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Michelle Obama, Jill Biden Booed At NASCAR

From The Hill:

First lady booed at NASCAR event

By Justin Sink [sic]

First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, were booed Sunday as they served as ceremonial Grand Marshals before the start of the Ford 400 NASCAR race at the Homestead-Miami Speedway in Florida.

The pair was at the NASCAR event to promote the Joining Forces initiative, a program championed by the First Lady to help veterans returning home from wars in the Middle East.

It’s a wonder the news media have not tried to claim that the crowd was booing the veterans.

Obama and Biden were joined behind Ret. Sgt. Andrew Barry, who was wounded in action while fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan and now volunteers at a Florida veterans center. The group gave the drivers the customary "start your engines" call, but boos from the crowd were noticeably audible on the ESPN broadcast as the politicians’ wives were introduced.

But the Associated Press reported that the women received a warmer reception in an earlier meeting with drivers – after Obama thanked the drivers for their support of military families, they provided a standing ovation

Of course the AP reported that. They are the house organ of the Democrat Party. They wake up every morning asking themselves, ‘what would Pravda do?’

“I know this is a big day for all of you so we’re not going to take up your time because you need to be focused,” Obama said. “We just wanted to stop by and say thank you. NASCAR has just been amazing in terms of its support not just today, but everyday of military families."

Obama and Biden also spoke at a barbecue for military families before the race.

“Everyone around the country is focused on you.  And this isn’t just an effort today,” Obama said. “ Jill and I through Joining Forces, we want to make this a part of the dialogue in this country forever.  Whether Jill or I are here or not, whether this administration is here or not, this is about the way we want this country to talk about our troops, veterans and military families forever.  We want you to feel that appreciation and that gratitude so that you know your sacrifice is not in vain.”

Obama and Biden have used major sports events as a platform for the Joining Forces initiative, including an appearance at the baseball World Series last month.

Think about the hypocrisy here. Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden claim they want the soldiers to know their sacrifices have not been in vain. Meanwhile, their husbands are doing their damnedest to lose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which will mean that all of their sacrifices will have been in vain.

Obama, Biden and the Democrats are also doing their damnedest to slash the military’s budget by $1 trillion dollars. Cuts that will fall mostly on salaries, pensions and healthcare.

And nobody in the media seems to notice. Or they pretend not to. — Just like Pravda would have done.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, November 21st, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

7 Responses to “Michelle Obama, Jill Biden Booed At NASCAR”

  1. artboyusa says:

    And while their spouses were having fun at the track, what where Barack and Joe getting up to? Find out as BARACK OBAMA, World President, takes a danger filled “Flight into Dangerousness”!

    “Uh, Mr President?” mumbled Joe Biden. “Got a minute?”

    President Obama put down his copy of Mother Jones. “What is it now, Joe?” sighed the lean and lanky Son of Honolulu or Indonesia or Kenya or wherever. “Lost your keys down the toilet again?”

    “No, they’re right here – see? I have some bad news, Mr President”.

    “Again? Still? More? What is it this time?”

    “Well sir; funny story. You see, I was just, um, up front in the cockpit and the pilot was, you know, letting me sit in his chair and, um, pretend to, uh, drive the plane and I was having a really swell time, you know, and he let me wear his pilot hat and everything and I was going whooooosh whoooooosh naaar naaar and I was, um, just kinda resting my hands on the controls and stuff and, um, did you know they have a button up there and if you push this particular button it, um, empties all the fuel out of the fuel tanks?”

    “No, I didn’t Joe. I did not know that. That is interesting. And this button; did it happen to get pushed in any way?”

    “Um, maybe. Kinda. Sort of. Yes”.

    “And the person who pushed the button, would that be yourself?”

    “Um, maybe”

    “And would we now be out of fuel?”

    “Not exactly, no”.

    “Would we now be almost out of fuel?”

    “Um, well. Yes”.

    “And on account of that fuel retention deficit would we now have to be making an unscheduled emergency landing somewhere?”

    “Not exactly, no”.

    “No? Why not?”

    “Well, um, the thing is, you see, that we, um, don’t exactly have enough fuel left to, um, make it to anywhere that we could, um, land on without crashing, exactly”.

    “Oh. That’s not good”.

    “No sir”.

    “In fact, it’s bad. Mike Dukakis in a tank bad”.

    “Yes sir”.

    “And so we’re definitely going to crash?”

    “It would, um, seem so, yeah” conceded the hapless Delawarian. “Gosh, I’m just so mad about what I did I could kick myself…OWWW!”

