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“Militants” Turn Shrine Into A New Red Mosque

From those defenders of the faith at BBC NEWS:

Pakistani policemen deploy in numbers outside The Red Mosque in Islamabad, 28 July 2007. Pro-Taliban militants have occupied a mosque in a Pakistani tribal area and named it after the radical Red Mosque where more than 100 people died in clashes between militants and security forces, residents said Sunday.

Militants occupy Pakistan shrine

Islamic militants have occupied a shrine in a tribal district of Pakistan and named it after the Red Mosque in Islamabad, locals and officials say.

More than 70 pro-Taleban militants evicted local officials from the Haji Sahib Turangzai shrine near the Afghan border in the country’s north-west…

Eyewitnesses said a signboard reading Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) was put up outside the Haji Sahib Turangzai shrine, in the Lakaro area of Mohmand Agency, on Saturday night.

A local journalist, Mukaram Khan Atif, who visited the shrine on Sunday, told the BBC’s Urdu service that heavily armed militants wearing masks had taken up positions in the surrounding areas and were frisking everyone who entered the mosque or the shrine.

He said the militants’ leader, who introduced himself as Omar Khalid, told him that a seminary for boys, named after Haji Sahib Turangzai, and another for girls, named Jamia Hafsa Umme Hassan, would soon be built on the premises.

The assistant political agent of Mohmand Agency, Syed Ahmad Jan, told the BBC Urdu service on Monday that Haji Sahib Turangzai’s heirs had asked local elders to try to persuade the militants to leave the shrine.

He said the local administration was also in touch with elders from the Gurbaz tribe to resolve matters through a local jirga (council).

The authorities’ decision to storm the Red Mosque in the capital, where armed Islamic militants had been barricaded, angered religious conservatives in Pakistan.

Militants vowed to create Red Mosques and Jamia Hafsa seminaries in every corner of the country… 

It looks like Islam really is spread by the sword after all.

The fact that Muslims consider mosques “forts” should have been a tip-off.

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