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Media Are Concerned Over Obama’s Terrible Loss

From a tear soaked Politico:

Gun control: President Obama’s biggest loss

By GLENN THRUSH and REID J. EPSTEIN | April 17, 2013

Never before had President Barack Obama put the moral force and political muscle of his presidency behind an issue quite this big — and lost quite this badly.

That is to say, he got his fingerprints on this. He wasn’t able to pretend to be aloof from it all.

But this is the theme of the day, from the mainstream media. What a terrible blow this is to Obama. (Reuters: Senate blocks gun-control legislation in blow to Obama. The Hill: Senators reject expanding background checks in devastating blow to Obama.)

So it wasn’t about the children after all?

The president, shaken to the core by the massacre of 26 innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School, broke his own informal “Obama Rule” — of never leaning into an issue without a clear path to victory — first by pushing for a massive gun control package no one expected to pass, and then sticking through it even as he retrenched to a relatively modest bipartisan bill mandating national background checks on gun purchases.

Funny how the news media never told us that no one expected the Democrats’ gun proposals to pass. But now that has become accepted history. (New York Times has an article today with the headline: Gun Control Effort Had No Real Chance, Despite Pleas.)

As for this being a "bipartisan bill," all told the votes against more gun control were more bipartisan than the votes for it. That is, all totaled, more Democrats voted against more gun control laws than Republicans voted for them.

It was a bitter defeat for a president accustomed to winning, a second-term downer that may — or may not — foreshadow the slow decline suffered by so many of his predecessors.

It was a bitter defeat for Obama because it was a blow to his gargantuan ego. He is not used to being told no, having never lived in the real world.

More importantly, this defeat in the Democrat-controlled Senate has completely derailed all of his carefully laid plans. This gun bill (and it didn’t really matter what it was) was supposed to die in the House, so that Obama could spend the next year and a half demonizing the House Republicans in the run up to the midterms..

Hence Obama’s fury.  Which, you will notice, was mostly directed at the Democrat Senators he thought he could count on.

Obama seems to have the public behind him, but it illustrated his less-than-Johnsonian powers of personal persuasion, the possible shortcomings of his decision to wait a month after the killings to present a plan and above all the limits of his go-to “outside” strategy of taking his case directly to the American people.

It’s hard to pretend you are an outsider when you are the ultimate insider. But it is a lie that the public is behind Obama on this. No matter how many times the media repeat it.

The truth is the public only say they want more background checks because they don’t know that there already are background checks for every gun sale that is not a private transaction.

More than anything, it was an emotional blow to Obama, who was as irritated at the four members of his own party as he was at the 90 percent of Republicans who defeated the bill…

“The president was tremendously committed and emotionally engaged. I watched the president with these families. He was there for them and really felt it,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat who worked closely with the White House in the aftermath of the worst school shooting in the history of his state…

Yes, this was very emotional for him. He might not one party control in the last two years of his Presidency. His legacy, his promised transformation of the country is at stake.

Added Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.): “I never saw a president fight so hard, a vice president, never on any issue… It shows us the cowardice of the Senate.” …

If the public is supposedly against them, it shows courage, if you ask us. But, of course, the public does not really want any more gun control laws.

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2 Responses to “Media Are Concerned Over Obama’s Terrible Loss”

  1. mr_bill says:

    Get used to hearing this “90% of Republicans voted against it” phrase. The state-run media are going to be repeating it for the next two years.

  2. wirenut says:

    How shocking, that we the people, demand what our founders have promised. And put it to paper.
    This is a win for the people. Tyranny takes one in the shorts. About time.

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