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Mean Republicans Suggest Sending Alien Children Home

From Reuters:

Frustrated U.S. lawmakers urge tough action on child migration

By Patricia Zengerle | June 24, 2014

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – One Republican lawmaker said on Tuesday America should “whack” its Latin American neighbors by cutting aid in response to a flood of undocumented minors entering the United States, while another asked where the children should be "dropped off when the buses bring them back."

Gosh those Republicans are mean. (Which is the real point of this article.)

As Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson assured U.S. lawmakers the Obama administration is doing everything it can, including dispatching more agents to the Mexican border, the crisis was deepening the stark battle lines between Republicans and Democrats in Washington…

Of course DHS is not doing everything they can. They could turn people back at the border, instead of taking them into the country. They could stop releasing those who they have let into the country.

Several Republicans at a House Homeland Security committee hearing sharply questioned Johnson about the crisis, accusing the administration of doing too little to prevent the thousands of illegal arrivals…

Michigan Republican Representative Candice Miller suggested cutting off aid and repealing free trade agreements with Mexico and the Central American countries involved.

"We need to whack them, our neighbors, to understand that they are just not going to keep taking our money and we are just going to be sitting here like this – we’re not the ATM machine," she said.

Funny how Reuters fails to mention that Obama announced just a couple of days ago that he is more than tripling foreign aid to the countries, which are home to most of these new illegals.

Obama is going to give Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador $254.6 million. In addition to the $130 million they are already getting in annual foreign aid.

Alabama Republican Mike Rogers scoffed after Johnson said he had discussed the issue with Guatemalan authorities. "I think what you need to do is ask the Guatemalan government where they want these kids dropped off when the buses bring them back down there," Rogers said…

Once again Reuters fails to note that a couple of days ago the President of Guatemala told Joe Biden that the US needs to start a temporary work program for Guatemalan migrants and grant "temporary protected status" for Guatemalan migrants."

But it’s those cruel House Republicans who are the problem here.

"We are talking about large numbers of children, without their parents, who have arrived at our border – hungry, thirsty, exhausted, scared and vulnerable. How we treat the children, in particular, is a reflection of our laws and our values," [Jeh] Johnson said.

How true. And we should be sure to send them back to their families, just like we sent Elián González back to Cuba. (Which Janet Reno’s then deputy, Eric Holder, personally oversaw.)

He said smugglers, seeking clients, are putting out false information that minors who reach the United States will be allowed to remain. But he said he could not explain the recent surge in arrivals.

It probably has something to do with global warming.

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2 Responses to “Mean Republicans Suggest Sending Alien Children Home”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Bus them to D.C.
    Form a coalition of governors who will stop any busing redistribution attempts at their borders
    Raise the Minimum wage in DC to $30/hr.

    I can think of more

  2. canary says:

    Steve: “And we should be sure to send them back to their families, just like we sent Elián González back to Cuba. (Which Janet Reno’s then deputy, Eric Holder, personally oversaw.)”

    And let the kiddies look down barrels of AK-47’s they used on the 7 year old that loved candy.

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