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Gay Rights Hillary Fan Outed Mark Foley In 2000

A poster at Free Republic, Maggief, has unearthed another player in the Foley story — self-styled gay privacy rights activist and Democrat operative, Bob Kunst.

Kunst is among many other obnoxious things, a major Hillary supporter, being the founder and president of Hillary Now:


In this July 2004 article in Gay Today Kunst claims to have outed Foley in 2000 in retaliation for Bush winning Florida:

Florida's Mark Foley, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate, Outed

Right-Winger Refusing to Acknowledge His Sexual Orientation

Palm Beach County Five-Term Lawmaker Furious Over Rumors

By Scott A. Giordano

Rep. Mark Foley says discussion of his sexuality is off limits A five-term Republican lawmaker from Florida's Palm Beach County who is also a primary candidate for the U.S. Senate has declared that questions about his sexual orientation are off limits, to the dismay of many liberal activists who say U.S. Representative Mark Foley is sending a hurtful message that there is something wrong with being gay.

Bob Kunst told GayToday he outed Foley following the theft of Election 2000 by Jeb Bush and his Republican surrogates. "I don't want anybody to think of him as gay, however, he's an evil, self-hating closeted homosexual," Kunst said.

The Oral Majority, a group that Kunst has spearheaded since the days of Anita Bryant, protested Foley's behavior (which they labeled "Foley's Follies") following George W. Bush's selection by the U.S. Supreme Court as president.

"It was Foley who wanted Florida's ballots destroyed so that the entire issue of the electoral theft could be laid to rest," Kunst said. With a twinkle, he added: "I hope he wears a conservative dress to the next Inaugural."

Foley refused to acknowledge his sexual orientation during a recent Florida news conference, saying questions about his sexuality are "revolting and unforgivable" and claiming Democratic activists are trying to smear his bid for the U.S. Senate…

Speculation on Foley's sexual orientation has generated a huge Internet buzz. More than 20 Web sites have posted the initial column that outed the congressman, written by Bob Norman for the New Times, a weekly alternative newspaper in Palm Beach, Florida.

Jerome Armstrong of MyDD.Com predicted that Foley's outing will cause an "implosion" in the Florida GOP, while other Web sites questioned whether it was journalistically ethical to report Foley's sexual orientation. "This fact better explains his voting record than any of Foley's public reasons. And if his personal orientation is impacting public policy, the public has a right to know," reads "Don Quixote" of Red Alert.

The original New Times column was published May 8. It quotes several sources, including an openly gay Democrat who serves on the Wilton Manors City Council, a member of Florida's Christian Coalition and Tracy Thorne, who say it is well known that Foley is gay. Thorne, who came out while serving in the U.S. military to protest the military's anti-gay policies, told the New Times that Foley is a family friend who had brought a boyfriend to his home during a visit in the early 1990s.

"By refusing to be honest about who he is, Foley is sending a message to gay kids and his fellow Republicans that being gay is something to be ashamed of," Thorne told the paper.

While mainstream media outlets have been slow to pick up on the story, Washington, D.C.'s gay newspaper, The Washington Blade, reported on Foley's alleged sexual orientation last week

The National Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which works to elect openly gay public officials throughout the country, is the only gay group thus far to issue a public statement regarding Foley's outing.

"It is reported that Congressman Foley … asserted his choice not to discuss his private life, which we respect. At those junctures where Congressman Foley does reference either his personal life or homosexuality, we call on him to be factual and truthful, so as to respect the decision of millions of gay Americans to live open, honest lives," said Victory Fund Executive Director Director Chuck Wolfe.

"We also call on Congressman Foley, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and the Republican Party under his leadership to make no statements that suggest that openly gay Americans are unfit for public service or incapable of embracing conservative principles, if they so choose," he added. "We believe that voters will choose their elected representatives based on the issues, not speculation."

This isn't the first time that people have speculated about Foley's sexual orientation, although it has never generated as much buzz. For example, several media outlets reported on Foley's alleged sexual orientation in 1996 when he voted for DoMA…

I especially liked this demand from the The National Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund:

"We also call on Congressman Foley, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and the Republican Party under his leadership to make no statements that suggest that openly gay Americans are unfit for public service or incapable of embracing conservative principles, if they so choose," he added. "We believe that voters will choose their elected representatives based on the issues, not speculation." …

At the time of this article Mr. Kunst was running a vanity campaign for governor of Florida in 2004. He lost of course.

Mr. Kunst kindly lists his many other accomplishments on his Hillary Now site. Note that Kunst claims to have been instrumental in the passage of Florida’s (homosexual) Privacy Rights Constitutional Amendment:

Bob Kunst Bio

Bob Kunst is one of America's leading Activists for civil and human rights. He's also an international anti-Nazi activist and Pioneer of Social Change. At 64 Kunst, a native of Miami Beach, has led a lifetime of activism and done over 23,000 news interviews, reaching many millions of people on the following projects:

1957-1960: Kunst helped to integrate Miami, one of the most segregated cities in the nation, and joined the Congress of Racial Equality while in Miami High School.

