the thread in September 12th 2005…she started the entire rumor:. ver batum…er, ver whatever written is. but here it is~:

    “But Andrea isn’t through. She goes on to promise proof of her outlandish claims:
    I don’t have the energy to explain, so I’m just going to tell you all how it is. ‘They’ are trying to take our city from us. Thousands upon thousands of poor, mostly African American citizens of New Orleans were murdered. Those levey breaks? Dynamite. Don’t ask me for proof yet – just give us some time, we will get it to you. The ones that didn’t die were starved. The rest, ‘evacuated.”’

    another thread states that “witnesses” had seen convoys of government vans transporting the bodies in a long line after midnight back to the cruise ships…..I remember how I laughed at such stupidity then, and how appalled I am that a breathing human can buy into it this late. McKinney is an ass.

  27. Anonymoose says:

    Should I….Shouldn’t I….oh, why not……

    Ok MrPurple, you ‘re reporting about a deputy down in New Orleans being able to drop a body off at the morgue, no questions asked. Now is that the regular daily practice or was it just around the time of Katrina? If it was during “normal” times, well, my first thought is “but it IS New Orleans,” but that does raise a mite of suspicion.

    However, if it was during Katrina, than that’s another matter. A natural disaster had happened, bodies were naturally expected to be found as a result of it, and it sounds more like a question of expediency than something sinister. The main determiner would be whether someone died as a result of the catastrophe or criminal action. The same with finding guns or whatever.

    So what sort of untimely demise are we talking about?

    If a deputy finds a body with a .45 caliber hole in the head, dropping it off at the morgue and driving off would make him negligent in his duties, even if there was a natural disaster. However, I could see a limited investigation because of time/manpower limits–but still it should have been recorded for when the disaster had passed. And if multitudes of bodies were showing up with .45 caliber holes in the forehead, someone would have noticed. However, victims of drowning or other incidents related to the disaster would likely be simply processed by the morgue staff.

    So let’s assume further, that the person with the body (not to imply anything about anyone) was somehow involved in the demise. Why take the chance of dropping it off at the morgue? Why not either leave it or take advantage of the ample evidence burial opportunities the landscape of New Orleans provides?

    You see, I think you’re trying to imply something from nothing.

  28. JerseyGrrrl says:

    and the black helicpters, don’t forget the black helicopters!

    Oh no! was that a racist remark? oops, I meant helicopters that are painted really really dark and flat so they can’t be seen, not, like ‘black’ helicopters –

  29. MrPurple says:


    Yes, it was specifically during the aftermath of Katrina.

    I agree I believe it was more a matter of expediency than something sinister – as I explained in my first post (comment #6).

    I have no info on anyone’s particular demise or any of the other scenarios you present.

    I am simply relaying what was told to me by a Sheriff’s Deputy.

    In police work I believe this would be called a ‘lead’. Good police work would involve investigating it – not dismissing it out of hand and ridiculing the person supplying the info.

  30. wirenut says:

    If the number was exactly 5000 , it had to be the very last of any conservatives left in the whole state .
    Now,no questions asked makes sense . N.O. is a lib utopia ain’t it?

  31. Anonymoose says:

    MrPurple, a “lead” also requires a train of thought or line of reasoning going somewhere. What you have is the police being able to drop off bodies unquestioned during Katrina, and only that. Then you have McKinney claiming people were executed during Katrina by being shot and having their details entered into some super-secret Pentagon computer.

    So, no reports of lots of bodies being turned in at the morgue having been shot “execution style,” leads me to believe there’s not a connection. That, plus the fairly obvious reasoning that if there is some shadowy government hit squad down there making a lot of people disappear, they’re going to stay disappeared and not be lying around to be collected and have people start asking questions, makes me think there’s nothing here at all.

  32. DEZ says:

    Heres the deal, McKinney is as crazy as a s**t house rat.
    Cindy Sheehan looks like Albert Einstein when compared to this vapid idiot, and Sheehan is.. well howling at the moon stupid.

    You can call it a lead if you so desire, but, as has been pointed out by many esteemed S&Lers, its a false lead.
    Cops find a drowning victim and move on to search for the living in need of help without wasting time on paper work.
    Its similar to a thing called triage, in other words, dont waste time on those that cannot be helped.
    And welcome to S&L.

  33. wirenut says:

    Honestly DEZ, if you got rats in your s**t house . You should move your salad bar into the house my friend . I’ve found out stuff keeps better also .Haw!

  34. MrPurple says:

    Anonymoose – there doesn’t have to be any line of reasoning. I am just relaying a comment that was told to me by a NOLA Sheriff’s Deputy.

    I am not trying to verify or debunk McKinney’s claim. I personally do not believe 5000 people were executed as McKinney claims.

    That doesn’t mean that this ‘drop off a body no questions asked’ procedure wasn’t in place. Maybe this Sherrif’s Deputy just made it up and lied to a group of us. Possible. I tend to believe his story since I know him to be a reputable guy.

    Dez – if somebody does wish to follow up on McKinney’s report I simply added a detail which many people may not have heard. If they are investigating it – then they have another avenue to follow (a ‘lead’).

  35. tbats says:

    This is a mutation of an old rumor that’s been told to prisoners. Rumor is the Feds in the case of a national emergency have the authority to EXECUTE any or all inmates because of the security risks. Stupidest thing I’ve heard come out of McKinneys mouth. What prison(s) were these inmates from? Where are the families of the deceased? Who is claiming to lnow one of the 5000 who were killed?

    She is a moron for repeating this especially because its oh so easy to refute…

  36. Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

    Maybe that’s where all of those bodies came from in the freezers at the Superdome!

    Mr. Purple I’m not beating up on you OK? There is just no way in hell that anything like what was described by your Deputy buddy could have happened, that is all I’m saying.

  37. 1sttofight says:

    tbats , No sane person would even attend one of her speeches.

  38. MrPurple says:


    I totally understand being skeptical – and as I claimed in my first post I was NOT told about any account where somebody was ‘killed’ and their body dumped at a morgue, and I don’t believe McKinney’s claim.

    I surely don’t want to accuse anybody of any wrongdoing – because I know of none. I think all these guys who worked so hard for so long under such awful conditions are nothing short of heroes for their efforts.

    The comment stuck with me, though.

    I’m not even saying it was wrong. It’s probably all they could have done. You face a gun toting thuggish looter who is preventing you from rescuing someone or inspecting a house for a possible rescue and you aren’t going to be given a whole lot of wiggle room before the hammer comes down.

    The only fault I place during that period are on Nagin and Blanco’s shoulders for not having a better evac plan or requesting aid from President Bush sooner.

    Jindal showed us how it should be done – although I think after about 3 or 4 ‘false alarm’ evacs we’ll be right back to pre-Katrina indifference toward hurricane evacs in NOLA.

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