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Calderon Not Sure US Relatives Are Legal

From the Washington Times:

Calderon can’t say whether U.S. relatives are ‘legal’

By Stephen Dinan
March 15, 2007

MERIDA, Mexico — Mexican President Felipe Calderon yesterday said he doesn’t know whether relatives, who he said work as vegetable pickers in the United States, are there legally.

“I do have family in the United States, and what I can tell you is that these are people who work and respect that country,” he said at a press conference with President Bush here yesterday. “They pay their taxes to the government. These are people who work in the fields with vegetables. They probably handle that which you eat, the lettuce.”

“I have not seen them in a long time and do not know their migratory status,” he said.

Mr. Calderon had mentioned his family as American vegetable pickers during his presidential campaign last year. “How many of you have family in the United States?” he asked at a campaign rally in April, as reported then by USA Today. Nearly every hand in the crowd of thousands went up. “I have a cousin and brother-in-law there, too.”

With one of every 10 living persons born in Mexico now in the United States, Mr. Calderon’s disclosure was not surprising. Speaking through an interpreter, Mr. Calderon said half of the 4 million people from his home state of Michoacan now live in the United States…

It may not be surprising.

But that just makes it all the more disturbing.

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