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Merkel: Germany Made Stupid By Muslims

From an outraged Agence France-Presse:

Merkel says German multi-cultural society has failed

by Audrey Kauffmann Sun Oct 17, 2010

BERLIN (AFP) – Germany’s attempt to create a multi-cultural society has failed completely, Chancellor Angela Merkel said at the weekend, calling on the country’s immigrants to learn German and adopt Christian values.

Merkel weighed in for the first time in a blistering debate sparked by a central bank board member saying the country was being made "more stupid" by poorly educated and unproductive Muslim migrants.

"Multikulti", the concept that "we are now living side by side and are happy about it," does not work, Merkel told a meeting of younger members of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party at Potsdam near Berlin.

"This approach has failed, totally," she said, adding that immigrants should integrate and adopt Germany’s culture and values.

"We feel tied to Christian values. Those who don’t accept them don’t have a place here," said the chancellor.

"Subsidising immigrants" isn’t sufficient, Germany has the right to "make demands" on them, she added, such as mastering the language of Goethe and abandoning practices such as forced marriages

The nerve.

The integration of Muslims has been a hot button issue since August when a member of Germany’s central bank sparked outrage by saying the country was being made "more stupid" by poorly educated and unproductive Muslim migrants with headscarves.

The banker, Thilo Sarrazin, has since resigned but his book on the subject — "Germany Does Itself In" — has flown off the shelves, and polls showed considerable sympathy for some of his views.

A recent study by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation think tank showed around one-third of Germans feel the country is being "over-run by foreigners" and the same percentage feel foreigners should be sent home when jobs are scarce.

Nearly 60 percent of the 2,411 people polled thought the around four million Muslims in Germany should have their religious practices "significantly curbed."

How intolerant of them.

(Thanks to Locomotivebreath1901 for the heads up.)

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21 Responses to “Merkel: Germany Made Stupid By Muslims”

  1. This article is a little bit of actual candor from – of all sources – AFP:

    Merkel says German multi-cultural society ‘has failed.”

    “BERLIN (AFP) – Germany’s attempts to create a multi-cultural society in which people from various cultural backgrounds live together peacefully have failed, Chancellor Angela Merkel has said…

  2. wardmama4 says:

    First – the libs can push this off as racism (yeah, yeah I know that the muslims are interchangeable race and/or religion as they see fit – even though the one race doesn’t even come close to possible – unless you realize that the ME muslims see themselves as better muslims than any other muslims – but that is a whole different discussion) – since it is Germany – and we know their history (when it is convenient to remember history correctly).

    Second – the EU is pushing this ‘multicultural’ bs and the bending over backward to a certain religion/race of perpetual offense at all things directed at them.

    Third – it would be a real stretch to call these people humans – they have barbaric and antiquated beliefs, intolerant and capricious ‘laws’ and ‘fatwahs’ depending on the whims of hypocritical old men, and they have a ‘religion’ that is intent on conquering and controlling the entire World.

    Ms Merkel is just showing supreme leadership to care more for her country than for PC pandering, bowing to another social experiment and of course for believing the liberal lie that we can all hold hands and sing kumbyah if the damn White Christians would just STFU.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

  3. misanthropicus says:

    […] A recent study by the Frishowed […] and the same percentage feel foreigners should be sent home when jobs are scarce. […]

    Bingo! How’s that such common sense ideas haven’t yet been embraced by America?
    Why is that someone who comes in here from south of Rio Grande, does a summer time’s work in an orchard, field or flipping hamburgers – social apport at, say, $20 k/ year – then, after that, somehow he becomes a fixture on the social scaffolding, entitled for any possible benefits, including citizenship –

    Such a person sould be regarded as only an ALTERNATIVE, a temporary replacement in the labour market – if circumstances create necessity for him to be kept in the job and benefits for years, very well – but if circumstances require that “seniority” rules prevail, he or she must cede the position which he benefits from, and let the American citizens occupy his position –
    (This as an afterthought when remembering a sad piece in LA Times about an unemployed 50 yesrs old former office manager, who would love to work at McDonald “I would be so happy to have this job” – yet the job is not for her – and no America seniority applies here –
    Very, absurdly unfair – bravo for Merkel –

  4. Mithrandir says:

    From the files of No Sh*t Sherlock, Germany and Europe are 10 years ahead of America in terms of realizing failed liberalism.

