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Mexican Drug Cartel Killed 72 Illegal Aliens

An update on the story we reported earlier, from a mildly concerned Associated Press:

Drug cartel suspected in massacre of 72 migrants

By Mark Stevenson And E. Eduardo Castillo, Associated Press Writer [sic] Thu Aug 26, 2010

MEXICO CITY – The discovery of 72 slain Central and South American migrants on a ranch just south of the U.S. border provides a horrific reminder of the brutality of human trafficking in a country dominated by drug cartels

Migrants running the gauntlet up Mexico to reach the United States have long faced extortion, violence and theft. But reports have grown of mass kidnappings of migrants, who are forced to give the telephone numbers of relatives in the United States or back home who are then required to transfer ransom payments to the abductors

In an April report, Amnesty International called the plight of tens of thousands of mainly Central American migrants crossing Mexico for the U.S. a major human rights crisis. The report called their journey "one of the most dangerous in the world" and said every year an untold number of migrants disappear without a trace

In its most recent study, the National Human Rights Commission said some 1,600 migrants are kidnapped in Mexico each month. It based its figures on the number of reports it received between September 2008 and February 2009.

Authorities said they were trying to determine whether the 72 victims in Tamaulipas were killed at the same time — and why. But government security spokesman Alejandro Poire noted migrants are frequently kidnapped by cartel gunmen demanding money.

Poire also said the government believes cartels are increasingly trying to recruit migrants as foot soldiers — a concern that has also been expressed by U.S. politicians demanding more security at the border.

And a concern that was scoffed at by the AP and the rest of the news media when it was raised by Arizona’s Governor Brewer, back in June.

If confirmed as a cartel kidnapping, the Tamaulipas massace [sic] would perhaps be the most extreme case seen so far and the bloodiest massace of Mexico’s drug war

In other words, they can’t even be sure that killing 72 illegal aliens is the record.

Photos by local media showed piles of people, some of them blindfolded and with their hands tied behind their back, slumped on top of each other along the cinderblock walls of an abandoned warehouse.

The 58 men and 14 women were killed by the Zetas gang, the migrant told investigators Wednesday. The gang, started by former Mexican army special forces soldiers, is known to extort money from migrants who pass through its territory

It was the third time this year that Mexican authorities have discovered large masses of corpses. In the other two cases, investigators believe the bodies were dumped at the sites over a long time

The Rev. Alejandro Solalinde, who runs a shelter in the southern state of Oaxaca, where many migrants pass on their way to Tamaulipas, said the Zetas have put informants inside shelters to find out which migrants have relatives in the U.S. — the most lucrative targets for kidnap-extortion schemes.

He said he constantly hears horror stories, including people who "say their companions have been killed with baseball bats in front of the others."

Solalinde said he has been threatened by Zetas demanding access to his shelters…

We need to close our borders if only to save the lives of these poor people.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, August 26th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

10 Responses to “Mexican Drug Cartel Killed 72 Illegal Aliens”

  1. oldpuppydixie says:

    Of course if ONLY those evil conservatives had backed the creation of 50 million new democrat voters, er that is, AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS, none of this would have happened!!!!

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Dang it, I can’ find the quote right now, but apocryphally … a most senior member of the World Bank stated (for the Economist) that money from the international drug trade is so metastasized into the global money systems, international trade and top banks that should we win the war on drugs …. the entire system of world finance would disintegrate.

  3. NoNeoCommies says:

    We should be ashamed of ourselves for not sending boats to Mexico’s southern border to help these people avoid all of this!
    If we just invade and take over this failed state and constant danger to our national security, we can put Mexicans to work building a fence on that border.
    The Mexicans would be all for that.
    The prospect of instant citizenship will likely result in mass surrender of Mexican military forces anyway.
    At nearly 900km, the border with Guatemala is much shorter than the >3000km border with the US and therefore much cheaper to fence off.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    The Liberal Code: Immigration Reform = Legalized Slavery. Comprehensive Immigration Reform = Nationalized Legal Slavery

  5. GL0120 says:

    Eric Holder is all set to prosecute the cartel members – for taking measures aimed at reducing illegal immigration.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    I was going to post but it was unusually cruel……even for me.
    If only dingleBarry would secure our borders these unfortunates would still be alive. Of course, they’ll blame W.

  7. JS says:

    In some ironic twist of crimminals doing the job of our federal government the cartels actions alone are more of a deterant to illegal aliens crossing our border than the Border Patrol and ICE combined.

    Just watch… illegals now caught in the states will claim that it would violate their civil rights to be deported home because making the return trip back to the US would most likely get them kidnapped and murdered.

    • GL0120 says:

      Good argument JS, and of course, and for strictly humanitarian reasons, we could never be so cruel as to deport another Undocumented Democrat.

  8. Mithrandir says:

    Soooo, you can make the claim that NOT securing our border, and NOT enforcing the law creates:

    *Mexican drug cartels
    *Human smuggling
    *Overland (or under) drug transportation
    *Illegal entry into the U.S.
    *Gun smuggling
    *Human pack animals for drugs
    *Murder and massacre

    The democrats have blood on their hands……yet do nothing~

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