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Millions Will Remain Uninsured Despite Deadline

From the Associated Press:

Millions on the sidelines for big health care push

By CONNIE CASS | March 23, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — … Millions of people in the United States will remain uninsured despite this week’s final, frenzied push to sign them up under the health law. Their reasons are all over the map.

Across the country, many of the uninsured just don’t know much about the health overhaul and its March 31 deadline for enrolling in plans that can yield big discounts, researchers say.

And never mind the sky high deductibles. And never mind that the premiums are going to double or even triple next year.

An Associated Press-GfK poll found that only one-fourth of the uninsured had tried to sign up through the state or federal insurance marketplaces, also known as exchanges, by late January. If they don’t enroll in time, many will face a fine and be locked out of the subsidized plans until next year.

The real story is how few uninsured people have gotten insurance through Obama-Care. And we now know that number is only about 700,000. (And probably even less.)

But, instead of focusing on the abject failure of Obama-Care, we get stories like these. Which are more AP sob stories about uninsured people who haven’t bought Obama-Care insurance because they didn’t know about the subsidies, or because they didn’t qualify for Medicaid (because of evil Republicans).

But, once again, how is Obama-Care ever going to work if everybody gets subsidies?

President Barack Obama and a phalanx of advocacy groups, insurance companies and volunteers are scrambling to spread the word about HealthCare.gov as the deadline dangles.

In fact, they are even advertising on the satirical website, The Onion. Which is quite fitting.

But the complexities of the Affordable Care Act can stymie even the well-informed.

That is, they might not realize how easy it is to get subsidies or go on Medicaid.

New York tap dancer [sic] Jessica Wilt just missed being one of them. She lost her health coverage last summer when she was laid off as education director of a small dance company. It wasn’t easy being uninsured — when Wilt slashed her fingertip slicing lemons one night, she avoided an emergency room bill by sealing the cut herself with a super glue.

Which she would have had to pay for out of pocket, since it would never exceed her deductible.

Wilt, 37, was eager to enroll in a marketplace plan but found the premiums too costly for a freelancer doing arts-related jobs. That would have been the end of it, if the accountant doing her income taxes last week hadn’t prodded Wilt to try again. She went online, realized she had erred in projecting her 2014 earnings and qualified for a much bigger subsidy.

Yippee! We have another person dependent on the taxpayers.

Richard Kelleher, long-term unemployed and uninsured, spent five months sorting through the confusion in Phoenix. He tried to sign up for a marketplace plan and then the state’s newly expanded Medicaid program, getting shutdown online, at state offices and by phone…

On Friday he got a letter accepting him into Medicaid — and an entry-level job offer the same day. That puts his insurance situation in limbo for now. He thinks his earnings will end his Medicaid eligibility…

The solution is obvious. He should refuse the offer and be glad to be liberated from ‘Job Lock.’

In Thomaston, Ga., it took Alan Thacker two weeks to get his answer online. It wasn’t the one he wanted. "I don’t know how many expletives I hurled at the computer — ‘Why are they doing it this way? Morons!’ and other choice words," he recalled.

Thacker, 43, works for $7.55 an hour at Burger King [sic], not enough to qualify for a discount plan for himself and his wife through the federal marketplace. People who don’t earn enough for the marketplaces plans were supposed to be eligible for expanded Medicaid.

But because Georgia declined to enlarge its Medicaid program, the Thackers can’t get help there, either. Thacker said he likes the law, only wishing it could reach everyone in need…

You see? Thanks to those evil Republican governors, there is a healthy 43 year old man who is missing out on getting on Medicaid. Where is the outrage?

But, again, how is Obama-Care ever going to work if everybody gets a subsidy or gets put on Medicaid? — But, of course, Obama-Care was never supposed to work in any fiscal sense. — It is only supposed to get more people dependent on the federal government, whatever the cost.)

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One Response to “Millions Will Remain Uninsured Despite Deadline”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Another step closer to SINGLE PAYER which is the government will pay all health care, which is paid by you.

    Then there will be rationing.
    Long lines.
    Denial of service.
    Death panels.
    Donors getting priority.
    Medical tourism increases.
    Unionization of health workers.
    Health records released to political opposition parties.
    Medical bankruptcy increases, confiscation of homes, property, court induced liens, confiscation of bank accounts, savings, retirement accounts.
    Tax increases to throw money at every problem.

    Have Wal*Mart run health care. They seem to keep prices low on everything.

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