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More Illegals Found Dead In AZ Desert

Just as the Arizona Republic was giving us hope with one hand, they snatch it away with the other:

June 5 2010: Forensic Anthropologist Bruce Anderson examines the remains of a male found on the Tohono O’odham Reservation.

Anthropologist is seeing a higher number of bodies found in desert

by Weston Phippen – Jun. 27, 2010

TUCSON – Bruce Anderson rubbed his eyes, which were as red as his maroon scrubs, as he talked recently about the illegal immigrants whose bodies roll through his office with astonishing regularity.

There had been 88 already this year, an increase of more than a third over what it was a month ago and well above the norm for this time of year.

He said if it’s July and "we’re sitting around 150 – God, I hope not – then this is going to be the worst year in the last 10."

Slouched in a chair, arms folded and his blond hair pulled back, Anderson looks like a surfer – but he’s not. He is Pima County’s forensic anthropologist.

Every year for the past decade, more than 200 suspected illegal immigrants have died crossing the U.S.-Mexican border into Arizona. That’s roughly half of all such immigrants who die in the U.S., according to the U.S. Border Patrol and a 2009 American Civil Liberties Union study.

So the ACLU is backing the Arizona law to try to save human life? (Just kidding. We know that they care as much about human life as they do about American Civil Liberties.)

Anderson’s job is to get their bodies – or what is left of them – back to their families.

Many of the dead come to Anderson’s office with greasy flesh, decaying tissue and organs that have turned to mush from baking in the sun. Sometimes, Anderson will examine a body and realize he is not the first to come across it: Insects have eaten every discernible feature the person had…

It wasn’t always like this. Years ago, the office averaged 19 undocumented-immigrant bodies a year. The death tide in Arizona started in 1994 with Operation Gatekeeper and rose in 2002 when President George W. Bush signed a bill that led to the largest restructuring of border enforcement since World War II, according to a 2009 study by the Migration Policy Institute.

Border Patrol officers doubled to more than 18,000, and the squeeze was put on El Paso and San Diego – key crossing areas – prompting immigrants to flock over the Arizona border in ever larger numbers. And they did it through harsher terrain.

"We’re the portal of entry now – the easiest place to get across the border," Anderson said. "Hard to survive it, but easy to get across."

Some areas, like the Tohono O’odham Reservation, are protected by little more than barbed-wire fences, 20 feet of no man’s land and the occasional hum of Border Patrol trucks. Anyone with a keen sense of north can cross it.

So it is George Bush’s fault. And the fault of the crazy notion of trying to enforce our borders.

While 45 percent of undocumented immigrants are apprehended at least once while trying to cross the border, 97 percent eventually gain entry into the U.S. on any given trip, says the MPI study

But crossing is one thing. Making it through the hellish maze of jagged rocks, with temperatures regularly reaching 115 degrees in the summer, is another.

"The smugglers have gone to more isolated areas," Rob Daniels, a Border Patrol spokesman, said, "because we have more of a presence and a deterrence then ever before."

It means smugglers, and the immigrants they guide, must weave across plains of gray thorny bushes and baked desert and navigate crumbled mountain passes with little or no shade.

What is all this talk of smugglers? Why didn’t the Arizona Republic demand that Mr. Daniel provided documentation to back up tossing around such an inflammatory term?

The Border Patrol has set up beacons where undocumented immigrants can call for help, which will dispatch a Border Patrol rescue group, but this forces immigrants to give themselves up to the officers, or "la migra."

"There is a perception that’s taught from the time of their infancy: to be afraid of la migra," Daniels said…

Obviously, "la migra" should just rescue and these illegals, restore them to health, and then set them back on their way north. Fair is fair.

Most undocumented immigrants don’t carry identification. Those who do often have false or multiple IDs.

We are pretty sure it is a violation of their human rights to ask these courageous souls for papers, even in death.

The bodies take weeks, months and sometimes years to be identified…

Around 2005, the Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office ran out of room to store the bodies.

But the cadavers kept coming in, and not enough were being identified or claimed by family members. The office was forced to buy a $60,000 refrigerator truck, "the kind they haul produce in," Anderson said.

Not long after, the trailer ran out of space and the office added a large freezer/storage unit onto its building.

"It was supposed to be good for 20 years," Anderson said with a chuckle, noting that the unit is filling up fast. "Nobody foresaw."

The Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office isn’t paying for all of this. We are.

And yet we are supposed to be outraged by Arizona’s new immigration law, which in addition to all of its other benefits, will clearly save lives.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, June 27th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

6 Responses to “More Illegals Found Dead In AZ Desert”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    It is clearly our fault for putting up a border in the desert.
    Had there been no border these trespassers would never had to die.

    I know….why not boycott the desert?

  2. Astravogel says:

    How about graphic photographs of the dead folks posted
    alongside those ridiculous signs? I know I’d think twice…

    Democratica Delinda Est!

  3. Petronius says:

    “The death tide in Arizona … rose in 2002 when President George W. Bush signed a bill . . . .”

    It’s probably impossible to keep track of all the insults and accusations that Liberals and the press have made against this decent gentleman. But I’ll give it a shot :

    • responsible for Al Gore – Tipper Gore marriage breakup
    •  Lance Armstrong – Cheryl Crow breakup
    •  alcoholism
    •  draft-dodger
    •  fraudulent military career
    •  stupid
    •  unread and illiterate
    •  a bumbler as a speaker
    •  tax breaks for the rich
    •  a tool of the rich
    •  author of the 9 – 11 attack
    •  lying about Saddam Hussein’s WMDs
    •  lying in general
    •  the Iraq War
    •  military adventurism
    •  oil imperialism
    •  warmongering
    •  fascist
    • Nazi
    •  torturer
    •  Hurricane Katrina
    •  racism
    •  genocide
    •  white privilege
    •  AIDS epidemic among African-Americans
    •  McCarthyism
    •  the subprime meltdown
    •  the US national debt
    •  Global Warming / Climate Change
    •  melanoma
    •  Gulf oil spill
    •  saturated fats
    •  the Irish potato famine
    •  disappearance of Judge Crater
    • St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
    •  the Amityville Horror
    •  the Crime Against Kansas
    •  extinction of the dodo bird
    • the Sepoy Mutiny
    • Dissolution of the Monasteries
    • the Hundred Years War
    • Whitechapel murders of 1888
    • the reincarnation of Bridie Murphy, and
    • the Rule Against Perpetuities.

    I would be the first to admit that this list is woefully incomplete. And that (according to his Liberal critics) Bush shares responsibility with Cheney for most of these flaws.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Jimmy Cagney: “Now, What’s all this I heyaah, about disharmony aboard this ship, mistah?”

    If only Thomas Heggen, Author of “Mr Roberts” had had the foresight to blame Bush back when he wrote it. What a better world it would’ve been. *sigh*


  5. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Many of the dead come to Anderson’s office with greasy flesh, ..”

    “Greasy flesh ..”???

    Oh boy .. don’t let LaRaza or the ACLU see that! “Greasy flesh ..”. I smell a law suit.

    “.. prompting immigrants to flock over the Arizona border in ever larger numbers. And they did it through harsher terrain.”

    Oh, the poor babies.

    “There is a perception that’s taught from the time of their infancy: to be afraid of la migra,” Daniels said… ”

    Well yeah .. the Mexican police (la migra) should be avoided like the plague!!!

    “The bodies take weeks, months and sometimes years to be identified…”

    Hey .. load ’em up and take that $60,000 refrigerated truck filled with “the remains” back to the border and let their families identify them. Quit wasting our money.

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