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More Documents Found In Unsecured Consulate

From the Washington Post:

Sensitive documents left behind at U.S. diplomatic post in Libya

By Michael Birnbaum | Wed October 3, 2012

BENGHAZI, Libya — More than three weeks after attacks in this city killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans, sensitive documents remained only loosely secured in the wreckage of the U.S. mission on Wednesday, offering visitors easy access to delicate information about American operations in Libya.

Documents detailing weapons collection efforts, emergency evacuation protocols, the full internal itinerary of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’s trip and the personnel records of Libyans who were contracted to secure the mission were among the items scattered across the floors of the looted compound when a Washington Post reporter and an interpreter visited Wednesday.

The discovery further complicates efforts by the Obama administration to respond to what has rapidly become a major foreign-policy issue just weeks before the election…

Because it’s all about Obama’s re-election.

Capitol Hill critics have also pressed for an explanation for the slow pace of the investigation that has followed the attack in Benghazi.

Although the gates to the Benghazi compound were locked several days after the attacks, looters and curiosity-seekers were free to roam in the initial chaotic aftermath, and many documents may have disappeared.

No government-provided security forces are guarding the compound, and Libyan investigators have visited just once, according to a member of the family who owns the compound and who allowed the journalists to enter Wednesday.

Two private security guards paid for by the compound’s Libyan owner are the only people watching over the sprawling site, which is composed of two adjoining villa complexes and protected in some places by a wall only eight feet high…

“Securing the site has obviously been a challenge,” Mark Toner, deputy spokesman at the State Department, said in response to questions about conditions at the Benghazi compound. “We had to evacuate all U.S. government personnel the night of the attack. After the attack, we requested help securing the site, and we continue to work with the Libyan government on this front.”

That is outrageous. So much for Obama and Hillary’s sacred vows to bring the terrorists to justice.

State Department officials were provided with copies of some of the documents found at the site. Unlike [Ambassador Stevens’] journal, all of the documents seen by The Post were official.

At least one document found amid the clutter indicates that Americans at the mission were discussing the possibility of an attack in early September, just two days before the assault took place. The document is a memorandum dated Sept. 9 from the U.S. mission’s security office to the 17th February Martyrs Brigade, the Libyan-government-sanctioned militia that was guarding the compound, making plans for a “quick reaction force,” or QRF, that would provide security.

“In the event of an attack on the U.S. Mission,” the document states, “QRF will request additional support from the 17th February Martyrs Brigade.” …

The Blue Mountain contractors were intended to complement the armed members of the militia. Both groups were present on the night of Sept. 11. In the unsigned memorandum from the U.S. mission to the militia, which appears to be a draft, guards “are required to acquire and maintain their own weapons and ammunition,” the document states.

The security presence appears to have been bare-bones, with three or more armed militia members on the compound any time the “principal officer” was present — either the head of the mission or the ambassador. A somewhat larger group of unarmed contractors was also hired to guard the site but was not mentioned in the memorandum with the militia.

When the principal officer was not present, a single militia member was instructed to be at the front gate between 8 a.m. and midnight. Between midnight and 8 a.m., one militia member was scheduled to be on roving patrol. The militia members were supposed to work a minimum of eight hours a day and were to be paid a stipend of about $28 a day, a relatively standard wage. They were housed on the U.S. compound.

The memorandum tells the militia security force to summon more guards from its nearby base if the mission is attacked, suggesting that the Americans there were concerned that the regular guard force would be inadequate in an emergency

Absolutely outrageous.

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3 Responses to “More Documents Found In Unsecured Consulate”

  1. Chase says:

    Why should this administration care about National Security? They want Defense to go away, the UN to rule, Obama wants an ermine robe and scepter, and no further hassles with a bicameral legislature, and then we can all sit around in our VW busses, er, Dodge Caravans and smoke doobies, as long as he gets double tokes.

    He has shown in his progeny that he carried too few Y chromosomes, and no one would mistake him for being manly. Given a confrontation, without knives or guns or teleprompter, he is a quivering, finger-pointing, pant-wetting Marxist Islamist who can’t look his opponents in the eye, or take responsibility for things other than those actually planned, and executed by others.

    Concern for America, the lackeys working for him, or those that believe in the American Dream as those who made and built and preserved the country? Hah – they are of the past, and were likely oppressors and capitalists anyway. No, too busy covering up his messed pants to worry about securing our property, our rights, our secrets and the confidences of those who trusted in the U.S. All hail the founding iconic exemplar and dear leader of the pantheon of American fools and failures – Barry Obama.

  2. untrainable says:

    “In the event of an attack on the U.S. Mission,” the document states, “QRF will request additional support from the 17th February Martyrs Brigade.” So… where were they? Did they ever show up, or were they too busy setting old glory on fire?

    Also, it wouldn’t make me feel particularly safe to be protected by a brigade of “martyrs”. If a muslim were to lose his life protecting an infidel… he could never achieve martyrdom. So why would anyone from the “martyr” brigade risk losing eternal paradise for a representative of the great Satan? Just sayin…

  3. Right of the People says:

    It’s hard to believe they were counting on a gang called The 17th February Martyrs Brigade to protect the embassy. That’s like the KKK counting on the Black Panthers to provide security for them.

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