    –As usual, DISASTER DISPROVES LIBERALISM. All those ‘extreme/alarmist’ voices warning people in advance of the folly of liberalism, are always proven right after the impending disaster.

    I wonder if all the multiculturalist professors on our university campuses are going to get the memo?
    And, you will notice, the drumbeat of multiculturalism and diversity are buzz-words intended for WHITE PEOPLE and all those other racial collectives need not be bothered with such things—-they are already ‘diverse!’

    • wardmama4 says:

      I can already answer that one Mithrandir – NO, they truly believe that in the history of ______(fill in the blank with the ‘ism’ of choice) such ‘ism’ has ‘failed’ because it wasn’t done right and that they are the ones we have been waiting for – who will do it right. Read their books, it is all such a white wash of pathetic lies, distortions and bs – You know kind of like our current Administration.

      Isn’t one of the symptoms of mental illness doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

      Freedom Works and until the 1960s America Worked – We Need to Take Back America Now.

      God Help America
      A Proud American Infidel

    • untrainable says:

      Isn’t one of the symptoms of mental illness doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Yup, it’s a quote from Albert Einstein defining insanity. Insanity, stupidity, mental illness, liberalism… it works for them all.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    “Overrun by foreigners….”

    “Subsidizing immigrants” isn’t sufficient, Germany has the right to “make demands” on them, she added, such as mastering the language of Goethe and abandoning practices such as forced marriages…”

    I do believe the Krauts are on to something here.
    Perhaps a learning or two?

  6. wardmama4 says:

    BTW – have to ask – since when did the muslims join the Westboro Baptist Church?!? Love that sign – gotta love the World’s extremists – they must mass produce signs – Usable in any and all protests – How environmentally sound of them. I wonder if they are required to ‘join’ all the groups – just to up their numbers so that they can somehow get past the fringe 10% of humanity that they all really are.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

  7. Right of the People says:

    Bravo for Ms. Merkel!

    Unfortunately the Germans brought this on themselves. Back in the late sixties, early seventies they began importing Turks and some others to do the jobs they deemed below themselves. The average German treated the Turks like crap but they were glad to have them for menial labor.

    I was there in the early seventies and we had a number of Turkish KPs in the messhalls on post. I spoke with one of the old Germans who worked there and he stated that the younger generation felt working at a job like his (washing dishes which by the way paid pretty good) was donkey work and they wouldn’t lower themselves to do it.

    I’m sure the situation in what are now EU countries were the same. I know it was so in Holland who has a huge Moose Limb population who first were brought in as cheap labor.

    • Petronius says:

      ROP : “Unfortunately the Germans brought this on themselves.”


      But then was multikulti really a German idea, or was it imposed upon Germany as a result of their defeat, the postwar birth implosion, “other losses,” and the harsh policies of postwar occupying governments?

      Perhaps we will never know the full story.

      One thing I do know is that the German people –– like other Europeans and the American people –– were never given an opportunity to vote on multikulti.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      The Germans wouldn’t have been in that position if they allowed for the free market to determine wages and benefits (which is why Turkish workers were brought in to begin with, because they could be paid dirt cheap).

  8. jrmcdonald says:

    Our English friends need another ‘Iron Lady’ of this caliber.

    • Petronius says:

      The English have Nick Griffin and the British National Party, but unfortunately the BNP must spend much of its energy and money fighting off a constant stream of frivolous prosecutions and lawsuits brought by Trevor Phillips, the black Labour commissar of the Equalities Commission. The Equalities Commission is taxpayer supported and backed by the full power of the British state, but the BNP must rely on private donations to meet its legal fees and to carry on the struggle on behalf of the indigenous British people.

  9. proreason says:

    The warrior cultures that dominated the planet for 3,000 years stir from a 65 year slumber, notice rats about to gnaw through the beams and begin to feel a stirring in their genes. As predicted, the women, having noticed that the males now remove their testicles when they sleep, rise up and say….”not to my children you won’t”.

    Meanwhile, in America, where Rip only went to sleep in 1965, the rats have discovered the magic elixer of racism and have hidden their gnawing activities in a house of mirrors. The beams are 2 or 3 years away from being severed. And here, as a few women with the courage of Daniel Boone begin to pound their drums, they are called harlots, idiots and witches…..by the rats.

