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Michelle Not Attending Obama’s Birthday Bash

From the New York Times:

For the President, a Birthday Party With a Price Tag

By JODI KANTOR | Friday August 3, 2012

President Obama is turning 51 on Saturday, with just three months until Election Day. So he will celebrate in true political fashion: spending “downtime,” as an e-mail invitation put it, at a party at his Chicago home with a bunch of strangers who made campaign donations to be there.

That party, on Aug. 12, will mark another milestone in the transformation of the president and his wife, who once tried to limit the role of politics in their lives and now seem to be increasingly giving themselves over to it

When did they ever try to limit the role of politics in their lives?

Until now, they have kept their Chicago home mostly sacrosanct, allowing only limited photographs of the interior…

Because it is only a prop that they hate to even visit. It was only ever intended to make it look like they are ‘real folks.’ But now it reminds people of their shady dealings with Tony Rezko.

Every year, some Obama supporters have gathered all over the country to “celebrate” his birthday — that is, to share his message and sign up converts. But in the coming days, they will hold no fewer than 1,000 birthday-themed events, from North Carolina (knocking on 51 doors) to California (calling 51 voters)…

How come Obama’s is the only birthday of a president I know in my lifetime? This is like living in a third world dictatorship.

[T]he [fundraiser birthday party] at the Obamas’ home will have a specific 2012 spin, reflecting the illusion of intimacy on which campaigns now thrive. In recent years, win-a-visit-with-Barack (or Mitt or Ann or Joe, or Sarah Jessica Parker or Marc Anthony) sweepstakes have become a signal fund-raising tactic for both sides. A recent Obama event at George Clooney’s home demonstrates why: The campaign collected $15 million, according to organizers. Less than half of that came from the Hollywood types who paid $40,000 a ticket; the rest came from a sea of supporters who made small donations and entered an online contest to win seats…

A warning to this month’s lucky winner: The celebration at the Obama home will be considerably less cozy than the e-mailed invitations suggest. The event is not a social gathering; it is one of four fund-raisers that Mr. Obama will race through that day in Chicago. Despite a gracious invitation that the first lady e-mailed to supporters, she is not planning to attend, a campaign official said.

Hilarious. So after sending countless numbers of email spam telling people how they had to celebrate Obama’s birthday, Michelle is not even going to bother to show up.

Donors may dream of tinkling the keys on the family piano or leafing through private photos, but much of the action will take place in the backyard. The finalists will be chosen at random, but the contest winners will be selected as reality show contestants are, to make sure their stories fit. (Ms. Blutcher comes from a hotly contested state and supports Mr. Obama’s health care overhaul because she has a son with special needs.)

In other words, even the New York Times is admitting that the winners are not going to be selected, but chosen to fit the ‘optics.’ So these are not random winners. Which might even be illegal, for all I know.

Even the promise of being allowed in the Obamas’ house is a bit of a mirage: the first family rarely spends nights there anymore, and many Chicago friends predict they will never move back in…

Again, no kidding. It was always a prop.

Also — and the campaign does not play up this bit of fine print — charging money to enter contests is illegal. So the legions of contestants who reached into their own pockets may not know it, but they could have entered free.

But they would never have a chance to win, since it is rigged. But is there anything about the Obama campaign that is on the up and up?

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2 Responses to “Michelle Not Attending Obama’s Birthday Bash”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I can hear Austin Powers now … “That’s a man, baby!” … while yanking on Michelle’s hair extensions.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Things like this bring forward the notion that socialists want a hero to “fix everything” while conservatives want a person in responsibility who will adhere to the rules and uphold their oath of office to protect the Constitution of the United States.

    The glitz and glamor of being a politician celebrity, (Rush says a Kardashion) definitely denigrates the office.

    Interestingly, the writers of Star Trek, The Next Generation, introduced a very vile alien race known as the Cardassions. They resembled Soviet party faithfuls in their actions and resorted to nasty tactics to get what they wanted.

    But making a big deal out of BAR-ROCK’s b-day is to diminish him in all other areas.

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