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Pronouncements From 9/11 Expert Charlie Sheen

We don't normally concern ourselves with the natterings of the Hollywood elite. But Mr. Sheen has recently decided to follow in the footsteps of his America-hating father with his crackpot pronouncements regarding 9/11.

So some background on this Solon's intellectual life might be in order.

From Australia's Herald Sun:

Hookers, porn and the star


HOLLYWOOD star Charlie Sheen threatened to kill his wife, actress Denise Richards, after she refused to allow him overnight access to their children because of his addiction to pornography and prostitutes, according to court documents.

Ms Richards, 35, ripped into Sheen, 40, in an application for a restraining order filed yesterday with a Los Angeles Court. Sheen strongly denied the allegations.

She claimed that the star of Platoon and Wall Street regularly loses hundreds of thousands of dollars in gambling binges and is fuelled by paranoia and a cocktail of anti-depressants.

Richards' extraordinary statement detailed many incidents where Sheen shoved and threatened her, and says she hired a security guard to protect their daughter Sam during Sheen's court-authorised visits.

During one visit, according to Richards, Sheen pulled down a framed wedding photograph, sawed it in half, and scrawled "the dumbest day of my life" across it.

Richards says she discovered her husband continues to visit prostitutes and was a member of pornographic internet sites that "promoted very young girls, who looked underage to me with pigtails, braces".

Richards claims that she also discovered that Sheen "belonged to several sex search type sites" on which he "looked for women to have sex with".

Richards claims Sheen threatened to kill her when she refused to let their children to stay overnight with him.

Richards says that Sheen is too strung out to tape his top-rating television show before a live audience.

"The smallest thing would set him off," claims Richards.

In a statement, Sheen said: "I deeply regret her response to my request for the court to decide what's best for our children has taken the form of baseless allegations that I deny."

There are more lurid details about Sheen's peccadilloes at the Smoking Gun, including a full copy of Ms. Richards' 17 page declaration. (Including her claims that Sheen likes to ogle young boys and that he tried to kill her.)

In any case, Ms. Richards got a restraining order to protect herself and her kids from this lunatic.

Now if only the rest of the country could get the same.

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