1961-1974: Kunst spent 13 years in the anti-Vietnam War movement, organizing protests everytime Richard Nixon came to Key Biscayne, Fl. He was also on the steering committee of the Anti-War Mobilization Committee which helped organized the mass protests in Washington D.C. and NYC.

1967-1971: Kunst directed New Party (with Dr. Alan Rockway), which had 4000 registered voters in Florida.

1969-1972: Kunst organized, with Dr. Alan Rockway, "Love Is Festivals" in Coconut Grove, Florida.

1972: Kunst directed, with Dr. Alan Rockway, Flamingo Park Protests at Democratic and GOP national conventions in Miami Beach.

1972: Kunst co-directed "Love Is" radio show with Dr. Alan Rockway.

1972-1976: Kunst worked in public relations for Miami Toros soccer team. He was producer of world's largest mural, with 400 kids and families painting the yellow brick road on an airfield at Tamaiami Park, Miami.

1976-1980: Kunst was Director of Transperience Center, the nation's first Gay/Bisexual federally funded support center/network, along with Dr. Alan Rockway.

1976-1980: Kunst co-authored, with Dr. Alan Rockway, the world-famous 'affectional and sexual preference' ordinance. Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell opposed this ordinance. It was the major turning point in the Gay/Bisexual movement, making "gay" a household word, bringing millions out of the closet. Thousands of groups formed as a result. In the 1977 election Kunst's ordinance got over 50,000 news clippings and 92,000+ votes (31%) They then collected 18,000 signatures for force round II and got 142,000 votes on a $5000 budget (42% of the vote). They then collected over 40,000 signatures for round III, but were refused ballot status for the Florida Presidential primary. Instead, they led passage of the Privacy Rights Constitutional Amendment, with 62% in Miami-Dade (262,000 votes), and statewide it passed with 1,723,000 votes to 1,120,000 or 60%. In Polk County, in the heart of citrus country, we won by 30 votes out of 60,000. This was remarkale since Kunst and Rockaway led the citrus boycott.

Kunst's revolution and success is best described this way: Anita Bryant was Orange Juice spokesperson telling everyone Gays had sex with animals and dead people. They did the nation's most successful boycott costing the industry hundreds of millions of dollars.

1980-2001: Kunst is President of Oral Majority, as part of the above extension and oppostion to Falwell's Moral Majority. With Jonathan Susskind and Dr. Alan Rockway, they took their Privacy victory to 25 states in a 3 month cross-country trip with 1000 media.

1982: Kunst runs for Gov. against Bob Graham who wanted to spray Paraquat poison on Marijuana. Kunst got 75,000 Democrats to say: "Don't kill people to regulate their behavior". This was 7% of the vote on a $5000 budget, but the spraying stopped.

1983: Kunst promotes Miami Beach Art Deco and does "Go Canes", "UMBelievable" stickers for U. of Miami Football.

1985-1991: Kunst's first protest on an International Aids funding at Reagan/Gorbachev Summit in Geneva, Switzerland('85). Many other protests done at WHO, and Presidential Aids Summits all over the world through 1991, where Kunst was the leading experts on managing Aids Care and feeding 2000 Aids Clients. Kunst showed how to keep the vitctims alive and out of the hospital with a $5 million budget. His Cure Aids Now agency was recognized by the President's Comission on Aids and was in a documentary by Peter Jennings. He received over 4000 media.

1986: Kunst ran for US Senate against Bob Graham, who refused to fund any Aids monies. Kunst got 150,000 Democrats on a $5000 budget and hundreds of media, while driving a Mary Kaye Pink Cadillac. He got 15% of the vote and let everyone know that 50% of Miami's cases were heterosexual and not I.V. .related. That figure today is 54%. Still, the issues he fought for 15 years ago have yet to be resolved today. Jeb Bush refuses to get matching funds for Aids drugs and "W" has no monies for care and treatment.

Kunst would hand the Pope a "Curate La Cida Ahora" button in the Vatican in 1989. He accused them of being the biggest spreader of Aids with their 'Gay-bashing politics' that had nothing to do with multiple viruses, mutations, care or treatment.

Cure Aids Now would lead 3000 in the streets of Houston in 1990 when "G-7+Soviets" met in Summit there. Their plea for an international policy and funding was ignored then. One billion was offered in 2001.

1991-2001: Kunst is President of Shalom International. They opposed past and present Nazis, with 150 events/protests and 3000+ media, going to 31 Death Camps. They protested with 4000 against Nazis at the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach ('93). This was after doing a "Remember the Holocaust" at Dachau, the first of 1600 Death Camps and 10,000 concentration camps. This was for "G-7 Summit+ Soviets in Munich, Germany('92) They were previously at Summits in London ('91), Naples('93), Atlanta Olympics in '95, as well as 50th Anniversary of Liberation of the Death Camps in Poland, Germany, and Austria with a 20 ft. banner that read: "Purge, Extradite, Prosecute All Nazi Murderers." Kunst also took the banner to Bundestag in Bonn and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to mark the official end of WWII.