  10. Melly says:

    Sieg Heil!

  11. Petronius says:

    Oops! Another Liberal experiment gone awry.

    Who could have guessed?

    Still Merkel is behind the curve, since she has not called for less immigration, but rather issues a “demand for more integration.”

    At some level, however, Merkel must realize that the case against more Muslim immigration is irrefutable.

    It seems incredible that it has taken people as smart as the Germans almost 50 years to realize that multikulti has not worked. Soon they may also come to realize that it will never work, that it is destructive of the German state, that it emboldens our Islamic enemies and hastens the European downfall.

    Merkel is coming late to the party in Europe. Rather, she is the last in Northern Europe. The first-comer I believe was Le Pen and the Front National in France. But foremost there is Pia Kjaersgaard and her Danish People’s Party, who have solid results to their credit. Then Geert Wilders and his PVV in the Netherlands. The Vlaam Belangs in Belgium. Nick Griffin and the BNP, fighting a never-ending fight against Labourite Trevor Phillips and the Equalities Commission, who are willing to use all means, legal and illegal, to suppress the BNP. The Swiss SVP and the Austrians. Jimmy Akesson and the Sweden Democrats, grown tired of Muslim robberies, rapes, and riots. And the other Scandinavians.

    Still what a courageous, upstanding woman is this Angela Merkel, this break, break, breaker of Liberal taboos.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      At the same time though, the Germans caused the problems themselves – demanding more than they are truly worth for entry-level positions. Maybe if the electorate allowed citizens back then to be paid fair market wages, this problem would not have happened. It all goes back to dollars and sense.

      (BTW, Germany does not have birthright citizenship.)

  12. hushpuppy says:

    “Maybe if the electorate allowed citizens back then to be paid fair market wages, this problem would not have happened.”

    That’s a red herring, Adam and you should know that. The US, Canada, the UK and other countries have unionized everything except breathing and bodily functions.

    The unions have done their share to strangle economies by holding companies hostage for more: more $ for less work. More vacations, more benefits, more incentives and blah blah blah. You get the picture.

    Those employers who are not unionized have been systematically and legislatively socialized by having had instituted ‘fair market wages’ aka legalized minimum wage enacted and rammed down their collective craws.

    Companies who hired people ‘under the table’ or paid them less would have various government labor entities after them, and endless legal problems resulting from that so everyone just pretended unions and minimum wages were a good thing…

    …except they contributed to a higher cost of living which meant going on strike, getting more money, cost of living goes up repeat as necessary. Unions having twisted the fiscal arms of the companies that hired them ruined it for everyone because the higher employee costs got built into whatever was being made: vehicles, chocolate, postal services and so on.

    This is part of the financial mess the world finds itself in – and when you add to this cynical politicians who manipulate the vote by bribing people with their own money or giving loans out to people who are on welfare created the perfect storm.

    Banks, having bought and sold the risks and bad loans in packages to other banks around the globe in an attempt to lessen the fiscal fallout indulged in wishful thinking and now, like falling dominoes, one by one, bank by bank, country by country are failing because the ‘wealth’ is just an illusion.

    Enter Soros: he was directly responsible for breaking the bank and causing havoc by bankrupting the Royal Bank of Scotland. And then he turned his attention to shorting the British pound. Then it was Iceland’s turn as he happily bankrupted that country who, in sheer desperation tried to sue Britain.

    It’s one fugly circle jerk, Adam. “Fair market wages’ ruin economies by creating inflation. Unions bankrupt business or make conditions so difficult to do business that they’ll up and leave for more business-friendly countries like Singapore, or China, or India – and they’re happy to take the money to hire local people…. which leaves ‘fair market wages’ and unions sh*t outta luck.

    That, in a nutshell, created the conditions to bring our countries to a standstill, immobilized, paralyzed and watch impotently as Europe begins picking up the pieces, strengthening the Euro and creating prosperity slowly but surely. The dollar will not be a standard, it will be replaced by the Euro, and if you read European newspapers you’ll see that all of this is coalescing and coming together rapidly.

    I’ve long said that unions reward the stupid, the selfish and the lazy.

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