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‘More Flexible’ Obama Kills Euro Missile Shield

From the New York Times:

U.S. Cancels Part of Missile Defense That Russia Opposed


MOSCOW — The United States has effectively canceled the final phase of a Europe-based missile defense system that was fiercely opposed by Russia and cited repeatedly by the Kremlin as a major obstacle to cooperation on nuclear arms reductions and other issues.

Russian officials here have so far declined to comment on the announcement, which was made in Washington on Friday by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel as part of a plan to deploy additional ballistic missile interceptors to counter North Korea. The cancellation of some European-based defenses will allow resources to be shifted to protect against North Korea…

This news was meant to be buried by the news about the North Korean missiles. And, to be doubly sure, they put it out late on a Friday.

Russian news accounts quickly raised the possibility that the decision could portend a breakthrough in what for years has been a largely intractable dispute between Russia and the United States

Oh, yes, these breakthroughs are always so wonderful — for Russia. Hopefully, this ‘breakthrough’ will allow Obama to unilaterally gut our nuclear warhead stockpile even further.

Russian leaders on several occasions used meetings with President Obama to press their complaints about the missile defense program. At one such meeting, in South Korea last March, Mr. Obama was heard on a live microphone telling the outgoing Russian president Dmitri A. Medvedev in a private aside that he would have “more flexibility” to negotiate on missile defense after the November presidential election in November.

And here he is, being true to his word. But if only he would keep his promises to the American people like he keeps his promise to foreign dictator thugs.

Pentagon officials said that Russia’s longstanding objections played no role in the decision to reconfigure the missile interceptor program, which they said was based on the increased threat from North Korea and on technological difficulties and budget considerations related to the Europe-based program…

Of course, not. It’s just a coincidence.

Regardless, some experts said it could help relations by eliminating what the Russians had cited as one of their main objections — the interceptors in the final phase of the missile shield that might have the ability to target long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are part of Russian’s nuclear arsenal.

But why would we want to protect ourselves from Russia? They are our friends.

The Obama administration has sought cooperation from Russia on numerous issues, with varying degrees of success. Russia generally has supported the NATO-led military effort in Afghanistan and has helped to restrict Iran’s nuclear program by supporting economic sanctions…

These are blatant lies even by New York Times standards. Russia has made our lives as difficult as possible in both Afghanistan and Iraq. And they have almost single-handedly built Iran’s nuclear research program.

But the two countries have been deeply at odds over the war in Syria, and over human rights issues in Russia.

And by ‘human rights issues’ that homosexually obsessed New York Times means ‘gay rights.’

Most recently, Mr. Obama has said he would like further reductions in the two countries’ nuclear arsenals, something Russia has said it would not consider without settling the dispute over missile defense…

‘Oh, please Mr. Putin, let us strip away all of our nuclear power. And all of our defenses.’

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One Response to “‘More Flexible’ Obama Kills Euro Missile Shield”

  1. USSFreedom says:

    Surprised no one, as when the open mike comment was reported it was a sure bet anything the Ruskies wanted Obowme was going to give them. Cut our nukes as you raise your number, shut down defensive systems protecting our allies, need a few more of our technologically advanced cloaking techniques for our fighters and a couple billion in hundred dollar bills? You got it comrade…just keep the fires burning in the Mid-East until I can destroy the economy in the US in order to cause food riots, race war and install Marshall Law by Executive Order and be one up on leader for life, KGB Putin. I’ll just cancel all Presidential elections instead of using a puppet pretender installed by those that count the votes. By the way, I like the Vodka you guys make, keeps my coke buzz at the right level and that fat wench I’m bearded with can’t smell it. Now give me a MMM MMM MMM.

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