Kunst also went to Summits in Denver '97, and Birmingham, England in '98. He held 19 protests in 4 countries to boycott McDonalds putting a burger stand in a shopping complex across from Dachau. He led 27 protests against the Polish Government for allowing crosses, disco and commercialism at Auschwitz, the world's largest Jewish cemetery. Aushwitz is sacred ground and needs to be returned to Jewish people for proper respect for all victims of Nazism.

Kunst protested at the Germany Embassy in Paris and Washington D.C. on the need for more monies for Holocaust/Slave Labor victims, which were ignored for 58 years by German Companies.

1998: Kunst led passage of the statewide "Declaration of Rights" Constitutional Amendment with 2,500,000 votes, or 1 million more than Jeb Bush got in winning his election.

1998: Kunst and Oral Majority did 50 protests events to "Impeach The GOP" against the Right Wing attack on Clinton, re: Monica Lewinsky. This included 10 times at the White House, Times Square and a host of cities. They roduced 12,000 stickers/buttons: "Impeach The GOP".

1997-98: Oral Majority campaigns against Cayman Islands attack upon Gays, where Gay cruises were denied at port. He also led campaingns against the anti-gay referendum in Maine and boycott, the GOP attack upon gays and led 3 memorials for Matthew Sheppard, murdered for being gay.

1998: Kunst with Shalom International leads 1000 to protest Nazis at White House on Aug. 7.

2000: Kunst and Oral Majority lead 16 protests in Miami (2 of them in Washington D.C.) for Elian Gonzalez to go back to his father, and for demanding an end to the Cuban Embargo, Cuban Adjustment Act, and Free travel for Americans.

2000: Kunst and Oral Majority lead "No More Bushit" campaign at both political conventions in Philadelphia at the Liberty Bell and at the Democratic Convention in L.A. He took this to all 3 Presidential debates: Boston, Wake Forest,N.C., and St. Louis and then to 25 states including a dozen key rallies in Florida. Over 20,000 stickers and buttons of his circulated through this election and to this day in 2001.

2000-2001: From Nov. 7, 2000, Election Stolen Day, through to Sept. 10, 2001,Oral Majority and Kunst have done 169 protests and events that "Gore Won, Bush Stole The Election, Democrats covered up and gave it away." This includes Janet Reno, as Attorney General, keeping her mouth shut about all of it. This has been done in 37 cities with over 700 media, including aerial banners stating "Bush Stole Election: www.oralmajorityonline.com" at the Super Bowl in Tampa, at Daytona 500, Oscars in L.A., Kentucky Derby and Air and Sea Show in Ft. Laud. for 2 million. They have protested "W" in Boca Grande, Pensacola, Orlando, and Sarasota in Florida, on 3 occasions in Connecticut, Quebec, D.C., NYC, and Birmingham. The've protested Laura Bush in San Fernando Valley and Glendale, near L.A. They've protested from Bike Week in Daytona to going after Jeb Bush in 12 cities, Katherine Harris in 4, Judge Sauls in South Carolina, and D.C. and Theresa LePore on 4 occassions. Kunst and Oral Majority have made it their policy to never give the Bushit brothers any legitimacy for stealing this election.

Oral Majority did the 'freedom ride' from Miami to D.C. with stops in Tallahasee, at the Governor's mansion, at the Florida Supreme Court, at the Florida Legislature, at the llth District Court in Atlanta, and at Jerry Falwell's headquarters in Lynchburg. And, they were the first group all the GOP and Bush/Cheney had to go through at the Coronation in D.C.

Kunst has done 175 media reports with Jack Nichols of gaytoday.badpuppy.com, documenting this impact. He is writing a book about his activities, as well as a video.

Kunst and Oral Majority have led and kept the issue alive and are now in this campaign for Governor to expand the effort and produce a victory for us all. The best way to defeat "W" is through Jeb."

2000-2003: Oral Majority has now done over 600 events/protests on Bush Stealing the 2000 election and appears in the film: "Florida Fight Back, Resisting The Stolen Election", www.floridafightsback.com. We've put out over 30,000 "No More Bushit"stickers; done over 1000 media. Kunst ran for Gov. as an Independent (though registered Dem.) in 2000 and got over 42,000 votes on a $17,000 budget demanding a Federal Investigation of the Stolen Election.

Mr. Kunst appears a full time professional America hater, and somewhat mentally unstable to boot.

Even though he claims to be homosexual privacy rights champion, he brags about how he exploited Foley's private life for political advantage.

Sadly, it is no surprise that such a psychotic would be a major Hillary backer.

For the record here is the aforementioned amendment as it appears in Florida’s state Constitution:


SECTION 23. Right of privacy.– Every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person’s private life except as otherwise provided herein. This section shall not be construed to limit the public’s right of access to public records and meetings as provided by law.

History.–Added, C.S. for H.J.R. 387, 1980; adopted 1980; Am. proposed by Constitution Revision Commission, Revision No. 13, 1998, filed with the Secretary of State May 5, 1998; adopted 1998.

Tell that to Bob Kunst and his blackmailing pals.

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