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Media Drives GOP With Bogus Poll On Women

From The Hill:

Female vote crucial for Obama, Romney

By Amie Parnes – 04/04/12

GOP front-runner Mitt Romney needs to better tout his economic agenda and toss social issues aside if he wants to regain his footing with women and narrow the growing gender gap that President Obama has enjoyed in recent weeks, Republican strategists say.

Isn’t it odd how the news media can always find "Republican strategists" who will say exactly what they want said. How come we never hear "Democrat strategists" undercutting the news media’s or the rest of the Democrat Party’s agenda?

In the wake of the divisive contraception battle—which recently helped bolster Obama among women in a string of polls in a dozen swing states– Republicans say Romney needs to turn to spending issues which resound with a large swath of the electorate.

The contraception mandate was a disaster for Obama with anyone who cares about freedom. (And not just religious freedom.) But on the strength of one USAToday/Gallup poll, an angle of the poll that was not even reported by Gallup, we are now told that Obama has won the ‘War On Women.’

The USAToday/Gallup poll did not reveal its methodology. The closest they came was to say that: "While women typically are more likely to identify themselves as Democrats than men are, that difference widens to a chasm in the USA TODAY poll. By 41%-24%, women call themselves Democrats."

Which tells us that they oversampled Democrat women by almost 2 to 1. And we are supposed to be surprised that they preferred Obama over the Republican candidates.

“The contraception issue was very damaging for Republicans and it was a huge turnoff to women voters,” said Tony Fratto, a Republican strategist who served as deputy press secretary to former president George W. Bush. “It hurt the Republican brand across the board and it made it difficult for Governor Romney to stay focused on economic issues.”

Romney needs to focus his attention on lowering gas prices and cutting spending, said Republican strategist Ron Bonjean…

This is the ‘bubble.’ Even Republicans believe the news media. They are willing to throw aside everything they see with their own eyes on the strength of one over-sampled push poll.

A poll that does not even prove this point. Since in the USAToday/Gallup the ‘social issues’ candidate Rick Santorum did better against Obama than the ‘economic issues’ candidate Mitt Romney did. (Santorum polled 38% against Obama among these women, compared to Romney’s 36%.)

Kirsten Kukowski, press secretary for the Republican National Committee, said the RNC has been ramping up efforts in recent weeks to appeal to women.

“Do we realize that women are going to be a key voting bloc? Yes,” Kukowski said. “Do we need to bring them into the fold? Yes.”
But so far, Romney may have some ground to make up. A USA Today/Gallup poll this week showed Obama leading the GOP front-runner 51 percent to 42 percent, a big change from last month when Obama trailed the former Massachusetts governor by two points.

Again, this entire hysteria is based on one poll that is not only an outlier, it is an out and out liar. It oversampled women. And it showed the opposite of what is being claimed, since Santorum does better with women than Romney.

But bear in mind how the news media and the rest of the Democrat Party constantly tell us we are the sexists and bigots. That there is is no real difference between the sexes or the races or ethnicities. And yet they use every wedge issue they can manufacture in their polls to try to drive the agenda. They tell us that ‘blacks vote this way; women poll that way, Hispanics think this way.’

In reality there is no one who does more ‘profiling,’ who is more sexist, more racist, more bigoted than our news media and the rest of the Democrat Party. But because of the media ‘bubble’ that enwraps even Republicans in DC, they are believed by some weak sisters in the GOP.

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One Response to “Media Drives GOP With Bogus Poll On Women”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I’m thinking Reagan landslide, ’cause the last time they worked this hard to make a Republican sound out of touch, desperate and crazy, the Republican won by 10 points, and this time I’m thinking 20+

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