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Moore: Financial Capital ‘Is Not Theirs’

Michael Moore’s interview with Laure Flanders of Grit-TV, via YouTube:

Michael Moore on Wealthy People’s Money: "That’s a National Resource"

[Our transcription:]

To me the solution is quite simple. Um, first of all, we’re not broke. This country is not broke. The state of Wisconsin is not broke. There’s a ton of cash in this country, trillions of dollars of it. But it’s a finite amount. There is only so much cash, all right?

What has happened is, is that we’ve allowed a vast majority of that cash to be concentrated in the hands of just a few people, and they’re not circulating that cash. If you don’t believe that, go try and get a loan right now. They’re sitting on the money.

They’re using for their own — they’re putting it someplace else. They have no interest in helping you with your life, with that money. We’ve allowed them to take that. That’s not theirs, that’s a national resource, that’s ours.

We all have this — we all benefit from this or we all suffer as a result of not having it, and I think we need to go back to taxing these people at the proper rates. They need to — we need to see these jobs as something that we own, that we collectively own as Americans and you can’t just steal our jobs and take them someplace else.

Of course we all find Mr. Moore to be odious. And we hate to give him any attention. But he does perfectly encapsulate the naked collectivist thinking on the left.

If you can call this ‘thinking.’

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

18 Responses to “Moore: Financial Capital ‘Is Not Theirs’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The comments to follow are surely going to be as easy as shooting a fat man in a barrel …..

    I’ll lead off …

    You go first, Mike.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    GetBackJack stole my thunder.
    What he said Comrade Mikhail!
    Let he who empties his coffers first be the one to urge others to follow.
    Let all others shut their overstuffed, unshaven pie-holes.

  3. untrainable says:

    Maybe before Moore criticizes “the rich” for holding on to their money, he should donate his millions to charity. As Oblamer said, “There comes a time when you’ve made enough money”. I think Michael Moore should demonstrate his love of communism by giving up every dime he has… to the poor and less fortunate. Like Me. Just write the check to Untrainable in Virginia.

    When he stops participating in capitalism, then he can criticize it. We still won’t listen to him, but then at least he would be intellectually honest. Hypocrisy is so hypocritical.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Hey look, it’s the Kool-Aid man.

    Naked Marxism? Oh yeaaaah!

  5. wardmama4 says:

    Michael Moore and the despicable Westboro Baptist Church are the evil twins of Leftist logic gone amok. They created their ‘schtick’ on the back of a lawsuit winnings (the Legal Lotto as opposed to the legal Lottery) and then set about harassing and lying about the very foundations of what has made America great – free enterprise, capitalism, military service, religion . All the while raking in the money from stupid people who believe their lies – watch Manufacturing Dissent about how MM went on and on about Roger Smith NOT meeting w/him or answering his questions, when that footage was actually on the cutting room floor and WBC goes on an on about God Hates Fags while never, ever protesting at gay venues – and when all else fails – file a lawsuit. Which both have raised to an art form.

    What is always missing is that people (i.e. in terms leftists/liberals/morons can understand – workers) provide their time, energy and services to a company/business in exchange for a stipulated PAYCHECK and/or BENEFITS as deemed at the contracted time of hiring and/or during subsequent promotions/contract negotiations.Thus the business usually gets physical and/or mental/creative WORK in exchange for FINANCIAL COMPENSATION. In other words – Each party obtains something for their mutual benefit.

    Financial Capital is indeed theirs – as they have already compensated the workers for their efforts toward such a gain. And oh yes, paid taxes to the general ‘welfare’ of the country. What is enough MM? 100% of every RIGHT WING person/company while all liberals get to skate at whatever they can hide/deduct because they ‘have good intentions’?

    The ‘rewards’ – i.e. PROFITS – benefit all too – as in – those workers are insured of continued employment and possible promotion and/or future contracts and/or raises/benefit increases. The owners benefit with continued revenue and possible increase of financial payments to them. Contrary to what is put out there – While one or two corporate CEOs might cook the books and/or raise their own pay – the majority have a board and/or stock holders who set the terms of their – gasp, say it isn’t so – contract. And CEOs can and are taken down/out just as the workers can and are. And when they are frequently the workers and the share holders end up in trouble too. So you see it works both ways – (equal, justice, fair – you know all your code words) – in good times all see increase and benefit, in bad all see decrease and trouble.

    This is the free market – you work hard, learn your trade and deal honestly providing a good or service that the people want/use – and you are successful. And you pray to God that others/boss are as hard working and honest as you are – maybe more so.

