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Media Say “Thousands” Protest Bush At UN

From the terrorists’ PR men at the Associated Press:

Thousands Demonstrate Outside U.N. Against War

September 19, 2006

NEW YORK — Thousands of Iraq war protesters marched Tuesday to the United Nations, where President George W. Bush was presenting his vision for the Middle East to skeptical world leaders.

Marchers chanted: "Hey hey, ho ho, the Bush regime has got to go" and hoisted signs that said: "Bush lies, who dies?"

"I am more passionate than ever about the Iraq War, because it has ruined our economy," said Thomas Brinson, 63, a Vietnam veteran from Deer Park, Long Island. "It’s killing innocent civilians, and the National Guard was deployed in Iraq and they weren’t here for natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina."

The march, organized by the group United for Peace and Justice, started in the garment district on the West Side and stretched out along a dozen blocks to the United Nations on the East Side, where there were anti-war speeches…

And here is much the same from those lovers of terror at Reuters:

Outside UN, protesters urge Bush to end Iraq war

By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Thousands of protesters including former American soldiers rallied outside U.N. headquarters on Tuesday, urging the U.S. government to end the war in Iraq and bring home the troops…

"People in Iraq also want to end the war. We want our country back," said Raed Jarrar, an Iraqi-American who moved to the United States last year…

A group of protesters claimed that the U.S. government "orchestrated" the attacks on September 11. Les Jamison, an event coordinator of NY 911 Truth, said the 9/11 tragedy was scripted by the U.S. government to regain "military might."

But as is so often the case, these thousands of protesters could not be photographed by modern day technology.

Instead, the fauxtographers for Reuters and the AP had to once again resort to contorted angles and artful cropping when showing the "multitude":

Do you think for a minute if there actually had been “thousands" there we wouldn’t be shown them? We would be treated to hundreds of loving shots, from every conceivable angle.

And someone should tell these people that the war in Iraq is over. We are peacekeepers there. We are trying to keep the Shiites and Sunnis from killing each other, while we help them reconstruct their infrastructure and system of self-government.

Which is exactly what they and our media complained we didn’t do at the end of the first Gulf War. And what these very same people want us to do everywhere else in the world, such as Darfur.

Just as long as it couldn’t possibly be in our own national self interest.


Speaking of photographs, this is probably a good place to re-post a photo of the "steering committee" of United Peace And Justice":

These are the people who made up and handed out the signs and paid what demonstrators there were to be there.

You can get more glimpses of these worthies at their website.

As you peruse the thoughtful visages of these bravos just bear in mind that they want to rule this country, and of course — me and you.

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