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Military Investigate VFP Candidate Sex Scandal

From the Dallas-Ft. Worth Star-Telegram:

David Harris with fellow Kos Kid John Kerry.

Candidate being investigated by military


David Harris, a Democratic candidate for a North Texas congressional seat, is under investigation by the military amid allegations that he carried on a three-year affair with an enlisted soldier under his command in the Army Reserve.

Harris, an Iraqi war veteran challenging 11-term Republican Rep. Joe Barton of Arlington, is accused of "conduct unbecoming an officer" for maintaining a "close and continuing relationship" with a female Army sergeant from 2003 though 2005, a military investigator said.

Military regulations forbid such relationships.

Maj. Frank Torres, the Army Reserve officer who investigated the allegations, said military officials are still deciding whether to proceed with a court-martial against Harris, who is a major. The complaint that sparked the investigation was filed by Jennifer Vaughan, 33, of Arlington, who was demoted by her commander after she acknowledged that she had an affair.

Harris, a former ROTC instructor at the University of Texas at Arlington, declined to discuss the matter. But when reports of the inquiry surfaced on several political Web logs, Harris and his campaign suggested that they were being spread by the Barton campaign.

"While I have made mistakes in my marriage and personal life, I remain committed to my relationship, my family and moving forward together," Harris, a 35-year-old father of two, wrote on his campaign Web page. "These personal attacks against me are an all-time low for the persons responsible for them.

Vaughan said that she and Harris ended their relationship in 2005. She turned over e-mail correspondence between her and Harris to Army investigators. She also provided copies to the Star-Telegram…

Harris, who enlisted in the Army in 1992 and became an officer two years later, became active in the veterans-for-peace movement after returning from Iraq in 2005.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice leaves punishment for conduct unbecoming an officer up to the court-martial.

Harris with fellow Kos Kid Harry Reid.

If Harris is a member of the odious Veterans For Peace, I would think this affair is the least of his offenses under the category of "conduct unbecoming."

Here is a link to Mr. Harris' campaign site.

And here is his announcement that he is running for office from (where else but?) the Howard paid stooge site, the Daily Kos.

And here are some excerpts from a rather fulsome write-up about Harris by his wife after their moving sojourn at this year’s Daily Kos convention:

A soldier I know…

by: Michelle Harris
Thu Jun 29, 2006 at 10:23:01 AM MDT

We all knew pretty quickly after the events of 9/11 that this Administration would seek to profit in the Middle East. I would recommend every activist to go back and watch Fahrenheit 911 and see how spot on we all were then—can we get that run on TV this year? Mailed to undecided and independent voters? All these things I knew before the movie even began production but I just never imagined how this illegal war would rip my life apart.

I love a man that was deployed for the initial invasion. We both disagreed wholeheartedly with this undertaking but he went when he was called because it was the job that fed our family. He watched fake intelligence reports being passed up and down the ranks, saw small border towns be leveled, he saw crimes go unchecked…he thought he would die everyday. Those things are a dangerous combination for a mind. He slowly sunk into a dark place full of regret, pain and isolation. Despite his grief, he found a phone and dialed me every day—was there a change? Anything new in the news, we are only allowed to watch Fox ? I love you and miss you…

T he Army gave what they deemed appropriate care, a PTSD check sheet. Despite it being turned in with every box checked, he was discharged and told to seek treatment as necessary at the VA; this a system ill equipped to help the thousands of Veterans all ready there. They gave him drugs, the wrong ones, and no counseling. The pills made him much worse until he finally stopped taking them. They pay him a small amount of money for his troubles but don’t like to see him back in for anything.

He began to speak out and almost lost his job. We fought. He yelled. I held on. We both cried. In the years since, it has not been perfect but I believe it’s what I was sent here to do. Many years ago, he taught me to love someone and myself, it seems the universe demands that I then do the same.

It’s gotten better. He speaks out more. We pay on our own for a fabulous counselor. I can’t explain how different he is now, for as dark a place he was in, he is a ray of sunshine now

Follow Dave. He will stand up for the families that are falling apart and find a way to stop it from happening again…real grassroots, real community service. It’s what we should demand from all our Representatives!

Apparently Harris’s only qualifications for office are that he has been mentally ill and has been fired from his job. Oh, and that he believes Michael Moore’s agit-prop.

I wonder if Michelle knew about Jennifer?

Harris sure sounds like somebody I’d like to follow.

(Thanks to JohnX for the heads up.)

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