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More On Obama And Acorn – 2 Video Clips

Speaking of Mr. Obama’s relationship to ACORN, here are two YouTube presentations featuring excerpts from ACORN’s last convention and some supplemental information about their relationship to the Democrat candidate:

Do we really want these people running the government — and worse, our lives?

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, July 13th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

16 Responses to “More On Obama And Acorn – 2 Video Clips”

  1. brimcmike says:

    That’s right. You are they. We are going to stand up for our rights. We are not going to get ripped off anymore by the ultra rich. We are not going to have another election stolen. We are not going to be suckered into the trickle-down/deregulation BS of 30 years ago. It’s as discredited now as Soviet-style communism. If you can’t read the handwriting on the wall, maybe you should have paid attention in grade school.

    Yes, you will have to compete on a level playing field where your entitlement and privilege are appropriately handicapped.

    It’s not 1954 anymore, oh, in so many ways, it’s not 1954 anymore. You’re going to have to get with the times or get left behind. So, graduating from high school (maybe) and being white isn’t going to be enough anymore. Nope, you’re going to have to get off your lazy ass and work, and value education and brains, and pay attention in school, and work to get into college, and hustle in order to make it.

    Sounds like a mixed economy to me, where if something’s not working you incentivize and de-incentiveize things so that the system gets more and more productive, and so nobody rides on the work of others.

    That to you is scary. I know; I’m white, and old enough to have seen the whole stinking Reagan Republican Revolution, and it’s pack of ever-changing lies and promises and moving metrics to run interference, while the ultra rich got richer and sucked the wealth right our of this country, dry. After having tricked you, and you having served your purpose you have just been abandoned by your puppetmasters.

    You know, I moved to Michigan (with an open mind) from California to complete my professional training. This is a stinking feces-hole of white racism, and stubborn economic victimhood, and against-their-own-interest Republicanism. This place is full of fat, lazy, stupid, proudly know-nothing white people waiting for their high-paying, low-skill level factory jobs to come back. They’ve waiting for decades, and still they have not gotten the clue.

    Sorry it’s time to move on. You’re getting left behind in your fear-based ranting and hate-based complaining. See you later; we’re all moving on into the future and leaving your red neck, white trash, John Birch Society, KKK whiny selves behind in the irrelevant dust heap of history. Go ahead complain and hate and call names. We’ve got our lives to live, and there’s work to be done.

    We have to clean your Katrina-sized mess you’ve made of the country.

  2. DEZ says:

    Thanks for the laugh, now get your prescription refilled.

  3. take_no_prisoners says:

    Well according to an article in the weekend WSJ a majority of the ultra rich (those making over $35 million a year) support Obama and the ACORN social objectives. They don’t really care about higher income tax rates. The ultra rich aren’t going to pay more taxes–their income has either already been made, or is artfully sheltered or hidden. The real target of ACORN is the middle-class–that’s where most of the money is earned income money. The already rich have nothing to fear–at least initially–from the communist agenda; for the most part they have already made enough money to be set for life. $250,000/year might make you rich in a lot of countries but not in the U.S. or most of Europe. It certainly doesn’t make one ultra rich. It’s only the hard working middle class folks (anyone making $250,000 is working their ass off, sacrificing leisure and family time in the bargain) who are trying to become rich that will be screwed. Of course, you won’t see Obama bragging about his overwhelming support from the ultra rich it doesn’t fit his working-class hero storyline. I guess the most honest campaign slogan for Obama would be “We are for Change–changing the American dream from anyone can work hard and become rich to everyone must have government assistance that someone else is paying for”

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    MCMIKE……Really? Don’t sugar coat your feelings. How much do you really hate the whitey honkey motherf—ers? Will you once again torch your hoods when you don’t get your way? From what I read in your statement I suppose it is the ALL MIGHTY WHITEYS fault that more than 80% of the black children grow up without fathers. True leaders of the black race (Bill Cosby, Colin Powell, Condeleesa Rice, Alan Keys, ect. ) are shouted down and called traitors by their own race for pointing out the problems and addressing the issues. Unka Toms is what you all call them. Can I call you Mike? OK Ray…….You are just a po blackman tryin’ to cop a plea in a whitemans world.
    Fact: Black on black crime is keeping you all down, not the honkeys!
    Fact: Blacks have killed more blacks than the KKK ever did and you continue to kill more of each other!!
    Fact: Democrats are the ones who need you to be beholding of them so they can keep their power.
    Fact: More blacks are going to college today than at anytime in history and making more money all on their own. Without their hands out.
    I will ask you in your own language of the street: Why fo you be so angry my brutha? Honkey bustin yo ass? Word be on da skreet dat Obama be half honkey? You diggin’ wa I be sayun?
    As for the race baiters in the 2 clips…….They only trotted out 1 token whitey. I’m not a racist per say but I could quickly learn if this is the sign of the future! I have always been a person that believes that hard work is the way to get the things you need to survive. You dont have a right to a plasma TV, car, food, home, pets ect,ect. You do have a right to EARN these things. Your rights stop at the tip of my nose. That means keeps your hands out of my pocket. If you want to give things away to the lazy asses who think it is their right to do nothing for something, then reach into YOUR own pocket and give till it hurts. Personal responsibility is not a lost cause and it doesn’t cost 1 red cent. But I doubt you would COM- PRE- HEND.

