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More Stark Raving Madness – From Stark

Via a March 23, 2007 report on Fox News:

Pete Stark leaves Soldier hateful voicemail

To sum up, Representative Stark (D-Al Qaeda) mocked a combat veteran, even implying that he was a “phony soldier.”

He called fellow Congresswoman, Nancy Johnson, a “whore.” He taunted another Congressman, Scott McInnis, as a cowardly homosexual, and threatened him with physical violence while on the floor of the House.

Mr. Stark is quite the hero, isn’t he?

And yet this report leaves out that in August 1990 Stark also called Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Wade Sullivan, who is black, “a disgrace to his race.”

Mr. Stark also claimed that all of the children of Rep. J.C. Watts, who is black, were “born out of wedlock.”

Stark also pronounced that California state welfare director Eloise Anderson, who is black, is a baby-killer who would “kill children if she had her way.”

Meanwhile, this high minded multi-millionaire Congressman paid his wife Deborah $176,800 over three election cycles to work as his campaign treasurer.

So of course he is one of the brightest stars in the Democrat party’s firmament.

It’s the party of hypocrisy, hatred and hysteria. And did I mention hypocrisy?

(Thanks to MyHarley8MyCar for the heads up.)

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