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Court Says “¡No Más!” – Calderon Will Be Prez

From a disappointed BBC:

Supporters of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador push a coffin emblazoned with the word 'Democracy' in Spanish, as they take part in a protest outside Mexico's Federal Electoral Tribunal (TRIFE) building in Mexico City August 28, 2006.

Mexico court rejects fraud claims

Monday, 28 August 2006

The court decided not to order a full recount of votes from the disputed election, as demanded by leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador…

Mr Lopez Obrador has led mass protests demanding a recount of all 41m ballots cast in July's election.

The electoral court must formally declare the winner by 6 September.

Mr Lopez Obrador's campaign had filed complaints at around 50,000 polling stations, but the court ordered a recount at just 11,839 of them – about 9% of the national total.

The seven judges decided there was no massive fraud and Mr Calderon had attracted a majority of votes.

The judges said there were only marginal changes to the original results because of recounts and annulments.

They said that all parties lost a considerable amount of votes in the rechecking of ballots, but that did not affect the overall result.

Correspondents say the verdict means that legally and constitutionally Mr Lopez Obrador's fight to become president has come to an end.

The judges' decision is final and there are no appeals

What a sad state we’ve come to when Mexico’s court system acts more responsibly than the Supreme Court Of Florida (aka SCOFLAW).

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