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Morsi Back After Fleeing Palace During Protest

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Egypt’s Morsi returns to palace after mass rally

By HAMZA HENDAWI | December 5, 2012

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s president returned to his Cairo palace Wednesday with hundreds of protesters still camped outside a day after a mass outpouring of anger that has given new momentum to the opposition demanding that the Islamist leader rescind decrees giving him sweeping powers.

Notice that the AP’s headline calls this massive and violent protest a "rally." They are still doing everything they can to play down the fact that some Egyptians are angry at how the so-called Arab Spring has turned out.

In fact, would seem to be safe to say they are having ‘Buyers’ Re-Morsi.’

The political crisis has left the country divided into two camps: Morsi, his Muslim Brotherhood and their ultraconservative Islamist allies, versus an opposition made up of youth groups, liberal parties and large sectors of the public. And both sides have dug in their heels, signaling a protracted standoff…

Notice that the AP now feels free to admit that the Muslim Brotherhood is allied with "ultraconservative Islamist allies." When they were trying to help Obama bring down Mubarak and during the Egyptian elections they constantly claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood were ‘liberals.’ We were told they would never side with the wicked ‘conservative’ Islamists.

But now that Morsi is safely ensconced they feel they can finally admit what the rest of us knew all along. This is what passes for journalism in the Age Of Obama.

While calling for more mass rallies is the obvious course of action, activists said opposition leaders also were discussing whether to campaign for a "no" vote in a Dec. 15 constitutional referendum or to call for a boycott…

Wouldn’t it be nice if our country had some activist opposition leaders? And a Supreme Court that would stand up to an outrageous power grab?

Leaders of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood have been calling on the opposition to enter a dialogue with the Islamist leader. But the opposition contends that a dialogue is pointless unless the president first rescinds his decrees and shelves the draft charter…

They know that you can’t compromise with dictators.

Morsi was in the Itihadiya presidential palace conducting business as usual when the complex was surrounded by tens of thousands of protesters chanting slogans reminiscent of those used during the 2011 revolution that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak.

He left through the back gate, but a presidential official said he returned to work on Wednesday…

Soon after, with the president gone, the police abandoned their lines and the protesters surged ahead to reach the palace walls. But there were no attempts to storm the palace, guarded inside by the army’s Republican Guard.

Protesters also commandeered two police vans, climbing atop the armored vehicles to jubilantly wave Egypt’s red, white and black flag and chant against Morsi…

The protesters covered most of the palace walls with anti-Morsi graffiti and waved giant banners carrying images of revolutionaries killed in earlier protests. "Down with the regime" and "No to Morsi," they wrote on the walls…

Funny how the AP doesn’t mention the banner in the photo above. Why is that?

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