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Media Theme: Ann Has To Humanize Romney

From the Politico:

Ann Romney’s RNC task: Humanize Mitt

By LOIS ROMANO | Tues August 28, 2012

TAMPA, Fla. — Ann Romney will take to the podium here Tuesday night and try to accomplish what the sharpest minds in Republican politics have failed to do: present her stiff and awkward husband as a likable guy.

Her speech is considered second in importance only to Mitt Romney’s and will set the tone for the week as the Republican Party presents its case for turning President Barack Obama out of office.

Convention and campaign officials see Ann Romney as the only person who can credibly change the image of the former Massachusetts governor from remote rich guy to that of a man of warmth and character.

“She will step back from her stump speech and outline the tenets of Mitt Romney’s life,” said Katie Packer Gage, deputy campaign manager.

“It will be a bigger, broader speech that will go back to Mitt’s earlier life, the values his parents gave him, his life as a successful businessman, as head of the Olympics, as governor, as a father and husband.’” …

This is just one of literally dozens of variations on this new media theme. Some other headlines this morning are, from Business Week: ‘Ann Romney Takes Biggest Stage Yet to Humanize Spouse.’ And, ‘Mitt Romney Convention Plan – Humanizing the Romneybot.’ And ‘Ann Romney Takes Biggest Stage Yet to Humanize Husband.’ And ‘Ann Romney Attempts to Humanize the Mitt-Bot.’ And, ‘Ann Romney’s task: Humanize Mitt.’ And, of course, we have other variations, such as, ‘Can Ann Romney ‘humanize’ Her Husband?’

In fact, a search of ‘Humanize Mitt OR Romney’ on Google gets you about 135,000 results. But this is what the media does best. Create a phony problem, so they can decide whether it has been solved or no.

But it is just the media’s subtle way of suggesting that Romney isn’t human.

If there has been a recurring mantra from GOP message-makers during this convention so far, it is that Romney’s low likability is of little consequence in an election cycle in which voters are looking for competence and leadership.

And never mind ‘the mantra’ we get every day from the news media

But there is also an awareness among Republicans that no matter how hard they try to present Romney as “uniquely qualified” to lead the country, polls show that voters see him as out of touch with the middle class and unable to relate the everyday challenges life presents.

Could that be because that is how Mitt Romney has been portrayed by the news media and the rest of the Obama campaign for years now? Besides, what is particularly human about Obama? Is he not a lot more foreign than Romney, in every sense of that word? Why should anyone see Obama as more likeable, especially after what he has done to the country over the last four years?

But weren’t the 2010 midterms a referendum on Obama? If so, he does not seem to have been so likeable two years ago.

There is only one explanation. The news media constantly tell us how liked Obama is. In fact, they tell us that if you don’t like Obama you are a racist, just like Chris Matthews and his bosses at MSNBC say.

And so Ann Romney will also strive to show that her family, like many others, has had its share of burdens and crises to shoulder…

She was an integral part of the hard-fought primary season, traveling with her husband and frequently introducing him. Her presence provided a desperately needed humanizing element for the candidate, who generally spent 10 minutes of his 20-minute stump speech singing “America the Beautiful.” …

In reality, Mr. Romney sang ‘America The Beautiful’ exactly once, on January 30, 2012, in Florida, at The Villages. And, besides, “America the Beautiful” is not a ten minute song, even if you sing all of its verses.

But when has the Politico ever bothered with the facts? It’s their job to try to make Romney look like a buffoon. And then wonder why people see him as out of touch.

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2 Responses to “Media Theme: Ann Has To Humanize Romney”

  1. canary says:

    Lois Romano gave up having a family for her her career to roam and travel with John Kerry and write about his style.

    She is jealous of Ann Romney who chose raising a family.

    Politico needs a new name change.

  2. canary says:

    Lois Ramano has never heard American the Beautiful as she spent so much time admiring those that hate America like John Kerry and Obama.

    Who can admire a man who led Vietnam vets to throw their medals over the fence, when he admitted during his run, he still had his, and the ones her threw over the fence were fake.

    John Kerry marries a rich woman and hates capitalism and America. John Kerry’s wife pays for him to travel the world and say he is ashamed to be an American.

    Tax payers paid for Obama’s exotic travels and schools, yet he hates capitalism.

    You would think Obama would shun the rich and famous.

    I doubt she is getting paid to write such pathetic articles. I’ll bet she’s being paid by Obama supporters instead.

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