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Sheehan To Attend Hugo Chavez Banquet

We've all gotten the message by now, loud and clear. Cindy hates this country and the horse we rode in on.

But even so she still manages to drive the point home afresh in this latest announcement from the cute and cuddly Communists at the People's Weekly World:

Sheehan to join Torres at People’s Weekly World banquet

People's Weekly World Newspaper, 12/01/05

CHICAGO — Gold Star Families for Peace co-founder Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son Army Spc. Casey Sheehan to combat in Iraq, will be joining Gold Star Families member Juan Torres here at the People’s Weekly World annual banquet on Dec. 4.

Torres has devoted his life to finding the truth behind his son’s death in Afghanistan and to ending the war in that country and Iraq. Torres was at Camp Casey with Sheehan in August and over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Torres’ son John was found dead on Bagram Air Base on July 12, 2004, under suspicious circumstances. At the family’s insistence, his death is under investigation. (See PWW 2/26-3/4, “What happened to Spc. Torres?”).

“Make 2006 a turning point year in the fight for peace and justice” is the theme of the 18th annual PWW banquet in Chicago. The banquet is honoring Torres, along with Chicago Jobs with Justice director James Thindwa, the heroic striking workers at the Congress Hotel and the Southwest Youth Collaborative. Judith Le Blanc, United for Peace and Justice national co-chair, will deliver the banquet keynote.

Sheehan and Torres, along with other military families, veterans and peace supporters, demonstrated near President Bush’s Crawford ranch over the Thanksgiving holiday. Sheehan, in a Thanksgiving letter to the president, said, “My family is spending our second Thanksgiving without Casey, thanks to you and your lies. I am spending the day crying on a plane on my way to Crawford to again ask you for a meeting.

“Since August — when I wanted to ask you the question, for what noble cause did you kill Casey and the others — over 200 more of our brave young men and women have been killed in the charade of Iraq. We can only guess how many innocent Iraqis have been slaughtered. You still have not answered my question.

“Two soldiers were killed today in Iraq, George. I hope to God their families aren’t just sitting down to enjoy their meal when the grim reapers come to tell them their holidays are ruined forever. There is no good time for such horrendous news.

“I ask you to again do the right thing: “Bring our troops home from Iraq. Don’t kill others because your murderous policies have already killed so many. How many deaths do you think will be enough before Casey’s is ‘justified’? 58,000? One was too many.

“I will tell you what noble cause Casey died for, George: true and lasting peace. Please dignify all of the deaths by finally stopping the barbaric killing before you ruin too many more holidays for way too many more people.”

For ticket information, call (773) 446-9932

Operators are standing by.

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