    “Glad to save you the trouble. Has anyone told the press corps?”

    A sudden eruption of shrieks and wails from the rear of Air Force One stabbed the ears of the two statesmen.

    “I would guess so, yes” said Vice President Biden.

    “I see. Well, my thoughtful, pragmatic – but not aloof – leadership style requires that I marshal all the facts. Let me speak to the pilot”.

    “I’m right here, sir”.

    “Oh. How convenient. Captain Crunch, let me get this crystal clear. Is what the vice president just said true?”

    “Affirmative, Mr President – for once”.

    “And we can’t land the plane anywhere at all?”

    “Those are the Rocky Mountains down there, sir. Very pointy and jaggedy and made mostly out of, um, rocks. Hard, durable rocks”.

    “I see. Well, you’d better get the escape pods ready”.

    “Negative, sir! We don’t have any escape pods, sir. This is Air Force One, not some cartoon space ship, sir”.

    “No pods? Are you sure? Okay, then get the parachutes ready”.

    “Negative again, sir! We don’t have any parachutes, Mr President. You can’t jump from this kind of aircraft, sir. It would mean certain death”.

    “Hmmm. I see. Certain, huh? Well, good thing the seat cushions also serve as flotation devices”.

    “They don’t actually float, sir. They’re just cushions. The float thing is a comforting lie we tell people before they crash so they don’t run around screaming and such – and we’re not over water anyway”.

    “Comforting lie, eh? I recognize the concept. So, when the fuel runs out, what will happen?”

    “We anticipate a sudden vertical descent of the aircraft followed by an impact at several hundred miles per hour followed by the rending, tearing and shattering of the airframe, sir”

    “And so death would be caused by …?”

    “The aforementioned rending, tearing and shattering, yes sir”.

    “I see, I see. Well, that is disheartening, to say the least”.

    Vice President Biden put his hand on the president’s arm. “We’ll ride this crazy bird down together, old friend” he choked.

    “Don’t touch me, Joe” snapped the president. “I don’t like being touched. You should know that by now”.

    “Excuse me, Mr President” said Captain Crunch “But isn’t there some sort of rule against the president and the vice president both flying in the same aircraft at the same time?”

    “There’s some kind of rule about not subverting the Constitution too” said the president. “And we didn’t follow that one either”.

    Wow! This could be serious! Tune in tomorrow for Part Two of “Flight into Dangerousness”!

  2. Petronius says:

    How about if Liberal politicians were required to wear NASCAR uniforms with patches from their sponsors? ––

    Solyndra, CAIR, Fannie Mae, GE, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, SEIU, New York Times, CPUSA, LightSquared, UAW, Univ of California, ACLU, National Lawyers Guild, Time Warner, AP, Shorebank, CBS, ABC, NBC, Reuters, Friends of the Earth, Planned Parenthood, First Solar, Morgan Stanley, Columbia Univ., AquaBounty ….

    That way we’d all know who they really represent.

  3. BigOil says:

    One wonders what sort of reception she was expecting from people who have always been proud of their country.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    Remember when her husband was soundly booed throwing out the 1st pitch at a baseball game?

    He wore an opposing team’s jacket (White Sox I think) and laughed it off, as if the fans were booing his jacket, not him.

    Don’t let the media marketing machine convince you these people have a snowball’s chance in 2012.

    I can’t imagine a less involved, emotionless, food-hypocrite first lady, than the one we have now. You would think 1 person in her huge staff would advise her to vacation MUCH less often, stop wearing expensive jewelry and clothes during our 2nd depression, LOSE WEIGHT, say something good about America once in a while, and maybe even try smiling instead of looking like she just swallowed a lemon. –but who am I to tell our lawyer ‘betters’ what to do or say?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      And: The things that make her smile are not the things that make you and me smile. The things that make her angry are not the things that make you and me angry.

      She is another product of affirmative action and given that, she has the overwhelmingly low self-esteem such a life entails. Lack of interpersonal skills, self-absorption and constant anger at things that are really her own fault are the signatures of such a person.

      Like certain Roman emperors, and Rush said this so well today.

      “NASCAR people, as are most people in this country, are mature, tolerant people, who fully understand when they’re being insulted and condescended to.”

      The Obamas live under the utter delusion that they are better than anyone else. Someday, they will face their awakening and it will be complete and profoundly rude.

  5. xdannyh says:

    Boo Hoo …..The poor first lady…..wandering about the unwashed has reminded her…. that in the mindset of all technocrats… there is no hope for ” them” to be able to understand… and so, of course, there has been no opportunity for her to be “proud of America”

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