  5. DEZ says:

    It occurred to me that all the years I have visited this site, the nastiest bigots that I encounter are trolls like brimcmike.
    Case and point, nothing in this forum had even a tinge of racism until the a fore mention bigot figured out how to use a keyboard and bang away at the keys like a primate on steroids.
    Simply by pointing out that Obama has ties to some of the most vile human beings ever to draw a breath, is reason enough to enrage intolerant assholes like brimcmike.
    He has to point out his color to drive his point home, and his only point is that he is an elitist blowhard that is so filled with hate for every human that refuses to accept the socialist agenda he so desperately loves, that he must lash out like a rabid dog.
    I have spent time in Michigan, and this idiot wont survive very long if he runs his mouth like he has done here.

  6. Eilsel says:


  7. BigOil says:

    Mikey – “You know, I moved to Michigan (with an open mind) from California to complete my professional training.”

    The fact that you have lived in the middle of two failing socialist states and demand more of the same makes you an ignoramous (or should I say a perfect member of the emerging proletariat).

    Of course – 90+ percent of blacks voting for BO is not racist – blacks are just free thinkers that think alike.

  8. DEZ says:

    “You know, I moved to Michigan (with an open mind) from California to complete my professional training.”

    Transgendered prostitute?

  9. curvyred says:

    Wow that lady in the first video is simply sickening to listen to, I watched a local program today where they had on an ACorn worker and a woman facing foreclosure on her home, the woman has lived in her home for 18, yes 18 MONTHS without making a single MORTGAGE PAYMENT, she deserves to be thrown out, sorry if that sounds cold but these are the kind of people ACORN is growing, a bunch of irresponsible idjiouts.

  10. sheehanjihad says:

    it is people like our vaunted troll hero brimcmike that gives obama his chance. Disenchanted with the lack of enough social freebies, he decided to become a person of color in name only so he can spew his ignorant hit piece and trot back to his corner and giggle.

    Obama needs useful idiots like him/her. That is his voter base. That is what he needs to complete his mission for his financiers. He drools at people like this….for they are easily trained to think along a party line….bet he doesnt remember the millions of his ilk who resided in Germany.

    We saved Europe from themselves…now it’s time to save ourselves from the likes of that mental masturbater. 1st~! Save some tracers!

  11. curvyred says:

    Is Brmcmike the Father Pfleger of Sweeness N Light?

  12. sheehanjihad says:

    Is Brmcmike the Father Pfleger of Sweeness N Light?” No, the good Father is a person. A total ass, but a person nonetheless.

  13. Jimmi says:

    Wow… you guys have issues.
    Honestly, I don’t see who’s to blame.
    We can blame one president after the next.
    Then we jump to single parties of radical activists.
    Isn’t anyone that joins a party, going to be “radical”.

    I can see where Mike is going.
    But damn. It isn’t just one person, or group of persons.
    It’s everyone. Think back to how we got here.
    How was the ghetto formed.

    The peasants formed an alliance to help each other. Minorities grouped together.
    All because the rich didn’t want to deal with it.
    Back then many were rich, but today, with crime and divorce up, look where we are.
    In the middle of a catastrophe, and who’s to blame?
    The presidents, or the people complaining but not doing anything about it?

    Whatever, you can either complain about a party being active, and accuse the president of “allowing” them to do something, or you can take action yourself.
    Every president has been funded by crazy radicals.
    John McCain was said to have the support of Leonore Annenberg, the wife of Ambassador William Annenberg, the founder of the Annenberg Institute of Reform, which funded the Annenberg Challenge, which once had two famous board members: former “domestic terrorist” William Ayers and Sen. Barack Obama.

    Its kinda ironic.

    • Steve says:

      “Isn’t anyone that joins a party, going to be “radical”.”

      “Every president has been funded by crazy radicals.”

      It’s hard to argue with “logic” like this.

    • 1sttofight says:

      John McCain was said to have the support of Leonore Annenberg,

      Well Jimmi, it was said that you used to have sex with filthy donkeys.

      In my experience real world logic requires facts to back it up.
      In the liberal world you just make up facts as you go along and any one who disagrees with you, you just call them a Racist and that proves your point.
      We are in for a world of hurt folks.

    • proreason says:

      Jimmi’s on to something here.

      Think about Dwight Eisenhauer……all those radical war vets lining up behind him like lemmings.

      Harry Truman……haberdashers were mad for the guy.

      Obamy…..WeatherPeople and foaming black racists find him irresistable.

      The pattern is too obvious to ignore

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