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Media: Trump Upstages Romney’s Clinching

From the echo chamber that is the Associated Press:

Romney clinches nomination, but Trump overshadows

May 30, 2012

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Mitt Romney has won the Republican presidential nomination after years of fighting, though his triumph was partially overshadowed by the celebrity businessman who helped him along the way.

As primary voters in Texas on Tuesday pushed him past the 1,144-delegate threshold he needed to win the nod, Romney was raising money in Las Vegas with Donald Trump, the real estate mogul who has stoked doubts about whether President Barack Obama was born in America…

The Trump event and surrounding controversy overshadowed the Texas primary win that officially handed Romney the nomination

[T]he focus Tuesday was on Trump, who once led polls of GOP primary voters. He endorsed the former Massachusetts governor just before the February Nevada caucuses, offering his support at a morning endorsement event in ballroom in the hotel that bears his name. In the same room Tuesday night for the fundraiser, Trump introduced Romney.

He steered clear of the "birther" issue as he spoke to donors, though just hours earlier he had repeated his doubts about the authenticity of the birth certificate that shows Obama was born in Hawaii

Romney hasn’t condemned Trump’s assertions. On Monday night, he told reporters aboard his campaign plane that Trump is entitled to his opinion. Even as Trump-related criticism from Democrats and Republicans intensified in recent days, Romney showed no sign of distancing himself from the polarizing figure.

"I don’t agree with all the people who support me. And my guess is they don’t all agree with everything I believe in," Romney said. "But I need to get 50.1 percent or more."

Gasp! Isn’t that outrageous? Romney doesn’t control the speech of those who support him.

Does the media prefer the way Obama deals with people who don’t follow his positions to the letter? Such as we just saw with Mayor Corey Booker. Is that really what they want?

By the way, when has the media ever asked Obama about his support from Al Sharpton or even the Reverend Farrakhan? (Not to compare Donald Trump to those two lunatics.)

But don’t some of Obama’s major supporters say some of the craziest things? And yet we never hear about it from the lockstep news media. Why is that?

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2 Responses to “Media: Trump Upstages Romney’s Clinching”

  1. AcornsRNutz says:

    I agree that Romeny isn’t responsible (obvioiusly) for The Donald’s opinions,and the demand that he officially condemn the remarks is just more “hey that’s not fair” whining from the lefty media, a staple tactic of those who cheat their asses off.

    But more to the point, I wish Romeny would really man up on this one. I mean, in my opinion Bush’s major fault, particularly in his second term, was that after he told the UN and the rest of the world to go screw he was going to go to war, he never came out and said “This is how it is, don’t like it? Too bad.” Romney strikes me as having a similar approach. This nice guy, “above the fray” cliche of the watered down conservative is getting old, and it is wildly ineffective. Romeny ought to respond to this by saying that Trump has a valid question concerning the legitimacy of the birth record, which although not a majority opinion, is certainly gaining traction beyond the so called right wing radical “birthers”. Real conservatives would do just that. Reagan would have met this silliness head on, and he wouldn’t have backed down from the ludicrous efforts of the media to destroy republicans and conservatives going on today.

    I am no obama supporter, but as someone who was imprisoned in the left wing gulag of Massachusetts for a time, I offer a word of caution to my fellow conservatives. If Romney wins, we cannot let up on him one bit! This country’s true patriots and conservatives need to keep him under just as much scrutiny as we do obama. For one thing, it is fair in the true sense of the word, and for another, this guy is not the end all be all of conservatism, and if left unaccountable will be making flip floppy diet-socialist moves before you know it. I am like most conservatives in that I believe anything will be better than this guy, and I am not holding my nose and voting for Romney to the extent I had to with McCain, but him taking the office will in no way signal a chance to sit back and relax on the effort to reign in the government’s abuse of powers.

  2. Natural Born Citizen says:

    I could not agree with you more. In the past a presidential candidate was honor bound to prove he was Constitutionally eligible not the other way around. To me any reasonable person based on the facts we know today would not think it was out of line to produce the original documents to prove he is bona fide. What ever the truth is for him to purposely divide our country and deliberately besmirch the office of POTUS are not the actions of a leader and is a national disgrace.

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