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Media Mantra: Poverty Violence Drive Exodus To The US

From a tear-soaked Reuters:

Poverty, violence drive Central American exodus to U.S.

By Gustavo Palencia | June 30, 2014

EL GUANTILLO Honduras (Reuters) – Pregnant and with a young child in her arms, 17-year-old Andy Lizette Navarro says she has lost hope for the future in her semi-deserted mountain hamlet deep in rural Honduras, and dreams of America.

Are you in tears yet?

There are precious few options in El Guantillo, which lives primarily from corn, beans and coffee grown in the mountains all around. Many residents are unemployed and rely on seasonal work harvesting the coffee to scrape by.

Apparently, nobody noticed what life was like there until last December.

Most young men from here migrate north, and the hamlet is now made up predominantly of women, children and the elderly…

How long will it be before Honduras demands reparations for the US stealing their young men?

El Guantillo is typical of villages across Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that spew out a steady stream of migrants seeking work and a better life in the United States.

Driven largely by poverty and gang violence at home, the wave has swelled again in the last few months, although with a new dynamic as more children make the trek, many traveling without parents or relatives to care for them…

Once again, all three of these countries just happen to be the three closest countries to the US that are non-contiguous. Unaccompanied alien ‘children’ from non-contiguous countries are not automatically deported, thanks to a 2002 law. Which was clearly recently discovered by the Obama administration.

By the way, if all the young men have gone to the US, who are in the gangs?

Coyotes are spurring on migrants by putting out the word that pregnant women and unaccompanied minors are treated more leniently and allowed to stay in the United States, although the Obama administration insists they will be returned home…

The Coyotes are telling the truth. And the President of the United States is not. (But everyone understands that he is winking when he says this.)

Recent U.S. policy changes have sparked confusion and contributed to the rising numbers. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement gave its officials discretion in 2011 to weigh various factors in apprehension, detention, and deportation, particularly in the case of minors.

Then, in 2012, the government said young illegal immigrants who had been in the United States since 2007 and met requirements including no felony convictions could apply for a two-year authorization to stay and work.

Coupled with the fact that fewer children were being deported, many Central Americans are under the impression that U.S. immigration policy has become more lax…

Boy are they dumb. (Also, note the conspicuous absence of any blame being assigned to Barack Obama.)

The U.S.-Mexico border is some 2,000 miles (3,200 km) long so is difficult to properly police. And while for years illegal immigrants would cross in more remote areas to cross, lawyers say many minors now turn themselves in as they are often simply sent to live with relatives pending immigration hearings…

Which they never bother to attend.

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One Response to “Media Mantra: Poverty Violence Drive Exodus To The US”

  1. untrainable says:

    Didn’t Obama say that the border was more secure than ever? And now the border is too large to adequately secure it? Which is it? You know, the Chinese, as early as 476 B.C. figured out how to control and secure a border. I know it’s pretty high tech, but a WALL might help. I realize Obama probably can’t wrap his little brain around the concept of a WALL, but you’d think, with all those czars, that he could find one numb-nut in his administration that could explain it to him. And the fact that there is a LAW that says the government is supposed to build one might give them a clue about how to solve this vexing problem.

    Oh, forget the wall. How about a nice gasoline fire and some armed troops. Maybe Obama could send in 700 military advisors to defend and reinforce the border. If it’s such a good idea for Iraq, maybe we could try it on our own friggin’ border.

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