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Haditha “Photographer” Is Charged With Rape

From the Fresno ABC affiliate ABC 30:

Valley Marine Will Face Multiple New Charges

02/01/2007 – Prosecutors here in Kings County say they were not shocked to hear of the new charges against Corporal Briones. Military officers have been investigating the allegations for a year and finally felt they had enough evidence.

The Valley marine accused of stealing a truck, driving drunk and then crashing into two houses in Hanford last April now faces five serious charges from the military. LT Estaban Vickers says, "He’s charged with UCMJ Article 120, rape and false official statements, stealing, theft, violation of postal code so it’s pretty heavy charges."

The US military says Ryan Briones sent seized weapons and military night-vision goggles to the U.S. It’s not known to whom or where he sent them. Vickers says the military is also accusing Briones of having a female visitor in his room overnight and raping her. Legal documents show the rape occurred on or around July 14th of last year. Briones was out on bail at that time and based at Camp Pendleton. If he’s convicted of these charges, it could be the end of his military career.

LT Vickers says, "He would get a dishonorable discharge and prison time."

Since November, the 22-year old has been undergoing mental and physical evaluations at Wasco State Prison. Briones was involved in the Haditha Massacre in Iraq, where 24 Iraqi civilians were killed by U.S. Soldiers.

The US Military says Briones did not kill any civilians, but helped pick up the bodies of the dead Iraqis.

After witnessing the horrific event, the Valley Marine claims he suffered from post traumatic stress and blames the disorder for the April crash. His mother was in court Thursday. Susie Briones has talked publicly about her son having the disorder. But prosecutors and military personnel aren’t convinced.

Prosecutor Adam Nelson says, "There was a doctor who evaluated him who mentioned he is suffering from the stress that he suffered while in Iraq but he also added that that didn’t amount to a defense, that he made some poor choices."

LT Vickers says, "It’s definitely not a green light to just go out and commit these types of acts it just doesn’t happen there are 100’s of marines that have PTSD in some way, shape or form, but they’re law abiding citizens; its not an excuse."

Briones is expected to be sentenced in the DUI case on March 2nd. Then he’ll face the military charges.

Regular readers will recognize Ryan/Roel Briones from the article we posted about him last June.

Briones claims to have been ordered to photograph the dead residents in Haditha for documentation the day after the incident.

As we noted in the June article, Cpl. Briones has tried to blame his subsequent felonious activities (DUI, hit and run) upon being traumatized by that experience.

It now would appear he has the additional crimes of rape and theft to explain away. But surely it is post traumatic stress syndrome. There is no other possible explanation.

It is very revealing how the America-haters took this worthy to their collective bosom. Briones was their darling when he was spinning his tales about Haditha.

Heck, he probably still is their hero.

(Thanks to Red Rover for the heads up.)

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