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Monty Python: There’s No Messiah Here!

From Monty Python’s “‘Life Of Brian,” via YouTube:

About 25 seconds in: “There’s no messiah in here. There’s a mess, all right, but no messiah. No go away!”

She’s right, you know.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, November 5th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

19 Responses to “Monty Python: There’s No Messiah Here!”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Singing: Always look on the bright side of life! (now whistling)

  2. Anonymoose says:

    Indeed, there is no messiah here, but plenty of people expecting one.

    So now he’s it, and my main thought is how bad will things become? I think the one thing that hasn’t changed about the Democrat Election Strategy(tm) is to play the center until they get in office then start pulling out the left wing stuff. For example, every Democrat president has presided over some major piece of gun control legislation despite all the promises not to. Obama has conveniently avoided any discussion of it.

    I remember Clinton’s worst moments were brought on by himself. For an “erudite” Rhodes Scholar he was practically a buffoon, leaving a trail of jilted women and stupid things he’d done. Probably the most annoying thing about him was how he flaunted the things he could get away with, from renting out the Lincoln Bedroom to the last minute pardons he made.

    I don’t think we’ll hear about any mistresses or slip ups from Obama, he’s too hardened for that, too calculating. His brain trust came up with a well oiled and slick machine to force him into office, and it worked perfectly. My main concern is he’ll start believing his own hype and then we’re all doomed.

    I can see there will likely be division within his group, and people who helped him suddenly falling from favor, but when will the public open their eyes? Will they blame any failure or shortcoming on Bush and the Republicans, or see Obama for what he is?

    My experience has been that people who invest a tremendous amount of hope and energy in someone, especially on the level of adulation Obama has received, will not listen to anyone else. Anyone outside is a non-believer, or full of it, or trying to deceive them. The only way they’ll truly open their eyes if they their leader himself lets them down, he makes too big a promise to keep, or finds himself in a bind he can’t explain his way out of. Only then, when they feel betrayed, will people wake up.

    Until then, we’re in for a real mess.

  3. Professor_Repulso says:

    He hasn’t taken office yet, but he’s already backtracking like a crawdad. As of this morning, no national healthcare and his lower limit for a tax cut fell faster than financial stocks last October. What has happened? This is the guy who would have you believe that we will fuel our cars with dirt and cure cancer with jelly beans (heart attacks and strokes with m&m’s). What about his cabinet? Maybe William Jefferson as secretary of the treasury and Maxine Waters as secretary of state? You might throw in O.J. Simpson as attorney general and Mike Tyson as the U.N. ambassador.

  4. DEZ says:

    Your post count is low, your post minutes do not roll over, so use them every month or they just pass away into the interrnet’s garve yard.

    Good to see you posting again!

  5. Professor_Repulso says:

    In the spirit of the times, I will now address you as Comrade DEZ. I had became so appalled and flabbergasted at the events that were unfolding over the past months that I slipped into a deep and nearly inescapable funk. One of my last semi-rational thoughts was that this country has been fighting Marxists and their minions since the end of the first world war, and now we turn around and elect one as president. A pal suggested an idea for an updated version of the old ‘Little Rascals’ comedies. You would have Stymie Obama and Alfalfa Biden, along with a more appropriate title like the ‘Little Bastards’. The worst part, I suppose, is going out and about among the obamagoons and listening to them – much like the sound of chattering monkeys. (Taking on an angry, sullen, bitter expression) It doesn’t profit a fellow to try and reason with a fool, let alone let himself be drawn into an argument with one. He who laughs last laughs hardest. I only hope I’m still around to see these silly twerps get their come-uppance.

  6. DEZ says:

    Hmmmm, Comrade DEZ.
    Oh well, DEZ the Usurper was never gonna fly anyway.
    The funk hit me hard about 8 last night, then I decided I would rather fight than whither.
    It maybe a fight in vain, but I will not let my country go quietly into that goodnight.

  7. sheehanjihad says:

    Neither are a lot of us DEZ er, Comrade DEZ….nyet!~

  8. DEZ says:

    I had better learn to sink my teeth into those dubba wu’s.

  9. Professor_Repulso says:

    Comrade SJ – another ‘comrade of proven worth’ , as our once and present enemies like to say. This hit me all of a sudden:

    We will provide the grand design
    What is yours and what is mine
    There is no more New Frontier
    We have got to make it here
    We’ve satisfied our endless needs
    And justified our bloody deeds
    In the name of destiny
    And in the name of God.

    From The Last Resort by The Eagles

    In light of yesterdays events, it just seemed to fit. Give it a think.

  10. sheehanjihad says:

    no need to think prof! Comrade SJ, faithful member!

  11. JohnMG says:

    Actually, Prof, Comrad isn’t quite as galling as it at first seems. I was addressed as ‘Comrad Commander for three years at our local VFW. De-ja-vue?

    Nice touch–The Last Resort. Too bad Don Henley’s politics are so screwed up. It ruined the song for me.

  12. DEZ says:

    OK, comrade MG, how about a nice glass of wadka?
    Why does the concept of drinking potatoes perturb me so?

  13. JohnMG says:

    Think in terms of “mash”–as in ‘sour mash’. If you can “mash” a potatoe, and drink “sour mash”–well, the logical conclusion……….

  14. DEZ says:

    Sour mash is fine, and I love a good bourbon, Mmmmm Makers Mark.
    I like baked potatoes, fries, taters au groten, and tatering sticks.
    I’m soured on the tater drinking though

  15. Professor_Repulso says:

    Greetings and salutations, JohnMG. Looks like rough seas ahead. Now I have to use my favorite quote from the old Ultima series of computer games: “Art thou fearless in all thing?”

  16. JohnMG says:

    Professor_Repulso; ….“Art thou fearless in all thing?”…..

    I had a Zippo in ‘Nam engraved with “Yea, though I walk daily through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil……for I’m the meanest son-of-a-bitch in the valley.”

    Back then, I didn’t have sense enough to be scared (well, not at first, anyway). Now, I just don’t care, so long as my grandkids can live in freedom.

    SJ knows. So does 1st. And Liberals Demise. And Reality Bytes. And DEZ. And a whole raft of others, including yourself. You’ll all do to “ride the river” with.

  17. texaspsue says:

    Great post Professor_Repulso. I have been feeling the same sentiments.

    Is this what our Fathers, Forefathers, Friends and Families have all fought so hard for? Is this why all of our ancestors/families shed blood, sweat and tears to work so hard for and defend? Is this why we all became Americans, to attain Freedom, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness for? This moment? Sigh.

    Excuse me, I’m still having my moments. At least in Texas, McCain/Palin won and John Cornyn won reelection.

  18. gipper says:

    “At least in Texas, McCain/Palin won and John Cornyn won reelection.”

    I’m in Texas, too, texaspsue. I was thankful, too. Lately I’ve been having wild thoughts like how can we in Texas or in the fly-over states secede from the Union. The first time Texas seceded was because of slavery. The second time it will be because of slavery, too–slavery to the state. If Obama decides to govern left, every last American will become a servant of the state.

  19. texaspsue says:

    “Lately I’ve been having wild thoughts like how can we in Texas or in the fly-over states secede from the Union.”

    You are not alone in those thoughts gipper. It helps ease the pain. :-)

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