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Britain: Taliban Could Be In Afghan Govt

From the UK’s Telegraph:

David Miliband says Taliban could be reintegrated into Afghanistan government

David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, has said "moderate" members of the Taliban insurgency killing British forces in Afghanistan could be given seats in the Afghan government.

James Kirkup, Political Correspondent, and Caroline Gammell
27 Jul 2009

He said that some members of the broad coalition of Islamic militants, tribal groups and hired fighters could be drawn into the Afghan political process…

Afghans vote in presidential elections next month, and Mr Miliband told a Nato seminar in Brussels that some parts of the insurgency could be brought into the political process.

"The problems that exist in Afghanistan are not susceptible to a military solution," Mr Miliband said

Accepting that the Government needs to do more to explain the Afghan mission to UK voters, he again linked the conflict to British national security…

Mr Miliband said it was important to make it clear that Britain and the US were not alone in their efforts in the region: "I emphasise to the British people that there are 42 countries involved in Afghanistan."

Douglas Alexander, the development secretary, admitted that some people might be unhappy about political engagement with insurgents, but insisted that most would back the strategy…

This is a very good reason for having kept NATO out of the War On Terror in the first place.

And, once again, remember how Mr. Obama, the Democrats and the rest of the left assured us that they were all for the war in Afghanistan?

They claimed they were only opposed to the invasion of Iraq because it would be a distraction from getting at our real enemy, the Taliban.

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