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Cindy Sheehan Poses Lying On Her Son’s Grave

Byron York at NRO’s Corner has gotten his mitts on the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair,which is dedicated to the passing year’s "Best of the Best — Heroes! Winners! Guilty Pleasures!"

And, speaking of guilty pleasure — ahem. (Though, actually it is clear Cindy is long past guilt, in any normal sense of the word):

Yes, that isMother Sheehan is lying on top of her son Casey’s grave at the Vacaville-Elimira Cemetery in Vacaville, California. She is one of VF’sheroes, doncha know.

(By the way, notice that Cindy still hasn’t gotten around to getting her dead hero son a headstone. Though of course she has managed to score a monument to herself.)

But hey, for once we can’t blame the media for the message. I mean, this preposterous raghigh gloss magazine by and for our betters is called Vanity Fair.


Gentle reader, Rachel, has uncovered further confirmation of the lack of a headstone for Casey. From a Vacaville reporter and Angry in the Great White North:

October 12, 2005

This unmarked patch of grass is Casey Sheehan’s grave where his mortal remains are buried. The picture was taken by Vacaville reporter Cat Moy, and sent to me to use as part of this piece.

There is no monument or marker for Casey. Even as Cindy Sheehan poses for the press in front of the boots and the cross with Casey’s name and picture, the rest of his family is forced to gather around a bare patch of lawn. All around them the dead are commemorated in silent dignity, their names and dates immortalized in granite or marble. Those monuments serve to accentuate the bareness of Casey’s resting place.

Why is there no marker? From a source close to the family:

Cindy has not taken the time to purchase a headstone for Casey. He remains in an unmarked grave 18 months after his death.

Why would Cindy Sheehan beg off completing this task? The monument can only be placed with her approval, but she hasn’t found the time to do it, or even pay for it. This is causing pain and anguish for a family she claims to "adore above all things".

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