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More GOP Blacks Run – Thanks To Obama

This article is from a couple of days ago, but it is such an insight into the Bizarro world of the New York Times that we could not resist posting it:

Black Hopefuls Pick This Year in G.O.P. Races


May 4, 2010

Among the many reverberations of President Obama’s election, here is one he probably never anticipated: at least 32 African-Americans are running for Congress this year as Republicans, the biggest surge since Reconstruction, according to party officials.

The House has not had a black Republican since 2003, when J. C. Watts of Oklahoma left after eight years.

But now black Republicans are running across the country — from a largely white swath of beach communities in Florida to the suburbs of Phoenix, where an African-American candidate has raised more money than all but two of his nine (white) Republican competitors in the primary.

Party officials and the candidates themselves acknowledge that they still have uphill fights in both the primaries and the general elections, but they say that black Republicans are running with a confidence they have never had before. They credit the marriage of two factors: dissatisfaction with the Obama administration, and the proof, as provided by Mr. Obama, that blacks can get elected

[I]nterviews with many of the candidates suggest that they felt empowered by Mr. Obama’s election, that it made them realize that what had once seemed impossible — for a black candidate to win election with substantial white support — was not.

“There is no denying that one of the things that came out of the election of Obama was that you have a lot of African-Americans running in both parties now,” said Vernon Parker, who is running for an open seat in Arizona’s Third District. His competition in the Aug. 24 primary includes the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, Ben Quayle.

Princella Smith, who is running for an open seat in Arkansas, said she viewed the president’s victory through both the lens of history and partisan politics. “Aside from the fact that I disagree fundamentally with all his views, I am proud of my nation for proving that we have the ability to do something like that,” Ms. Smith said.

State and national party officials say that this year’s cast of black Republicans is far more experienced than the more fringy players of yore, and include elected officials, former military personnel and candidates who have run before


But Democrats and other political experts express skepticism about black Republicans’ chances in November. “In 1994 and 2000, there were 24 black G.O.P. nominees,” said Donna Brazile, a Democratic political strategist who ran Al Gore’s presidential campaign and who is black. “And you didn’t see many of them win their elections.”

In many ways, this subset of Republicans is latching on to the basic themes propelling most of their party’s campaigns this year — the call for smaller government, less spending and stronger national security — rather than building platforms around social conservatism

Many of the candidates are trying to align themselves with the Tea Partiers, insisting that the racial dynamics of that movement have been overblown.

The outrage! Black people aligning with those redneck racists.

How is it possible?

Videos taken at some Tea Party rallies show some participants holding up signs with racially inflammatory language.

Really? We have yet to seem them. Why doesn’t the New York Times provide a link to a couple of examples.

(In fact, if such signs actually existed, they would be played on an endless loop on every TV news show across America, 24 hours a day.)

A recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that 25 percent of self-identified Tea Party supporters think that the Obama administration favors blacks over whites, compared with 11 percent of the general public.

And this, to the minds of the New York Times, proves racism.

The black candidates interviewed overwhelmingly called the racist narrative a news media fiction. “I have been to these rallies, and there are hot dogs and banjos,” said Mr. West, the candidate in Florida, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Army. “There is no violence or racism there.”

These GOP black candidates are obviously liars, as well as traitors to their race.

There is also some evidence that black voters rally around specific conservative causes. A case in point was a 2008 ballot initiative in California outlawing same-sex marriage that passed in large part because of support from black voters in Southern California.

Still, black Republicans face a double hurdle: black Democrats who are disinclined to back them in a general election, and incongruity with white Republicans, who sometimes do not welcome the blacks whom party officials claim to covet as new members

Again, the New York Times does not provide anything to substantiate this last, outrageous assertion.

And, besides, doesn’t this very article put the lie to their claim?

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, May 7th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

13 Responses to “More GOP Blacks Run – Thanks To Obama”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    Funny how they feel empowered after figuring the press and the Dems have been lying to them about White voters and the very same press admits that most black voters are the racists for not voting for those they consider race traitors and sellouts.
    Most white people don’t consider white Liberals to be race traitors or sellouts, just wrong; stupid; greedy; socialist; communist; etc.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”Most white people don’t consider white Liberals to be race traitors or sellouts, just wrong; stupid; greedy; socialist; communist; etc……”

      You forgot their most glaring non-attribute NoNeoCommies. “Racist”.

  2. proreason says:

    “incongruity with white Republicans, who sometimes do not welcome the blacks whom party officials claim to covet as new members…”

    informal survey on what is one of the most conservative forums around.

    Who on S&L welcomes black conservative candidates?

    So far: 1 – welcomes black candidates. 0 – don’t welcome black candidates

    • JohnMG says:

      I guess there are at least two of us, pro.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Three’s in.

    • U NO HOO says:


    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, Zo over at PJTV would get my vote for the appropriate elected position. It’s all about the candidate not their race, something the racists of the left haven’t yet figured out. Guess I’m #5.

    • proreason says:

      Still waiting for someone to be against black conservatives.

      Surely somebody is just itching to lynch Michael Steele?

      How about that dastardly Clarence Thomas?

      Or perhaps it’s all about idealogical rigidity. Yeh, that’s the ticket. Racists just can’t open their minds to the wonderfulness of a 6.25% black man like the boy king unless he wants to drown wetbacks in the Rio Grande. That’s must be it.

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      Hell yeah PR, Clarence Thomas how did I skip him?

  3. Roehnan says:

    I welcome all conservative candidates – black, white, whatever.

  4. BigOil says:

    Just look up any Allen West video on YouTube. He is black, and also the best conservative candidate of any color I have seen this year.

  5. U NO HOO says:

    Lynn Swann…Alan Keyes (sp)…Michael Steele…the black man in Ohio…etc

    Plenty of blacks if liberal whites want a black man in office

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