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Medvedev Promises ‘Crueler’ Measures

From those defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Russia’s Medvedev promises ‘crueler’ measures

By Arsen Mollayev, Associated Press Writer

April 1, 2010

MAKHACHKALA, Russia – President Dmitry Medvedev made a surprise visit Thursday to the violence-wracked southern province of Dagestan, telling police and security forces to use tougher, "more cruel" measures to fight the "scum" responsible for terrorist attacks.

Russia’s security chief said some terror suspects had been detained.

In his dress — a black T-shirt under a black suit coat — and rough language, Medvedev was following the style of Russia’s powerful prime minister, Vladimir Putin…

Funny that Mr. Medvedev would use the exact same language as Mr. Putin did in describing these freedom fighters. (Just kidding.)

Medvedev said much more needed to be done to stop the attacks.

"The measures to fight terrorism should be expanded, they should be more effective, more harsh, more cruel, if you please," he told local officials in a televised meeting

Let’s hope the Russians don’t go overboard and start using the ‘attention grab’ (grabbing people by their shirts) and other such torturous behavior.

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11 Responses to “Medvedev Promises ‘Crueler’ Measures”

  1. JohnMG says:

    …..”The measures to fight terrorism should be expanded, they should be more effective, more harsh, more cruel, if you please……”

    Nice touch, that “if you please”, don’t you think? And those expanded anti-terrorism measures………does he REALLY want to emulate the U.S. approach and start talking ‘sternly’ to these folks?

    My guess is that PC is off the table in Russia.

  2. AcornsRNutz says:

    I am generally full of the apporpraite American loathing for the soviets and what they stand for, but you have to admire the bastards some times. In matters of waging war they certainly do produce some “teachable moments”

  3. GetBackJack says:

    What I wonder at is that the Russians have so little success stomping out the brushfires of Islamic violence. When it comes to the application of violence and state security Russians are utterly amoral. Their heavy handed tactics are the very meaning of scorched earth and take no prisoners.

    But they’re not winning this one.

    That’s really worth analyzing.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      The reason for this, in my opinion anyway, is more strategic than tactical. They are reactionary about it nowadays. Previously, they were the opposite way, but were fighting along geographic lines more than along the lines of who the enemy is (sound familiar). The Russians are not the end all be all of battle, but they are not afraid to use force when required. If you temper that kind of force with American strategy, you have a winning combination for fighting these people. Excessive brutality won’t win, but the willingness to force them to fight on your terms and wherever they choose to hide out requires more than just restricitng the fight to uniformed enemy combatants within clearly defined boundaries.

      Things to remember in our strategy:

      1. Islam is more important to these fundamentalists than geography. In Iraq we were fighting Syrians, Afghanis, Iranians, Saudis, Jordanians, and many others. Post 9/11 there were huge floods of muslims in africa trying to answer the call to jihad. America needs to realize this.

      2: Just because we can’t kill them all and obliterate the threat from islamic fundamentalism, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight at all. I am sure this is no shock to anyone here, but the mentality of “why bother” permeates the current mindset in America.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Dear Acorn – I hear what you’re saying. But the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs disagrees with you.

      http://www.therepublicantemple.com/2010/03/03/admiral-mullen-speech-2/ – video of speech

      Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen outlines a more restrained art of war – washingtonpost.com

      quote – “In this type of war, when the objective is not the enemy’s defeat but the people’s success, less really is more,”

      I’ve read both speeches. I’ve watched the video presentation.

      I’m speechless. The Objective is not the enemy’s defeat. Direct quote.

      Quoting Winston Churchill, of whom there has rarely been a politician nor military man of more considerable classical education, which means the ability to remember the Past and recall its lessons and their applicability to our Present …

      “There is no greater mistake than to suppose that platitudes, smooth words, and timid policies offer a path to safety.”

      “How many wars have been averted by patience and good will?”

      “When nations are strong, they are not always just and when they wish to be just, they are no longer strong.”

      “Victory will never be found by taking the line of least resistance.”

      “I cannot subscribe to the idea that it might be possible to dig ourselves in and make no preparations for anything else than passive defense. It is the theory of the turtle.”

      “I never worry about action, but only about inaction.”

      Your analysis, sir, is appreciated. But the above speech by Mullen absolutely and definitively cedes the terms of battle to our enemies.

      Secondly, Afghanistan is about opium and little else. Depending on whose numbers you prefer it is anywhere from a $100 billion industry to upwards of $400 billion …. annually. Any number of Google searches will take you to reports of the Taliban having stockpiled 12,000 TONS of opium. That’s approaching the size of our Defense Dept budget which produces the finest fighting force the world has ever known. Islam’s evil masters chose to use these $$$ to fund terror instead of oil $$$. Tap someone else’s vein so to speak. Regardless of what history books, pundits, analysts and ‘informed’ commentators say … Russia was in Afghanistan for the opium. The rest was bonus. That’s why radical Islam set up shop there under the cover of Taliban. A new drug warlord rode into town. And that’s why we’re there …. to interdict the financing of terror and ostensibly to deny Islam this fertile field. But we’re not killing the opium.

