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Media Crows: Giuliani Aide Kerik Is Indicted

From an overjoyed Reuters:

Our watchdog media’s favorite photograph of Mr. Kerik.

Ex-Giuliani aide Kerik indicted on 14 counts

NEW YORK, Nov 9 Reuters) – Former New York police commissioner and Rudy Giuliani protege Bernard Kerik was indicted on 14 federal counts including fraud, obstructing an FBI investigation and lying to the federal government, the U.S. attorney said on Friday.

The charges, which could pose an embarrassment to Giuliani as he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination, had been expected after media reports that a grand jury returned the indictments on Thursday.

Former New York mayor Giuliani is the front-runner to be the Republican candidate for the U.S. presidential election in November 2008, according to national opinion polls…

Kerik, 52, and Giuliani were also business partners and, with Giuliani’s backing, Kerik was nominated by President George W. Bush in 2004 to be secretary of Homeland Security.

Kerik later withdrew his name from nomination after admitting he failed to pay taxes on a nanny and other embarrassing disclosures about his personal life surfaced.

The indictment against Kerik charges him with conspiracy, mail fraud and wire fraud in the theft of honest services; obstructing or impeding the administration of the FBI; aiding and assisting the preparation of a false and fraudulent tax return; subscribing to false tax returns; false statements on a loan application; and false statements to the federal government.

Much if not all of these charges have already been brought against Mr. Kerik on the state level. This seems like overkill, at least.

After all, Kerik had an illegal alien working for him as a nanny, who didn’t pay taxes. He had an affair with his publisher. He kept a few gifts he should have refused.

It’s not quite the end of the world.

But given that charges were first brought against Mr. Kerik on the very day Mr. Bush announced his nomination to head the Department Of Homeland Security, perhaps there is something more going on.

After all, Mr. Giuliani is doing very well head to head against Mrs. Bill Clinton in the polls.

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