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Michael Sam’s Boyfriend From Sport Betting Family

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Meet Michael Sam’s boyfriend Vito [Cammisano]

The star Missouri swimmer whose dad did time for sports betting and whose grandfather is the infamous Kansas City mobster ‘Willie the Rat’

* Records indicate the 23-year-old is the grandson of Kansas City organized crime leader William Cammisano
* His father, Jerry, 60, also served time for illegal sports betting in 2011
* His uncle, William Jr., 65, served time for the same betting ring

By Lydia Warren | 12 May 2014

Wiping away tears before sharing a passionate kiss for the cameras, new NFL pick Michael Sam and his boyfriend were the picture of joy on Saturday. … [V]iewers wondered about the identity of his man.

He has now been named as Vito Cammisano, a 23-year-old fellow University of Missouri alum, who starred on the school’s swim team – and who apparently comes from one of the state’s most infamous mobster families.

So it’s handy Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams, anyway.

Online records indicate that he is the grandson of William ‘Willie Rat’ Cammisano. The mob leader served time in prison for extortion and contempt of Congress in the 80s, AP reported.

So once upon a time you could go to jail for contempt of Congress? Imagine such a thing.

After a long rap sheet of crimes from theft to bootlegging, accusations of murder, and refusing to cooperate with a Congressional probe into the mob, he passed away in 1995, aged 80.

After his death, his son, William ‘Willie’ Cammisano Jr., took over the reins but he was arrested in 2010 for running a $3.5 million illegal sports betting organization and sentenced to a year and a day in prison, according to a release from the Department of Justice.

His brother – Vito’s father – Jerry Cammisano, was also swept up in the family business and served 14 months in federal prison and ordered to pay more than $200,000 for his part in leading the sports betting ring, according to the release…

It is not clear if the ring placed bets on football games.

No, they probably just placed bets on water polo and girls field hockey games.

At least five other men, aged between 27 and 54, were charged in connection to the betting ring. There is also no indication that Vito Cammisano, a star athlete and student, has had any involvement in the family’s illegal activities…

We realize it’s a little tacky to bring in family relations. But if this weren’t a gay relationship, don’t you think it would be news if Michael Sam’s girlfriend was from a family with such a long history of sports betting?

Wouldn’t some eyebrows be raised at someone with such a background hooking up with a football player who could have inside information on injuries and other things that may change the game outcome? You can bet they would.

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5 Responses to “Michael Sam’s Boyfriend From Sport Betting Family”

  1. Petronius says:

    So let me get this straight:

    Rush Limbaugh is unfit to become an owner of the St Louis Rams. But when it comes to the Cammisano crime family, the Rams’ put out the welcome mat.

    Got it. Bada bing, bada boom.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Oh, I think this is one of those things where, in the aftermath, the “interesting lives” we will all lead will bare out the truth of how corruption, self-interest, narcissism and greed ultimately destroy this once great nation.

    Again, the parallels to Ancient Rome are there, but not identical. Only identical in terms of human motivation(s).

    Habes. Ego esse volo. Et capiet eam.

    You have it. I want it. I will take it.”

    It was the Roman way for centuries, building an empire by taking that which belonged to others. It took a thousand years but eventually, they ran out of people to steal from.

    In the meantime, they built, constructed greatly and had a grand ol’ time doing it. However, up to half of their citizenry were slaves.

    In western modern culture, the “slaves”, which are the people who do things and build things and provide the muscle for everything else, is the middle class. The upper and lower classes despise the middle class, but for different reasons. The lower classes hate them because they have things and can go about their business and go on vacation and buy a house, a car, etc. and are constant reminders to them of what it takes to succeed.

    The upper classes hate them because they are the very embodiment of hard work, success and living a happy, quiet, independent life without a lot of controlling influences. But they really hate the middle class for the money that they tie up that they can’t seem to get their mitts on.

    They buy a car here and there, a plane ride to travel, they save and use it wisely, given that it comes in measured supply. And they outnumber the upper class prigs by a considerable margin, which is another reason why they hate the middle class so much.

    Yet it’s very odd because the middle class buys the products that feeds the money to the upper class. And without the middle class, the upper class would have no one to look down their noses at. After all, the lower classes are looked down upon regardless.

    But most of all the middle class members “don’t know their station” which is that they don’t fawn and worship the upper class. Except now they do, or are starting to again. The social networks are all aflutter with what this big wheel did or that. However, the conservatives in the middle class generally couldn’t care less. And that may be what bugs the upper class the most.

    In any case, the upper class seems to want to destroy the middle class every chance they get. Yet, they would largely destroy themselves as well but they can never seem to recognize that.

  3. captstubby says:

    ” this once great nation. ”


    Albert Einstein
    An interview for Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant, 1921.

    What first strikes the visitor with amazement is the superiority of this country in matters of technology and organization. Objects of everyday use are more solid than in Europe, houses much more practically designed.
    The second thing that strikes a visitor is the joyous, positive attitude to life. The smile on the faces of the people in photographs is symbolical of one of the greatest assets of the American. He is friendly, self-confident, optimistic—and without envy. The European finds intercourse with Americans easy and agreeable.

    Compared with the American the European is more critical, more self-conscious, less kind-hearted and helpful, more isolated, more fastidious in his amusements and his reading, generally more or less of a pessimist.

    the fact that the activities of the State are relatively restricted as compared with those in Europe. The European is surprised to find the telegraph, the telephone, the railways, and the schools predominantly in private hands. The more social attitude of the individual, which I mentioned just now, makes this possible here. Another consequence o£ this attitude is that the extremely unequal distribution of property leads to no intolerable hardships. The social conscience of the well-to-do is much more highly developed than in Europe. He considers himself obliged as a matter of course to place a large portion of his wealth, and often of his own energies, too, at the disposal of the community; public opinion, that all-powerful force, imperiously demands it of him. Hence the most important cultural functions can be left to private enterprise and the part played by the government in this country is, comparatively, a very restricted one.

    The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the Prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this.

    There is also another way in which Prohibition, in my opinion, undermines the authority of the government. The public house is a place which gives people the opportunity to exchange views and ideas on public affairs. As far as I can see, such an opportunity is lacking in this country, the result being that the Press, which is mostly controlled by vested interests, has an excessive influence on public opinion.


    February 29, 1952,

    Somebody who reads only newspapers and at best books of contemporary authors looks to me like an extremely near-sighted person who scorns eyeglasses. He is completely dependent on the prejudices and fashions o£ his times, since he never gets to see or hear anything else. And what a person thinks on his own without being stimulated by the thoughts and experiences of other people is even in the best case rather paltry and monotonous.

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