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Media Ignores Bush’s ‘Severed Head’ Sign

With all the sudden worldwide interest in the power of imagery, it is perhaps a good time to ponder how our one party media skews its reports on the demonstrations mounted by the America-hating radical left.

In all the photos of yesterday’s "The World Can’t Wait" rally in Washington provided by our one party media there were none that showed the true rancor of the participants.

Such as this photo from the event taken by Free Republic activist, Kristinn:

Of course this is nothing new. Zombietime and others have regularly documented how our one party media goes out of its way to portray such displays

But why does our media do that?

Doesn’t the press normally seek out the most newsworthy or even shocking visual available? Do they choose photos of administration officials to make them look their best? Or, in fact, do they do just the opposite?

Doesn’t the media claim it is simply reporting the news? Isn’t it news when a demonstrator carries a drawing of the current President’s severed head?


Some of the photos from Saturday’s demonstration proudly displayed on the "World Can’t Wait" website.

And no matter how many times our one party media reports on these demonstrations, they never manage to point out that they are in fact only the work of the same very small group of professional (and highly paid) agitators. A group which includes Cindy Sheehan and Medea Benjamin, and most of the other usual suspects.

Why aren’t we ever told that?

Isn’t that news?

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