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Mexico Breaks Up Sex Slavery Cult Near Border

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Mexico breaks up alleged border sex-slavery cult

By MARK STEVENSON | January 30, 2013

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican officials broke up a bizarre cult that allegedly ran a sex-slavery ring among its followers on the U.S. border, Mexican immigration authorities said Tuesday.

The "Defensores de Cristo" or "Defenders of Christ" allegedly recruited women to have sex with a Spanish man who claimed he was the reincarnation of Christ, according to an official of a victims’ advocacy group, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak publicly about the case.

Did he claim to be able to lower the sea levels? Besides, what is so bad about cults? Our news media seems to think they are great. At least when it comes to our Messianic President.

Followers were subjected to forced labor or sexual services, including prostitution, according to the National Immigration Institute that said it filed a complaint more than a year ago about the cult.

How come we’ve never heard of Mexico’s National Immigration Institute before? And how come they aren’t stopping the immigration into our country?

On the other hand, Mexico is pretty good about stopping immigration into their own country. But that’s because they take pretty draconian measures against illegal aliens. Being so backward and uncivilized as not to believe in ‘open borders.’

Federal police, agents of Mexico’s National Immigration Institute and prosecutors raided a house earlier this week near Nuevo Laredo, across the border from Laredo, Texas, and found cult members, including children, living in filthy conditions, according to the institute official.

The institute in a statement said 14 foreigners were detained in the raid and have been turned over to prosecutors, pending possible charges.

Those detained include six Spaniards, and two people each from Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela. One person from Argentina and one from Ecuador were also detained. Spain’s Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed its citizens were among those arrested.

The institute said 10 Mexicans were also found at the house, mainly women, and are presumably among the victims of the cult.

The Attorney General’s Office said the investigation was still under way as to what charges, if any, might apply in the case.

Notice that there might not be any charges.

Given the binds of sect loyalty that had been built over an estimated three years, prosecutors were still trying to work out which of the detainees may be considered victims, and which were abusers.

The institute statement said the sect’s leaders made members pay "tithes," with money or forced labor…

Some US taxpayers would jump at the chance to just pay 10% of their money to the government for forced labor.

The cult thrived in an area of Mexico that is tightly controlled by the violent Zetas drug cartel…

Gee, sex and drugs. What a wonderful combination. We need to import more of that.

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