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Media Claimed “T-Shirt Guy” Was Girl’s Father

Of course by now you have seen what is perhaps the most iconic photograph from the carnage at Qana:

This photograph has been widely reported to be of a man carrying his dead daughter. Such as here, from the front page of the UK’s Daily Mail:

This father and daughter relationship has even made into the folklore of the unwashed masses. Such as this entry on the giant photo storage site Flickr:

Caption: Qana when a father holds the body of his little child between his arms, the dead body

But was this man the child’s father?

He doesn’t seem to be particularly concerned while the bodies were being excavated. He certainly doesn’t look like a man who is waiting to see whether his child survived:

But once he is handed this dead child he starts running towards the cameras ambulance and crying piteously:

He had just been watching as other dead bodies were pulled out of the rubble, including children. So why this dramatic reaction at this point unless the dead girl is his daughter?

And yet once he got the child near the ambulance and on to a gurney, he let "Green Helmut Guy" and another rescuer take over.

Perhaps "White T-Shirt Guy" left her to go back for more of his family. After all, we’ve been told that the occupants were all members of two families. So this gentlemen would have a number of relatives buried.

But, no. It’s turns out he had an interview scheduled with France’s Channel 2:

And rather than concern himself with the rest of his purported family, he showed the TV crew around his house and his homage to Hezbollah’s chief Nazarallah:

It doesn’t seem to be the reaction of a man who has just lost his daughter, and indeed a large number of family members.

Still the Daily Mail and many other media outlets got a good story out of the lie.

(Thanks to EU Referendum for the information about the Channel 2 interview, several of these photos and their good work in general on this subject.)

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