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‘Millions Could Lose Vote Because Of Photo ID’

From the UK’s Financial Times:

Voter ID laws could sway US elections

By Anna Fifield | Sunday August 5, 2012

Millions of US voters could be turned away at the ballot box in this November’s presidential election as new rules impose tough requirements for identification that observers say could lead to minorities and young people – traditionally more likely to vote Democrat – being excluded.

Almost all the new rules have been enacted in states with Republican governors and GOP-led legislatures.

Is this not how representative democracies are supposed to work?

From Wisconsin to Texas, they have passed strict legislation requiring voters to present certain forms of government-issued identification instead of the usual voter registration cards.

In hotly contested swing states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Hampshire, the changes could affect the outcome. Pennsylvania’s authorities says more than 750,000 registered voters in the state – 9.2 per cent of voters – do not have the required forms of ID, such as a driving licence or other government-issued photo ID, to vote in November. President Barack Obama won the state by 600,000 votes in 2008 and polls show the vote hangs in the balance this year.

Oddly enough, the Obama administration is suing Pennsylvania over photo ID. The highest law enforcement officer and the President of the US are waging a war on the integrity of the ballot box.

They are also seeking to overturn the will of the people as expressed through their Representatives. Something Obama warned the Supreme Court not to do.

“There is certainly the potential for very serious outcomes,” said Keesha Gaskins of New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice, which estimates as many as 5m voters across the country might be affected by the rules.

The Brennan Center For Justice is practically the legal arm of George Soros’ ‘Open Society.’

Pennsylvania’s new rules are being challenged by three elderly women – including one who first voted for Franklin D Roosevelt in the 1940s – who say they will not be able to vote in November under the changes.

Where did they dig these people up? Do these women not need photo IDs to buy prescriptions, to get cash their Social Security checks?

Ten states have passed voter ID laws since 2010, although not all are yet in effect. Several states, including Texas, South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi, had to apply for approval from the justice department before they could implement the changes because they are subject to the Voter Rights Act, a 1965 law covering states with a history of discriminating against minorities.

The department has blocked all the changes proposed by those states, which require particular forms of photo ID, partly because Hispanic voters would be disproportionately affected.

Do Hispanics not drive? Not buy cigarettes or alcohol? Do they not get on planes, or into government buildings or many private office buildings? Not get prescription drugs, or even Sudafed?

Eric Holder, the attorney general, has likened the Texas law to a poll tax

How come the left is so worried about the poor when it comes to the cost of getting a photo ID, but they aren’t worried about the thousands of dollars in penalties and taxes they will have to pay if they don’t buy government health insurance? (And never mind that most states now offer free photo IDs.)

The changes across the country are ostensibly aimed at preventing voter fraud. Although some Democratic-led states, such as Rhode Island, have introduced restrictions, some observers say the changes are politically motivated to help Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney win in November…

The partisanship during the legislative process “can’t be denied”, said Nancy Abudu of the American Civil Liberties Union’s voting rights project. “The pretext is to suppress minorities, students, poor people,” she said, listing groups that generally vote Democrat

How come the ACLU does not want to protect American’s right to not have your vote cancelled out by an illegal vote?

In fact, voter fraud is extremely rare, Ms Abudu said. In the Pennsylvania court challenge, the state legislature’s lawyers did not even make the argument that the rules were needed to prevent people misrepresenting themselves, saying that they were “not aware of any incidents of in-person voter fraud”.

Perhaps someone should teach them how to use a computer. Two mouse clicks gets you this recent example, from Pennsylvania’s Pocono Record, June 11, 2012. DA charges ex-Middle Smithfield golf director Pugh with voter fraud:

"The Monroe County district attorney’s office charged the embattled former Middle Smithfield Township golf course director with several counts of voter fraud Monday. Robyn Pugh was charged with perjury, false swearing in official matters and unlawful voting. She could receive up to 10 years in prison and fines of $20,000. The DA alleged that Pugh registered to vote in Middle Smithfield Township and voted there four times when she was actually living in Stroud Township."

Even in Florida, which became notorious for its “hanging chads” in 2000, only 178 cases of alleged voter fraud have since been referred to Florida’s department of law enforcement

"Only 178 cases"? How many people have ever proved they could not vote because they could not get a (free) photo ID? Since we are told there are millions of them, how come we have yet to hear from a single person who was not allowed to vote because they did not have a photo ID?

Still, if it is true that the outcome of elections will be different if only eligible and legally registered to vote are allowed to vote, shouldn’t that mean we need to redouble our efforts to make sure that only they vote?

For the record, here are just a few things in everyday life that you need a photo ID for:

Rent an apartment
Get a driver’s license
Get a Post Office box
Pick up a package at a Post Office
Buy alcohol
Buy cigarettes
Cash a check
Purchase a firearm
Make any large credit card purchase
Return a purchase at many department stores
Open a bank account
Be admitted to a hospital
Get a marriage license
Pick up prescriptions at a pharmacy
In many states: Apply for welfare, Apply for food stamps

But Democrat voters never do any of these things, apparently.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, August 6th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

3 Responses to “‘Millions Could Lose Vote Because Of Photo ID’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Let me get this straight

    A nation that makes you prove who you are to get on a plane, visit Congress or deal with your bank simultaneously says that proving who you are to vote is racist?

  2. mr_bill says:

    I’d like to see the US polling places use blue finger dye like they used in Iraq. I won’t fix all the problems, but it will cut way back on “repeat voters.” I want to see a state pass it, just to hear the left somehow try to make the argument that it’s racist.

  3. Chrispbass says:

    What a ****gigantic*** load of horsesh7. This shows you just how far the left will go to pursue power. It’s one thing to call it racist and try to skirt that line but this is just PLAIN STUPIDITY. How can anyone who goes through normal EVERYDAY life in this country argue against voter I.D.
    If you don’t have some sort of I.D. or WON’T be bothered to go to DMV to get a FREE I.D. card then you shouldn’t be voting anyway.

    I can’t imagine anything as stupid as the argument against voter I.D. What an absolutely shocking vacuum of logic.

    It’s almost shocking to walk into a polling place and just say Hey, it’s me, let me vote and off you go…


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