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‘Militants’ Storm Chechnya’s Parliament

From those tireless defenders of the faith at the Agence France-Presse:

Militants storm Chechen parliament in deadly standoff

by Vitor Vilaskas
October 19, 2010

GROZNY, Russia (AFP) – Militants stormed parliament in Russia’s conflict-torn Chechnya Tuesday, holding deputies and gunning down guards, before being killed in a bloody standoff with security forces.

The group of up to four militants broke into the parliament building in the Chechen capital Grozny early in the morning, killing four people and sparking fears of a major hostage crisis before security forces moved in.

Officials said that all the militants were killed by the security forces, with reports adding that some had been shot dead while others had killed themselves by detonating suicide charges.

"We heard shots in the courtyard and we knew they were trying to take us hostage. We managed to take refuge on the third floor where we stayed until the end of the operation," spokesman for the Chechen parliament, Zelim Yakhikhanov, told AFP.

Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov told the Interfax news agency that Chechen security forces staged an intense 20-minute operation to kill the militants and free the parliament deputies and employees from the building.

"All deputies are alive and were taken from the territory of the parliament building to safety," Kadyrov said.

Three interior ministry security guards and one civilian employee of the parliament were killed after militants stormed the parliament building, a spokesman for the interior ministry told AFP.

Russian news agency reports said that two militants blew themselves up in suicide blasts and the others were killed in an exchange of fire with security forces.

According to the investigative committee of prosecutors, 17 people were wounded in the raid…

Oh, those pesky "militants."

Though, to be fair, the AFP does eventually get around to mentioning their religious affiliation:

The Kremlin has been fighting separatist insurgents in the Northern Caucasus since after the collapse of the Soviet Union and waged a war in 1994-1996 against separatist rebels in Chechnya.

However, after a second war broke out in Chechnya in 1999, the rebellion’s inspiration moved towards Islam with the aim of imposing an Islamic state in the region…

You see, they were "separatists" first. They only became Muslims as an afterthought.  

Still, isn’t it mildly amazing that it barely makes news when Muslim terrorists take over a country’s parliament?

We’ve gotten so used to this kind of behavior, in every part of the world.

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2 Responses to “‘Militants’ Storm Chechnya’s Parliament”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    The use of the term ‘militant’ is lazy. A term of intellectual fog. It pre-supposes a ‘mugging’ or random outlaw occurence in a society. It is widely used in the Middle East when a Palestinian-Hamas, Hezbo, or Fatah person kills a Jewish family. The press still calls it a war but identifies only one side: Israel. That way the press doesn’t have to assign blame to the actual murderer or government.

  2. canary says:

    There is a very twisted article in Time magazine, making a militia appear anti-government, when their training exercise the article described was in case of a Islamic terrorist attack. The idea being if the military was not able to get to their rural area fast enough. Of course Time made them look like lunatics. The anti-American militias are the muslim extremists, not the Americans trying to keep themselves safe.

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