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Are The VFP Stealing Red Cross Supplies?

As you may know by now, the same folks who brought us Cindy Sheehan and "Camp Casey," the Veterans For Peace, are also busy raising funds "to support" the Red Cross in its efforts to aid the victims of hurricane Katrina. Or at least that's what they claim.

But precisely whose supplies are the VFP distributing, and where exactly are they going? The information is very scarce, since the VFP seldom update their website or their message board with any coherent information.

However, Michael Moore, who has personally vouched for the VFP's Katrina relief efforts, has posted some reports and photos of  purported VFP activities on his website.

An earlier report can be found here. Now here is another, even more troubling sampling:

September 10th, 2005
Eric Reports from the Road

Most people who need help don't have gas/transport to make it to Camp Casey so the people who come by are generally from the neighborhood. Every day, however, multiple vehicles of various sorts do runs into communities that were hardest hit.

The Red Cross is having the same problems reaching people. They are not set up for distribution so food is piling up and the people who need it most can't get there, so on numerous occasions VFP has helped deliver food for the Red Cross to surrounding areas.

The Red Cross is not set up for food distribution ? Are we supposed to believe that? It sounds very much like the VFP is delivering food and supplies they procured from the Red Cross.

Here are some photos from the day's events:

Algiers residents get a much needed delivery of food and water.

Former Black Panther Malik Rahim and his wife Sharon are delivered food, water, medical, flashlights and other supplies from Veterans for Peace, which they are distributing to the survivors of their hard-hit community of Algiers.

However, it turns out that Rahim, who is also a Muslim Rastafarian activist and Green Party candidate. is no Katrina victim. He is trying to set up his house as a community medical center for Katrina victims.

Here Rahim demonstrates one of his center's “emergency kits,” which appears to include a bar of hotel soap, a handy wipe, a toothbrush and toothpaste:

Malik Rahim also has very strong feelings about the Katrina disaster, which he has found time to express to a myriad of ultra leftwing organs.

In at least one recorded interview, Malik asserted that white vigilante groups drove around town shooting black people during the crisis.

Let's return now to Michael Moore's proofs of the VFP's good works:

Covington local's pick up supplies from CCC before the remaining supplies are loaded and distributed to the surrounding area.

Camp Casey III: Covington

These last two photographs appear to be from the Pine View middle school, where the Red Cross had a relief center.

As reported here, the VFP tried to glom onto the Red Cross shelter in the Pine View school. But when officials discovered they were not with the Red Cross, the VFP were booted off the school's premises.

If these photos are from the Pine view school, then all of the supplies pictured (such as they are) are almost certainly from the Red Cross and not from the Veterans For Peace.

And indeed the VFP admit as much, as shown in another report from Michael Moore's inadvertently informative site:

We have picked up too many loads to count from the incompetent Red Cross facilities that can’t seem to figure out how to get food on a truck, let alone to a destination. They have a problem, and every time a truck pulls in to carry food out, they see it as dumping their problem. And they are dumping their problem of course. We came with the solution.

Today, people got fed. Andrea [Garland] and Jeff from www.getyouracton.com put a van and a trailer together and took generators, gas and a load of goods to Algiers again. Malik [Rahim] and Sharon sent a generator to The Mosque in the community.

As reported here, those champions of the poor, Andrea Garland and her fiancé Jeff, were later stopped by the local police, their van was searched, and they suddenly decided to call it quits and go home.

(And, yes, that is the self-same Andrea Garland who gave birth to the story that the authorities dynamited a levee to protect the rich, and intentionally flooded the poor.)

So thanks to the efforts of the Veterans For Peace , crackpot radicals like Malik Rahim (and Andrea Garland and Ward Reilly ) are receiving and distributing donated supplies which have been diverted away from the Red Cross's non-political efforts.

And of course the Veterans For Peace themselves are getting money and media and computer equipment out of this. Donations that may have otherwise gone to helping actual Katrina victims, are going instead to an organization that supports terrorism, seeks to impeach the President and hates America on principle.

Remember, all of this is being done by the VFP under the guise of "supporting the Red Cross" and helping the victims of Katrina.

(Thanks to reader Chandra for her help in mining the MM archives.)

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