    It is when this is mucked up with regulations, taxes, Union ‘benefit’ plans, greedy politicians and yes, even the criminal action – that the system goes wrong.

    And people like Michael Moore and the Westboro Baptist Chuch (and the crapweasels in DC) get to continue to muck up all the systems lying to everyone, stealing their hard earned money (via taxes) and blaming them all the while.

    You first Michael Moore – Pony up all your financial capital before you point your fat fingers at any one else.

  6. proreason says:

    Hey, you’ve got your gig. He’s got his gig.

    Of course, he has millions of suckers for his gig.

  7. Mendacious Mr. Moore said, “…we’ve allowed a vast majority of that cash to be concentrated in the hands of just a few people…”

    “We?” “Allowed?”

    Silly me. I was taught it’s “They.” “Earned.”

    But, then again, I’ve never seen the 1st Collectivist Freeloaders Bank of Michael Moore, either.

    Money. Mouth. Michael. Moore.

  8. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Michael Moore has two brain cells. One sleeps all the time and the other one overheats and shuts down.

  9. P. Aaron says:

    Considering the size of his chin, we know where Moore’s hiding his dough.

  10. Petronius says:

    Henry VII of England (r. 1485-1509) approached wealthy families of the realm with two arguments. If the household lived extravagantly they were obviously wealthy, and could therefore easily afford to share part of their wealth with the King. While on the other hand, if they were thrifty and did not live in opulence, then he attacked what they had saved as surplus which they did not need and should contribute for the more immediate needs of the King. Named after Henry’s Lord Chancellor, John Morton, the ploy was called “Morton’s Fork.”

    But no matter how imaginative or despotic, the financing methods of medieval monarchs can’t begin to compare with the Liberal’s compulsion to spend other people’s money, virtually unrestrained by the checks and balances of the Constitution, or by the scrutiny of the mainstream media, or by even a mere scintilla of common sense.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I am going to make it a staple that I read everyone’s comments before I
      jump in and lay waste. I feel that when I read after you and pro and Rusty,
      Canary, TerryAnne, GBJ, JMG, RiverO, t.n, untrainable, SJ, BbtT, retire05,
      mommaward4….ooooh the list is long and distinguished….you Petronius are knowledgeable and a damn good wordsmith. I started out being a funnyman and throwing quips but it is all of you that make me think and that’s a good thing.
      “Take a bow” for it is you that earns it.
      Steve…what can I say…..Put out the hat again……I owe!!
      THANK YOU……..ALL!!

  11. preparing4theworst says:

    So Mr. Moore wants folks to believe that all of that money should be for others to use….Fine! If Mr. Moore would release some of my money that he has…not much…50K would get me out of debt and another 150K would get my daughter through vet school and then she can open a practice and try to make jobs for others to work and be taxed…….wait that’s like capitalism isn’t it? oops- my bad…..

  12. Liberals Demise says:

    Now I know what 60 lbs. of chewed bubble gum looks like sitting
    between shoulders. WHY anyone would consider this failure of humanity
    a viable source of anything gags me!
    Buck up pig boy…….show us how it’s done!!
    Lead by example or shut that hole under your nose!!

  13. heather08 says:

    If Ayn Rand were still alive, Moore could be a character in one of her books. When, by the way, is Tubby going to give up some of his wealth?

  14. BillK says:

    How much is Moore “circulating?”

    Remember when he swore he “didn’t own one share of stock” when in reality he even owned shares in (gasp!) Haliburton?

    Remember, with the left it’s always do as we say, not as we do

  15. Deserat says:

    Sigh – Charlie Sheen is a much more entertaining lunatic…..Love the “Mooreton’s Fork.” Methinks he should set it down every now and then to take a breath…..

  16. beautyofreason says:

    It would be nice if Moore could pull his child out of a private school and send the money saved – and any book profits – to the government. After all, the cash doesn’t belong to him. It belongs to Uncle Sam. There is no free enterprise, no private ownership. There is what the government owns and what it is yet to collect on. And the people who don’t know it yet (according to Moore). Of course this view of government is a little bit like 1984, but I’ll bite my tongue.

    • canary says:

      huh? I didn’t know Barney Frank was going to a private school.

      Frank should do a movie documentary as the mascot for Michelle’s Communist Food Rationing Program, Share the Food. After Moore shares, he would perform frequent weigh in’s on a meat packing scale, until he graduated to a medical or or universal bathroom scale.

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