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Other News Items For The Weeks Of Dec 17 – 30

This thread is for our readers to post news items that might have not gotten enough attention during the week. Of course articles that fit under the topic of a fairly recent thread should be posted as comments there.

Please don’t post articles from hugely popular sites like Drudge, since most people will presumably see such material elsewhere. Also, avoid material from blogs and editorials unless they are truly newsworthy in their own right.

In order to make the articles as readable as possible, try to stick to the format described in the first of these weekly threads here.

Always provide a link to the original source and EXCERPT ONLY THREE OR FOUR PARAGRAPHS from the article at most.

Just use simple ellipses (aka three dots) … at the end of paragraphs to show your cuts.

We should do this out of fairness to the media outlets, but also to keep these threads from become too resource intensive.

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