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Cindy Sheehan Will Continue After Iraq War Ends

Of course the question arises, what else does she have to do? Her husband has divorced her. She's never held a real job. Why not keep preaching sedition against the US?

From "Scotland's award-winning independent newspaper," the Sunday Herald:

Sheehan vows to fight on

By Rachelle Money

CINDY Sheehan revealed she will carry on as a peace activist even after the war in Iraq has ended.

The American mother, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq last year, is currently visiting the UK as part of her campaign to stop the war. She told the Sunday Herald: “I’m compelled to do this. I can’t go back to my old life until the occupation ends and even then I will go on fighting for peace.”

Last week Sheehan joined Scottish mother Rose Gentle, whose son Gordon was also killed in the conflict, at the Scottish parliament to demonstrate against the war. Sheehan compared First Minister Jack McConnell to President George Bush, saying: “They don’t have as much courage as our sons did.”

Sheehan also revealed her son was a virgin when he was killed with eight other soldiers in an ambush near Baghdad. “ He would tell me all the time that he wanted to save that part of his life for his wedding night,” she said.

Sheehan has demanded another meeting with President Bush and that he answers her questions about the Iraq war and when troops will be pulled out.

Sheehan and Gentle spoke yesterday at the International Peace Conference in London about their military families’ campaigns, Gold Star Families for Peace and Military Families Against the War.

Mother Sheehan sure talks a lot about fighting for somebody so dedicated to peace.

But as she says, it's a compulsion.

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