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Media Admits Castle Run Would Help COD

From a relieved Politico:

With Castle out, advantage to Coons

By: David Catanese
September 30, 2010

Rep. Mike Castle’s decision against a third-party bid in the Delaware Senate race delivers Democrats some of the best news they’ve had in weeks.

While polling on the possibility is sparse, the consensus among national and state leaders is that a Castle candidacy would have carved into the coalition supporting Democratic candidate Chris Coons, peeling away moderates and even a chunk of Democrats who remain loyal to the nine-term congressman.

Ironically, a three-way race – dividing First State centrists – may have offered Republicans their best shot at winning the seat

Which, of course, is what the Castle people meant, when they said that their write-in effort appeared to be ‘backfiring.’

But isn’t it odd how neither the Politico nor the rest of the Democrat media complex admitted this before Mr. Castle decided against a write-in run?

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One Response to “Media Admits Castle Run Would Help COD”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Byrd, Kennedy, Jackson rule: Is the Republican candidate for office equal to or WORSE than the moral examples permitted by the Democrat Party?

    ✿Robert Bryd: former KKK recruiter (for many years).
    ✿Ted Kennedy:drunk driving (strike 1) with a suspended license (strike 2) with his mistress (strike 3) crashes his car (strike 4) leaves the scene of an accident (strike 5) allows his mistress to drown to death (strike 6) tries to get a friend to admit to the accident (strike 7) –yet spends 40 years in the Senate.
    ✿Jessie Jackson: A married “reverend” who impregnated his secretary while counseling Bill Clinton on his infidelity. (a reverend don’t forget)

    There are 100s more examples: Spitzer, Edwards, Clinton, Sharpton…..but these three are the worst of the worst. Any Republican character flaws PALE IN COMPARISON to what Democrats have ignored by their own people for decades.

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