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El-Gamal Owes NYC $224K In Back Taxes

From the New York Post:

Mosque big owes 224G tax

August 29, 2010

The mosque developers are tax deadbeats.

Sharif El-Gamal, the leading organizer behind the mosque and community center near Ground Zero, owes $224,270.77 in back property tax on the site, city records show.

El-Gamal’s company, 45 Park Place Partners, failed to pay its half-yearly bills in January and July, according to the city Finance Department.

Imagine being able to skip paying tax for a year. And then having the city try to help you finance your next purchase.

The delinquency is a possible violation of El-Gamal’s lease with Con Edison, which owns half of the proposed building site on Park Place. El-Gamal owns the other half but must pay taxes on the entire parcel.

The lease agreement, obtained by The Post, specifies that El-Gamal’s company pay taxes on the property and submit receipts to Con Ed.

The utility said it would have to review any possible lease violations

Isn’t it funny that Con Ed is unaware of all of this. Especially after their recent comments about how they would have no problem with the building of the mosque. Apparently, they went out of their way not to see any problems.

Before any building can go forward, the developers also must get approval from the MTA because the 2 and 3 subway lines run under a portion of the Park Place property, The Post has learned.

Yet another detail we have not heard about until now. These mosque builders are so open and forthcoming. How could anyone harbor any suspicions about them?

El-Gamal’s spokesperson insisted to The Post that the taxes had been paid and that the "subway lines do not pose a problem." …

Of course not. We can’t allow anything to stand in the way of such worthy ‘bridge building.’

We are still puzzled by the New York Post’s headline, however.

(Thanks to Rod Ferrara for the heads up.)

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11 Responses to “El-Gamal Owes NYC $224K In Back Taxes”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    I am sure if we were to dig a little deeper we’d find more forth comings that these tax deadbeats are dingleBarrys’ kind of militants.
    This is just one such place………..a betting man would put up the farm that there are more such occurrences going on with the deadbeat bridge builders here.

    I’m really starting to build a deep borne hatred for these dingleBarry transplants and so called bridge builders. (Backstabbers)

  2. wardmama4 says:

    I have a suggestion for a new poll – Question: It appears that the man who purchased the former Burlington Coat Factory building – owes hundred of thousands in back taxes – would you be FOR NYC taking that money in the form of repossessing the former Burlington Coat Factory building which he wants to turn into the Ground Zero Mosque?

    I would bet good money that more than 51% of Americans would go for that – because as we have seen – he may have lied as to the intended use of the building to facilitate the purchase, he may have lied to the commission about owning the entire building, he has not paid his taxes – so perhaps he is lying about this being a community center and indeed it is the Ground Zero Mosque.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

  3. GL0120 says:

    If it’s good enough for Turbo Tim Geithner, it’s good enough for El-Gamal.
    We thought that a man who didn’t pay his income taxes, despite being given money expressly for that purpose, was the best man to be Treasury Secretary why let a little thing let $224K in back taxes prevent a mosque from being built?

  4. BobonStatenIsland says:

    So the bomb factory, I meant mosque, would be just a short dig through the basement floor to a subway line. How interesting.
    And if Sharif El-Gamal is a felon, which he may be, does that interfere with his realtor license?
    According to Mortgage News Daily in answer to a question about just that, Mortgage News Daily claimed “A person convicted of a felony is automatically barred from getting a real estate license in New York State”.
    Here is the link:

  5. Tater Salad says:

    While the “Victory Mosque” was being played out in the media a 2nd. mosque near ground Zero is up and running.


  6. Mithrandir says:

    Not paying taxes? Who do they think they are? —Democrats?

    It is no wonder that Islam explodes and grows where ever liberalism exists. Openmindedness until your brain falls out = naivete.

    I can’t wait for Islam to grow in San Francisco…we will see how tolerant everyone is when the Gay Folsom Street Festival is set up in front of a Mosque.

  7. puhiawa says:

    Mayor Bloombat has invested heavily in the Mosque De Triumphant. Maybe he can pay the piper.

  8. BobonStatenIsland says:

    To some extent it is unfortunate that this didn’t start a year ago when Bloomberg was running for his illegal third term. He would have been ousted, although the alternative would probably have been worse seeing as no viable Conservative was running.
    Yet, this happening now is all the better to help expose the Libs who are seeking re-election this year. That’s why they so desperately want to change the subject. “Hey, let’s talk about Katrina….again”

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