      DARPA for several years has had on hand ready to use a micro-herbicide aerial spray that eradicates only the poppy plant; ruins the very soil for poppies for a decade+. The war can be over in about a month by eradicating the plant. No poppy, no drug warlords, no funding … no reason to fight over Afghanistan.

      The very very powerful scion families of the old China Trade in the Northeast of America made their fortunes on opium. China Trade was a euphemism for opium. That money, those fortunes, the lineages and political stables created by opium did not vanish as the world modernized. It’s all very well, alive and still protecting it’s own because there are few businesses indeed where money does grow on trees. You now have the gravity field of this political landscape. Karzai’s own blood is one of the biggest drug warlords and their man in America is well known even down to what street he lives on in New Jersey.

      Mullen can end this war by Summer. McChrystal can end this war by Summer. Obama can end this war by Summer.

      That they do not is utterly revealing. The absence of a thing is often far more compelling than the thing itself.

      If they can end it, why don’t they? And why does Mullen publicly state that winning is not our strategy?

      All that said … the Russians are very good at applying scorched earth and crushing force. That they’re not is telling. That’s what I want to analyze.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      You raise a very good point about the scorched earth policy, one often regarded as soviet ruthlessness that would actually be an incredibly effective strategy in Afghanistan vis a vis the opium. Their motives at this time may be unclear, but what is obvious is that the russian strategy has taken much more into account concerning their endstate with the muslims, and that we are not only lagging behind the threat the muslims pose, but are behind the power curve of our other enemies when it comes to utilizing the spoils of our victories over them. Look at what happened with the oil auctions in Iraq. Conspicuously absent, ANY US interest. That is telling as well. While our enemies are quick to buy up or attempt to take control of whatever resources may strengthen their defenses, we gladly give it up so we are not called imperialists. Of course, its a moot point to worry about how you utilize the spoils of victory when there is no plan to acheive victory in the first place.

  4. proreason says:


    Life, as every liberal knows with 100% certainty, is a zero sum game.

    For example, the world’s wealth is a certain amount, say 100 Trillion dollars. When rich people get to much of the pie, that means that poor people suffer. There’s no way for rich people and poor people to get wealthier concurrently. Settled science proves that it’s impossible. Therefore, the only way to help poor people is to take money from rich people. We call that “being fair”. Now, some paleolithic conservatives think that Reagen made everybody wealthier, and just to look at the numbers of people who have i-phones and $200 a month telecom plans and wide-screen plasma tv’s, but no jobs, you might think that was true. But you would be wrong. Because it’s theoretically impossible. Just ask Paul Krugman. He’s a genius. Not as smart as Obamy. But still a genius.

    But, I digress….back to Russia.

    Per the settled science, there are only so many “crueler measures” in the world. If Russia is using them, then we can’t be using them. Case closed. We are moral. I, personally, feel as pure as the driven snow because of Russia’s cruelty.

    If only Russia had been attacked on BushHitler’s watch. We wouldn’t have had enough of an allotment of cruel measures to harm a fly.


    • Mithrandir says:

      I think of the pressure that was put against the Soviets in the 80s in Afghanistan, and recently in Georgia, and Chechnya.


      The Soviets and the Muslims destroying each other? Who cares! Is this not a dream scenario or what?! We should be so lucky to have this fall in our lap!

      I just hope the Russian Special Forces don’t punch a terrorist in the lip, man, that would be cruel….

  5. canary says:

    Well, on the bright side, Russia may not be dealing muslim military doctors daily saying that Americans deserve to die by suicide bombers, muslims suing to wear burkas on their ID’s, suing to take Lord off a college diploma. Not to foget the violent muslim protests which occured in the U.S. because Israel decided to fight back against the Hamas.
    And Russia won’t be spending millions & millions of dollars years & years of court and giving terrorist muslims better legal defense than Americans get.
    And such talk, of taking harsh action against terrorists, may bring some emotional healing to the people, or make them think they are safer.

  6. Media_man says:

    To paraphrase Henry the K, it’s a shame both sides can’t lose.

  7. Mithrandir says:

    I have to give it to Ron Paul on this one, we should stop meddling in foreign affairs. We have trained the entire world that no matter what happens, we will barge in and take over. Famine–let the U.S. do it. Genocide–let the U.S. do it. Terrorism– let the U.S. do it. Tsunami or Earthquake–let the U.S. do it. Now the Russians are going to take the lead on this one, HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO BET the U.S. starts whining about this or that…?

    Just take care of ourselves, and when the world crybabies come begging for us to sacrifice our men and money for some problem, just say, “HEY! There are 190 other countries out there in which you can scrape together an opposition force and some money. Get some cajones, and take point on this and let’s see how well you do. When we do it, you complain, when we DON’T do it, you complain, so try being world police for a while.”

    Now, let’s just put our horse-blinders on for a few years and not pay any attention to the fight brewing up in Asia, it’s not our business, let the chips fall where they may.

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