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Mexico’s World Cup Coach Defends ‘Homophobic’ Taunt

From Fusion Soccer:

Mexico’s World Cup Coach Defends Homophobic Chant

By Manuel Rueda | Jun 20, 2014

Mexico coach Miguel Herrera downplayed a homophobic chant that Mexican fans hurl at opposing goalkeepers during matches, arguing that it’s just a “folksy” part of the game, and is not being used in discriminatory fashion.

Herrera told Mexico’s Radio Red on Friday that fans who chant the word “puto” during Mexico games are not attempting to offend homosexuals.

“This is something that’s used to pressure the opposing team’s goalie…it’s something that we’re not really worried about,” Herrera said from Mexico’s training camp in Brazil. “FIFA should be worried about more serious things,” the Mexican coach added in his interview with Radio Red.

Puto translates roughly into faggot, in English, though in Mexico the word is also used to describe someone who is cowardly.

FIFA is currently investigating whether the chanting of this word by fans violates World Cup anti-discrimination rules. The organization could also levy economic sanctions against Mexico’s Soccer Federation if the use of this chant by Mexico fans continues…

Of course, puto is not new to Mexicans. Soccer fans regularly chant the four letter word at local league matches and national team games, usually when the opposing team’s goalkeeper is about to make a kick-off.

However some soccer commentators in Mexico have argued that the chant reflects discriminatory attitudes towards homosexuals which are prevalent in Mexican society. They have suggested that the Mexican Soccer Federation launch a campaign that would encourage fans to stop using the homophobic slur.

Just imagine them trying to control speech in the NFL. — Wait…

Mexico’s National Commission to Prevent Discrimination (CONAPRED) also weighed in on the debate earlier this week, issuing a scathing statement against the use of this chant, and urging FIFA to take actions to stop fans from using it.

“To say that this is a tradition, that football directors cannot control…is not only a mistake,but it is irresponsible and does not contribute to the respect of human rights,” read the statement issued by CONAPRED.

“The chanting of puto is an expression of rejection and disrespect [for homosexuals]. It is not a neutral description but a negative way to qualify someone and to stigmatize them,” the Mexican agency said…

How can the wonderful sport of soccer be homophobic? How can the noble Hispanics be homophobic?

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4 Responses to “Mexico’s World Cup Coach Defends ‘Homophobic’ Taunt”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    If I offer to do unspeakable sexual depravities to you speaking Farsi with a smile on my face and you not knowing a word of Farsi .. have I crossed the line in Hate Crimes? Sexual Predatory Crimes? Sex Aggression Crimes?

    Or, does it take two?

  2. canary says:

    According to Ask a Mexican Glossary a faggot is a Joto (pronounced hoto)

    Joto: Faggot. A preferred male slur (pronounced hoto)

    For more bad Mexican slang words

    • canary says:

      Mexican Glossary

      Puto/Puta: The former means “faggot,” the latter is “female whore.” One of the most popular Mexican Spanish curse words.

      Pinche: Adjective meaning “fucking.”

      Pinche puto pendejo baboso: Literally means “fucking faggot pubic hair slug” but understood by Mexicans as “fucking stupid-ass asshole.” The best Mexican cursing couplet of them all.

  3. yadayada says:

    “puto… in Mexico the word is also used to describe someone who is cowardly.”
    like wussy or a few other American slang words can be roughly translated the same way – as one who is meek, cowardly, effeminate or homosexual. maybe they aren’t chanting that the goalie is gay. maybe they’re chanting that he’s a weakling or a coward.

    wait. I’m sorry sir. I was mistaken. please give me the opportunity to correct my wrong think.
    okay here goes;

    FIFA needs to stop keeping score so no one will feel as if they are having to compete with someone who may perform better. that way none of the participants will feel rejected or inadequate. just give everyone who participates a trophy and let them go home, knowing they brought peace and beauty to the world.

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